5 Animals with Supersensidos | Absolutely amazing!

Nature has not endowed all its creatures equally. Normally, this difference is due to the fact that in order to survive in their habitat, some senses or abilities are not necessary and others are essential. Join us to know 5 Animals with Supersenses; They are absolutely amazing!

In Supercurioso we have seen some of these supersenses that the animals as the smell of the white shark that allows you to detect a single drop of blood in 100 liters of water or the spectacular sense of hearing of owls. But there are many more.

5 Animals with Supersenses that you'll love to know

1. Touch is the Supersense of the African Elephant

5 Animals with Supersensidos

The life of the Elephant revolves around its trunk. It is a muscular, flexible and extraordinarily sensitive organ. The trunk contains 100,000 muscles divided into 6 groups and nerves with incredible sensitivity. It is able to detect, in conjunction with the pads of the soles of the legs, minimal vibrations that are transmitted through the ground and through the skeleton to reach the inner ear. This has allowed him to develop a communication system for infrasound with the herd from distances close to 10 km .

2. Salmon and the directional sense

Among animals with supersensives, salmon stands out for the "directional sense". This animal returns from the ocean to its native river to spawn. To get back it uses the most precise directional sense we can imagine in the animal kingdom. They memorize the magnetic field of their birthplace and return to it thanks to the so-called "olfactory rosette" that is in your head. It has cells that contain magnetite at a microscopic level but enough to act as a compass that is guided by Earth's magnetic fields.

3. The ear of the humpback or humpback whale

5 Animals with Supersenses 1

Humpbacks or humpback whales communicate with each other below the range of human hearing. His whistles are so bad that we can not hear them. They produce a continuous sound that they are capable of performing for more than 24 hours and it travels through the water, traveling hundreds of kilometers. Each animal has its own song that is recognized by those of its group. The vibrations are picked up by the jaw and transmitted to the ear where a bone called "bulla" is amplified.

4. The reception of electric fields from the platypus

The platypus is capable of detect their prey by a supersense that is known as "electroreception" or ability to perceive electric fields. The peak is responsible for detecting and noticing from which direction they come.

5. The sensitivity of the whiskers of the sea otter

5 Animals with Supersenses 2

The last of these animals with supersensives is the sea otter. His sensitivity lies in the whiskers that surround his mouth. When you dive, a kind of skin bags blind your eyes and your nostrils and you should be guided by your mustache s. With them he is able to distinguish any prey with just touching it. It has about 124 whiskers when a cat, for example, only has 24.

The animal world never ceases to amaze us. Did you know the particularity of these 5 animals with supersentidos ? If you want to know other phenomena of nature, we invite you to read the post: Chimeric animals | 5 examples that will hallucinate you . For the rest, we encourage you to leave us a comment. We will read you with great enthusiasm!

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