5 Absences of education that are acceptable in other countries | Did you know?

When we were children, surely most of us, our parents, insisted that we learn and fulfill a series of education standards or of urbanity. We had to know how to use the cutlery, when to give way or seat, what words we should not pronounce and a host of other things. However, nobody told us that many of those standards were not universal and that our actions would be labeled as uneducated in other parts of the world and that what we thought was a serious lack of urbanity was perfectly accepted in other societies. Join us to know 5 Absences of education that are acceptable in other countries . Did you know?

5 Absences of education that are acceptable in other countries

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Maybe some of them will surprise you and others will not, but in general, our parents would have found them unacceptable.

1. Belching and sipping on the table

I do not even want to imagine what my parents would have said if eating my soup plate had started sip the liquid of the spoon making thunderous noises or at the end of a plate would have burped smiling . Surely they would have made me leave the table and finish the meal in the kitchen, since I did not know how to behave correctly.

5 Absences of education that are acceptable in other countries

Well, in some Asian countries like the China or Taiwan, Belching and sipping are samples of satisfaction and it is educational to do so since that way you indicate to your host that you are enjoying the agape and it will be taken as a compliment.

2. Arriving late for an appointment for lunch or dinner

If you are in the India You should not be offended or worried if your guest arrives for lunch or dinner 15 or 30 minutes late . It is completely acceptable. In general, their culture values ​​time in another way, they do not understand punctuality and the rush of the West, they value more things than arriving at the time.

3. Give a food to someone by touching it with their hands

The third of these lack of education It takes us to Africa. Except that someone is totally trustworthy as a son or your partner, you would never think of catch food from a tray or from your own plate and give it to you with your hand or with a spoon to someone and less to a guest. However, if you are in Ethiopia This fact is an act of friendship and love.

5 Absences of education that are acceptable in other countries 1

It would be completely inappropriate to reject it. This custom is called "Gursha" .

4. Leave food on the plate when they invite you

When I was a child, my mother told me not to leave anything on the plate, that it was a lack of civility to leave food in it since it seemed that you did not like it or it was a serious fault against all the people who went hungry.

However, in many Asian countries leaving the plate empty is an offense to the host . It means that they have not given you enough food and you have had to finish all your plate to satisfy yourself.

5. Eat the bread that has fallen to the ground

Surely if you picked up bread from the ground and ate it, your parents told you not to do it since it could be dirty or contaminated. In many Middle Eastern countries , if you drop bread from the table, the rules of education say you should pick it up, take it to your forehead, kiss it and return it to your plate to eat it

By doing so, a respect for the food is shown and also for the person who has worked to do it.

What do you think of these 5 absences of education that are acceptable in other countries ? In which lack of education Did your parents insist more? Share it with us! We will be happy to know. If you want to know other customs that may be strange or curious, we invite you to read the post: The 6 strangest Asian customs .

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