49 Phrases that Riman

I leave you over 40 Rhyming phrases Of great authors like Gustavo Adolfo Becker, Gabriela Mistral, Mario Benedetti, Pablo Neruda, Joan Manuel Serrat and many more.

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Rhyming phrases

1-"He that hath an eye that seeeth, he that hath an ear hearken, and he that can not find the peace that striveth"Kase-O

2-"Act with elegance before your ignorance"Kase-O

3-"Give me a moment, you may find me interesting. Dress with white glove the thief in front of you"Kase-O

4-"Do not give up that life is that, continue the journey, pursue your dreams"Mario Benedetti

5-"Of the trails looks / on the hard rock"Gustavo Adolfo Becker

6-"At midnight / and burst into tears the Child / the hundred beasts woke up / and the stable became alive"Gabriela Mistral

7-"You are what I'm always thinking, with every thought I keep falling in love"Juan Santacruz

8-"Do not give up, you're still in time to reach and start again"Mario Benedetti

9-"Once or voice or time, we can be together or be together, live, die in that great silence of hardness, mother of the glow"Pablo Neruda

10-"There is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your dreams, because life is yours and you also desire"Mario Benedetti

11-"Some believe that I kill time and absence, but his train sold ticket back and forth"Joan Manuel Serrat -Those small things.

12-"How I would love you, woman, how I would love you, love you as no one ever knew, die and still love you more"Pablo Neruda

13-"The emotion of undressing and slowly discovering the fire; The ritual of caressing by catching fire"Joan Manuel Serrat

14-"The tree of the square in the old neighborhood does not grow any more, it has remained quiet all naked because it will be, the earth is so dry at any moment it is going to break, it seems that the sky was forgetting how to cry"Vicentico - The Tree of the Plaza.

15-"Change that face of serious, that face of encyclopedia intellectual, that I'm going to inject you with the bacteria, pa'que turn as a fair machiner"Calle 13, Dare.

16-"I have renounced you, serenely, as renouncing God the delinquent"Andrés Eloy Blanco

17-"I have given up on you, and at every instant, we give up a little of what we wanted before and in the end, how many times the waning yearning asks for a piece of what we were before"Andrés Eloy Blanco

18-"This is a new day, to start again, to sing, to laugh, to return, to be happy."Facundo Cabral

19-"You will teach to fly, but your flight will not fly; You will teach to dream, but you will not dream your dream"Mother Teresa of Calcutta

20-"Unfurl the wings and try again, celebrate life and return to heaven"Mario Benedetti

21-"And I have thought in his eyes / and in his numerous feet"César Vallejo

22-"A whiteness / the penumbra"(Jorge Luis Borges)

23-"I'm tired, of course, because at this point one has to be tired"(Fernando Pessoa)

24-"There is another world of palm trees and horses, where the man only owns what he does with his hands"Facundo Cabral

25-"From the paths seek, on the hard rock"(Gustavo Adolfo Becker)

26-"Bridge of my solitude by the eyes of my death, your waters go towards the sea, to the sea from which it does not return"Emilio Prados

27-"My life, my life, the world and the color, my life, my life, silences and song"Facundo Cabral

28-"Lord... if I forget you, never forget me!"Mahatma Gandhi

29-"My blue unicorn yesterday was lost, grazing left and disappeared, any information well I'm going to pay, the flowers I left I did not want to talk"Silvio Rodríguez

30-"It hurts love, without you, it rains until wet, it hurts love, without you, hurts to kill, hurts love, without you, everything is so gray"Alex Sintek

31-"La Libertad is an old woman, whom I met in bohemia, next to many people, and without anyone seeing her"Facundo Cabral

32-"Life is a coin, who digs it has it, eye I speak of coins and not thick bills"Juan Carlos Baglieto

33-"Forged in his mind the poet, verses of love and pain, darts of silk and steel, that stuck in my heart"Miguel Angel Yusta

34-"You absorb the space and slowly you make me yours, the pride dies in me and it's that I can not be without you"Luis Miguel - Under the table.

35-"With glories forget memories"Popular saying

36-"Your love is like a river, which seems deeper, inexplicably, when the water is gone, and I am on the shore, but looking deep, for your love and death have a beyond"José Ángel Buesa

37-"Late in the dark garden, a butterfly entered late, transforming in a miraculous dawn the dreary evening of summer"José Ángel Buesa

38-"Counsel is wise to forgive slander and to forget grievance"Popular saying

"And I have to say goodbye forever, my dear, knowing that you go away to never return, I would like to keep you for life... But it can not be! But it can not be!"José Ángel Buesa

40-"The sun may cloud forever, the sea may dry in an instant; Can break the axis of the earth, like a weak crystal"Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

41-"Teach me that forgiving is a sign of greatness and that revenge is a sign of baseness"Mahatma Gandhi

42-"Guys we see, hearts do not know"Popular saying

43-"From evils to goods they say that it passes easily; But of evils to evils, I say that is more frequent"Pedro Calderón de la Barca

44-"To whom heaven has sent for good and shelter our"Anonymous Romance

45-"If you give me your fortune, do not take away my reason, if you give me success, do not take away humility, if you give me humility, do not take away my dignity"Mahatma Gandhi

46-"Sighs and fragrances in the shadow of the branches"Juan Ramón Jiménez

47-"The men in the wheat field for a piece of bread 'Atahualpa Yupanqui

48-"Wherever you go you will be with me, you will be my homeland, my faith, my sword, my flower, you will be my sowing in the way"Gianfranco Plagiaro

49-"I tell you goodbye and perhaps with this farewell, my most beautiful dream dies inside of me, but I say goodbye to you for the rest of my life, even if I still think of you all my life"José Ángel Buesa.

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