51 Diabolical Phrases

I leave you Diabolical phrases From our times of authors like George Bernard Shaw, Al Pacino, Anais Nin, Vincent Van Gogh, Deepak Chopra and many more.

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51 Diabolical Phrases

1-Fatal North was being poisoned to death aboard his own ship and by one of his chosen crew by his own hand... a cold-blooded murder calculated and premeditated by a devilish killer. -Bruce Henderson.

2-Advertising men and politicians are dangerous if they are separated. Together they are diabolical. -Phillip Adams.

3-If history reveals any categorical truth, this is that an insufficient taste for evidence regularly brings out the worst of us. Add weapons of mass destruction to this diabolical clock, and you have... a recipe for the fall of civilization. -Sam Harris.

4-Acting is hard work. Sometimes it is very energizing and unnerving. It's childish. He is also responsible. It is enlightening, enriching, joyful, monotonous. It's bizarre, it's diabolical. It is exciting. -Al Pacino.

5-Everyone is plagued with indifference and monotony. The truth is, there are concepts that are constantly repeated in this world, from the beginning of time, but it does not seem that any of us have dominated them. So my advice is to continue with the matter, which normally has to do with redemption, love, compassion, freedom, injustice, perversion, divinity, the diabolical... continue with your thoughts and your heart and take them to the transformation. -Kelly Cutrone.

6-I find it easy to forgive the man who invented a devilish instrument like dynamite, but how can one forgive the diabolical mind that invented the Nobel Prize for Literature? - George Bernard Shaw.

7-There is a diabolical trio existing in the natural man, implacable, inextinguishable, cooperative and consented: pride, envy and hatred. Pride that makes us believe that we deserve all the assets that others possess; Envy that some are admired while we are overlooked, and hate, because everything that is granted to others, diminishes the total that we believe is due to us. -Charles Caleb Colton.

8-God the Father, and even more often the devil himself, sometimes appears in the place of fate in modern tragedy. Why has it not induced any scholar to develop a theory of the diabolical gender? -Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel.

9-The devil sometimes takes on the aspect of the Good, or even incarnates completely in its form. If this remains hidden from me, of course I am defeated, because this Good is more tempting than the Genuine Good. -Franz Kafka.

10-That there is a devil is not an uncertainty for anyone, except for those who are under the influence of the devil. For anyone, to deny the existence of the devil must be by ignorance or blasphemy worse than diabolical. -Cotton Mather.

11-I am very impressed by the thought that entered The Clarity Box. David Regal is diabolical. -Lance Burton.

12-... the devilish error, when he has artistically painted his lies, easily dresses himself in the likeness of truth, while very brief additions or changes corrupt the meaning of what is expressed. -Paper Clement XIII.

13-A traveling library in a city is like a perennial tree of diabolical knowledge. -Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

14-It's a diabolical affair. I can not imagine how hellish it must be to be harassed like Amy Winehouse and people like that. I have a little place in the suburbs, in the neighborhoods of celebrities, when I go to premieres and that kind of thing, which is the closest to what I want to get. Jeff Beck.

15. Peace can be a cover by which evil men can commit diabolical injustices. -John Foster Dulles.

16-To err is human, to persist in error is diabolical. -Georges Canguilhem.

17-Homosexuality is Satan's devilish attack on the family that will not only have a corrupting influence on our next generation, but will also bring down God's wrath on the United States. -Jerry Falwell.

18-The increase of the slaves debilitates the states, and such commerce is diabolical in itself, and shameful for the humanity. -George Mason.

19-That devilish hell conceived the principle of the wrath of persecution of some, and the church, for its eternal infamy, can provide its share of contributions for such business. -James Madison.

20. In all Americans there is an air of incorrigible innocence, which seems to conceal diabolical cunning. -TO. E. Housman,

21-... curious way that my idealism has mixed with my fatalism, so that I can possess the soul of a dreamer and that of a cynic at the same time... I possess the power of magic... to destroy with my diabolical mind the balance of A well-designed destination... -Anais Nin.

22-The devilish thing of melancholy is not that it makes you sick, but that makes you presumed and short of sight, yes, almost arrogant. You fall into bad taste, thinking of yourself as Atlas of Heine, whose shoulders hold all the enigmas and agonies of the world, as if thousands, lost in the same labyrinth, did not suffer the same agonies. -Hermann Hesse.

"You're a little devilish pyromaniac, are not you?" She blushed modestly. - James Patterson.

"That's right,"he said. "I created a group of renegade warriors who attacked the Institute and killed Madeleine and almost killed the rest of us just to keep Clary at home. And behold, my evil plan is working. ' "Cassandra Clare.

"What happened to your stutter?""I guess I should feel comfortable with you. I tend to stutter less with certain people. ' 'No one has ever told me that I am the comfortable type. I'm sure I do not like that. I'm going to have to do something diabolical soon to correct that impression. ' -Lisa Kleypas.

26-We sit in the kitchen exchanging these devilish fruits of fertile minds. -Ann Nin.

27-The more civilized a nation, the more avenue is its population, until it reaches the last age of that civilization, when multiplicity goes to war with conformity. The past always grows wild, increasingly dysfunctional at its extremes; While the latter seeks to increase its control, until the efforts acquire a diabolical tyranny. -Steven Erikson.

28-Golf is a diabolical game. It is easy to make fun of something so bizarre, so painful, so humiliating... but at the same time so joyful. -Ken Green.

He was a conscious follower of the Prince of Darkness. The fact that he could publicly project an image of the Antichrist with pride, not to be afraid of reprisals and his apparent and diabolical art of escape from all punishment when others, much less, were considered heretics and burned at the stake. -E.A. Bucchianeri.

30-The devilish work that has taken place since the legalization of abortion is that it has destroyed, in those tragic women who have allowed their son to be killed, his sense of the sacredness of motherhood. Abortion not only kills innocents, but spiritually kills women... the wound created in their souls is so great that only the grace of God can heal it. The very soul of a woman is destined to be motherly. -Alice von Hildebrand.

31-When politicians presume to do the work of God, they do not become divine but devilish. -Paper Benedict XVI.

32-I consider that it is the most ignoble effort. The only way I would like to 'help' the vast majority of people is in the same way that Carl Panzram 'reformed' the people who tried to reform him. It would be more merciful to help them by relieving them of their life to which they seem to hate so much. People should be happy; I'm not humanitarian, probably the most devilish mass murderer the world has ever known. -Anton Szandor LaVey.

33-In this world of doubts, one thing is certain for me: I will continue to write songs until and (I hope, by heavenly or diabolical means) beyond the day I die. -Robyn Hitchcock.

34. There is a devilish streak in me, an uncomfortable and inexplicable perversity. -Octave Mirbeau.

35-Sophisticated readers understand that writers solve their wrath, their conflicts, their endless pain and loss list, through their stories. That, regardless of meaning (spiritual or diabolical) is just a story. -Amy Bloom

"I still have in my memory, almost agonizing impressions of a serious illness I had when I was about eight. Those around me called her scarlet fever, and her name seemed to have a devilish quality. -Pierre Loti.

37-The Constitution of the United States. It remains the best document of its kind, and what is written in it are exactly the kind of protections that ensure that no person or group of people, no matter how diabolical or insane, can kidnap the country for well over a decade . -John Roderick.

38-For some women are always heresy and diabolical. For me, the opposite. -Vincent van Gogh.

39-We must become a credulity of the same kind as in childhood to think of all virtuous men. We must be addicted to a truly diabolical malignity, to believe that everyone is equally evil and corrupt. -Edmund Burke.

40-Oh, darkness! The sky is a shady enclosure whose door you close, and whose key holds the soul; And the night divides in half, being diabolical and sacred, between Ilis, the black angel, and Christ, the brilliant human being. -Victor Hugo.

41-In rejecting faith in Jesus Christ, the United States has also rejected the protective hand of God, who until recently protected this nation from harm. We have invited the devil with all his devilish and destructive power into our daily lives. -Bill Bright.

42. I believe that evil is our collective shadow. Each of us has a tendency for the devilish. If I put you in inhumane conditions, if you are not educated, if you are extremely poor, if you are humiliated, then as a child if you suffer abuse, you will manifest it even when you grow up. -Deepak Chopra.

43-Only power is too fortunate to make football have a diabolical responsibility to numb the masses. -Jean Baudrillard.

44. Our prayer today and my words are not meant to demonize anyone, but are destined to draw attention to the devilish influences of the devil who have penetrated our culture, both in the State and in the Church. These demonic influences are not readily apparent to the eye without discernment, so they are so misleading. -Thomas J. Paprocki.

45-I'm worried about age and the loss of beauty, the perception that as you get older, you 'lose your looks', which I think is diabolical. -Erin O'Connor.

46. ​​Everything that contradicts the Word of God must be resisted, instantaneously, as diabolical. -John Bunyan.

47. The true miracle of modern medicine is diabolical. It is that not only individuals, but entire populations survive at inhumanly low levels of personal health. -Ivan Illich.

48-There may be knowledge of the devilish, but no belief in him, for much of the devil does not really exist. -Franz Kafka.

49. There is only one thing that awakens animals more than pleasure, and that is pain. Under torture you are under the dominion of those herbs that produce visions. Everything you have heard, told, everything you have read, returns to your mind, as if you were being transported, not to heaven, but to hell. Under torture is said not only what the inquisitor wants, but also what you imagine he can please, because a bond (truly, diabolical) is established between you and him. -Umberto Eco.

50. The diabolic forces are formidable. These forces are eternal and exist today. The fairy tale is true. The demon exists. God exists. And for us, our own destiny depends, as people, on what we choose to follow. -Ed Warren.

51-Looking back, before 1800, is entering another world, where the number of institutions for insane was a small fraction compared to today and what we would now call mental disorders, were often understood as religious ecstasies or possessions Diabolical -Mike Jay.

52-The devil has to offer many diabolical gestures: one of these caricatures is prejudice, which arouses hatred. -Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann.

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