50 Motes for Original Friends

I leave you 50 Motes for friends Original and beautiful - some funny - with which you can develop a better relationship, have fun and laugh.

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Motes for friends

  • Ojitos: This mote can be used to a friend who is distinguished by having large, beautiful, distinctive eyes.
  • Baby: An affectionate nickname that is used for someone sweet, cute inside and out.
  • Minini: Mote for a small friend in size, it is a loving and protective way in which a friend refers to a friend, also somehow calling her"Mi nene".
  • La Diva: Nickname for a friend who is a little smug but also stands out for having an exceptional personality. When Diva tells a friend she can also refer to it as the Hollywood divas, very cute, pretentious, late, or made to wait. This nickname was established to the great and acclaimed singers of opera and to the very outstanding figures of the cinema that had personalities very particular, with a mixture of mysticism, talent that incited great fascination and that was why they had them in a pedestal.
  • Hermanísima or hermanaza: Mote for a friend who is like a sister, friend
  • My besti: Nickname for a best friend. It derives from"best"in English meaning"better".
  • Bear: Used for a tender friend.
  • Cachorrita: It is also a motto for a sweet friend, cute as a puppy.
  • The nun: Nickname for a friend who behaves very well, who does not commit greater sin. It is a nice nickname that infers an affectionate joke to a close friend.
  • The number one: The"number one". Mote for a friend who occupies the first place.
  • Cerebrito: It is used like nickname of a very intelligent friend.
  • The crazy, loquita, loquis: A special friend, great, nice, a friend who has a great time.
  • Goldilocks: Mote for a friend with blonde and curly hair.
  • My cupcake: Nickname for a sweet friend, tasty, nice as a"cupcake"(or ponqué).
  • Heart of melon: Mote to define a friend who has a sweet heart, like the heart of the melon.
  • Cuff: Nickname for a friend who is like fruit, sweet. It is also used to refer to a very beautiful woman.
  • Giggles: Mote used for a friend who laughs a lot, very candid.
  • Four eyes: Nickname for a friend wearing glasses (glasses).
  • My diamond in the rough: Mote for a friend who is unique.
  • Reinita: An affectionate nickname that seeks to exalt a friend by comparing it with a queen.
  • Princesita: Mote affectionate that equates to a friend with a Princess by its personality or beauty.
  • Amigui: An affectionate way of referring to a good friend.
  • Amichi: Mote for a very close friend, which is used between slightly pretentious friends.
  • Candy: Mote that equals a friend with a caramel, given its sweetness.
  • Pastelito: An affectionate nickname for a sweet friend.
  • Peluchita: Mote to call a tender friend.
  • Treasure: Nickname for a special friend who has great value.
  • Canelite: A nickname related to the color"cinnamon"of the skin.
  • Chocolatito: Nickname used normally for a brunette friend.
  • My vidita: Mote affectionate for a special friend.
  • My cielito: Effusive nickname for someone who equates with the immensity of the sky, for a special friend.
  • Dulce de leche: Mote that seeks to exalt the sweetness of a friend matching it to that of dulce de leche.
  • Bunny: Nickname for a friend who is tender, cute, who emanates the softness of a bunny.
  • Chiqui: Nickname for a small friend in size.
  • Peque: Cuddly nickname for a small friend in size.
  • Bomboncito: Mote affectionate that seeks to compare the friend with a chocolate candy, also used for a woman who is very beautiful.
  • Flaquis: Nickname that is used for thin friends or those who are not so much but somehow it is a way of referring to a friend.
  • Barby: It's a nickname that compares a friend to a"Barbie"doll, which is very beautiful and stylish.
  • Angelita: Mote to call a friend who behaves well, who is good, pious, pure.
  • Mami: An affectionate nickname for a friend who is charming.
  • Dulcita: Mote that refers to a friend with a very sweet personality, kind, good person.
  • Bebe: A nickname for a friend who compares to a baby because of her tenderness, sweet beauty, purity of soul, is simply a loving way to call a friend who has a very special affection.
  • Nenita: It is a nickname that denotes the tenderness and attachment with a special friend. She somehow equates the friend with a girl, perhaps because she is spoiled, naively special, tender.
  • Gordis, chubby: It is a nickname affectionate for a friend who is not necessarily fat, but is dear. Many times it is a nickname taken aback, since women are very sensitive to being called"fat"if it is for fondness.
  • Cosita: It is a caring nickname to refer to a tender friend, although perhaps in some Spanish speaking countries is taken badly, like calling a woman"thing".
  • Sweetheart: It's an affectionate way to call a friend that we want and wish well.
  • Sabrosura: Friendly and affectionate way of referring to a friend who is cute, beautiful and that is nice, appetizing,"tasty".
  • Top model: Mote for a friend who is really beautiful, like a model"top".
  • Blanquita: It is the nickname that can be used for a friend who has very white skin.
  • Musa: It is the nickname that is used for a friend who inspires, for being very special. This nickname is based on Greek mythology, it was said that the Muses were daughters of Zeus and Mnemósine, were divinities that inspired musicians, poets, and therefore were much loved. Among the most prominent musicians is Caliope, the muse of beauty and epic poetry, Clio, who was the muse of history and Terpsichore, who was the muse of dance and choral poetry.

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