5 Abandoned schools that are disturbing

Although schools must be suitable places for children, adolescents and young people to feel comfortable and obtain the necessary knowledge for their intellectual development, some old structures have been completely abandoned and nowadays they are really disturbing in the eyes of those who visit them. observe. Next we will present you 5 abandoned schools that are located in various areas of the United States and Ukraine . Are you ready to meet them?

5 Abandoned schools that are disturbing | Can you believe there were students in them?

1. Bennett College in the United States

Abandoned schools

This American university, located in the curious New York , was founded in the year 1890, however, in 1978 it was definitively closed. The institution served as an exclusive university for women but, due to the arrival of mixed schools, its popularity was declining and, thus, the finances did not reach to continue with the maintenance of the place, leaving it completely abandoned and why we include it in the list of abandoned schools that are now disturbing

2. The Carr School in the United States

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Continuing in North America we find the next institution belonging to abandoned schools whose current appearance leaves much to be desired. The Carr school, located in San Luis, has existed since 1908, when it was widely known due to its beautiful gardens . However, after the year 1983, the school closed its doors permanently and, to date, continues to be abandoned. In fact, in October 2018 the institution suffered a fire in one of what used to be classrooms, despite which the authorities have not stated what this school will hold in the future.

3. Take School in the United States

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As in the case of the first abandoned school that we discussed, located in New York, the Tome School worked, in this case, exclusively for boys. Its construction began in the year 1900 and its 30 acres are full of many historical moments that the students of this institution lived. Although the school gained a lot of fame and the students were mostly from wealthy families, its facilities were abandoned and since 1984 it is a historical place in the country.

4. Greenfield Park School in the United States

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The next institution that you are about to meet is part of the list of abandoned schools because today it is nothing more than a garbage dump. The Greenfield Park School in Detroit, Michigan, operated as a primary school for many years However, its abandonment caused the inhabitants of the area to deposit all types of waste in the surrounding areas.

5. Prípiat School in Ukraine

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As the last institution of the abandoned schools that are disturbing we share with you the school of the ghost town of Prípiat , whose strange data will leave you speechless. Although the image of the Ukrainian school speaks for itself, we inform you that this place used to house a large number of students who lived in the classrooms until 1986 , when the territory had to be evacuated after the Chernobyl accident .

These are just some of the abandoned schools that are disturbing and, of course, store in their corners historical data of great relevance that allow us to better understand the context in which they were built and maintained. Although they are no longer active, for the reasons explained in the previous points, the institutions remain standing and some of them can be visited by those people who dare to enter their classrooms, courtyards, halls, dining rooms and others. You are one of them? Let us know in the comments which were the abandoned schools that you found most surprising And, of course, do not forget to accompany your comment with the place where you would like to undertake an adventure.

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