5 Characteristics of Sonnet

The sonnet has five main features . A sonnet is a composition of poetry formed by fourteen verses of endecasílabo type, that is to say, verses that contain eleven syllables each.

To form a sonnet, the verses must be arranged in four stanzas: two quartets (verses of four verses) and two tercets (verses of three verses). In its elaboration a rhyme consonant of type ABBA ABBA CDE CDE is used.

Poetic Movements

The themes of the sonnets are very varied but generally the content is arranged as follows: the first quartet presents the main idea and the second develops it.

The first triplet reflects on the subject and expresses some feeling. Finally the last trio presents the conclusion of the sonnet and is usually very emotional.

5 Highlights of Sonnet

1 - According to history, the sonnet was born in Italy

The Italian author Francisco Petrarca wrote more than three hundred love sonnets that became very popular throughout Europe in the fifteenth century.

This poetic composition influenced the work of writers as William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.

Also the Italian Dante Alighieri, before being recognized by the Divine Comedy , wrote and published some sonnets for his beloved Beatriz.

2- The sonnet was very important for the Spanish Golden Age

In this period of high artistic and literary production in Spain, writers such as Luis de Góngora, Lope de Vega, Francisco de Quevedo and Miguel de Cervantes adopted the sonnet as a form of poetic expression and today are part of popular culture.

For its musicality, the sonnet penetrated the society and became very common like literary form in Hispanic America.

3- The sonnets of Shakespeare: the sonnet arrived in England

In 1609 the playwright William Shakespeare published his first book of sonnets composed of more than 150 poems in this poetic form.

Unlike the Italian sonnet, Shakespeare invented his own way of writing this type of poetry.

In this book he addressed issues such as youth, politics, love and death. Today is a mysterious book that remains in constant study because its authorship is questioned.

4- Rubén Darío is the most recognized sonnets author in Latin America

The Nicaraguan poet, in 1879, published his first sonnet in a newspaper at the age of 13.

He later published his book Blue, which would become very popular for containing sonnets of the highest literary quality.

5- The themes of the sonnets are very varied

An author can write a sonnet on any subject. However, the most popular have to do with love, death and the passage of time.

The Spanish poet of the twentieth century, Miguel Hernandez, wrote under this poetic composition sonnets about the cruelty of war, his misdeeds and difficulties, differing from those who used the sonnet to express only the love.


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