43 Examples of Featured Gender Equity

Some examples of gender equity are the right to vote of both sexes, freedom of clothing, same job opportunities or economic independence.

Gender equity is a human right that indicates that both men and women must live with the same dignity, rights and freedom.

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In this sense, gender equity promotes the construction of more just societies, where individuals can exist fully and away from any form of discrimination or gender-based threat (UNFPA, 2017).

Gender equity is considered as a tool to eradicate poverty, since it seeks to empower women so that they can contribute to the economic and healthy development of their families and communities.

In this sense, the effect of women's work must always be geared to a positive impact on future generations (Wrigley, 1992).

Despite the fact that women can now be seen as gaining more power and strength within societies, gender equity remains an unfulfilled promise in many countries where women do not have the same rights as men and Are subject daily to the will of external agents without their opinions or desires being taken into account (Nations, 2017).

This concept essentially promotes the acceptance of differences and seeks to address the specific needs of each gender without this implying any form of discrimination.

Featured examples of Gender Equity

-The right to vote and free choice on it for both men and women.

- That men and women can drive a car (RUSHFAN, 2008).

-The free choice of clothing that you want to wear and the appearance you want to have regardless of gender.

-Access to the same opportunities and job offers regardless of gender.

- That men and women can earn the same wages for performing the same tasks.

-Implementation of a maternity leave that allows both men and women to spend more time with their children at the time they are born.

"That men and women can choose who they want to marry.

-The free choice on marital status, marriage, courtship and the type of partner you want to have regardless of gender.

-The right to travel and to move freely from one place to another without the approval of the opposite gender.

-The free choice of sexual orientation and the couple, without this involving a subject for reasons of gender.

- That men and women can choose what they want to do with their body freely.

- That men and women can belong to the army and have the opportunity to perform in the same positions.

- That men and women can occupy high positions or positions of management within an organization.

-The free choice on the expense of money and the purchase of objects, without the need to have previous authorization by the opposite gender.

- That men and women can freely choose what religion they want to belong to.

-The free choice of the type of educational institution to which you want to attend and the program you want to study, regardless of gender.

- That men and women can choose the type of work they want to play, and for how long they want to be in it.

"That men and women can decide whether they want to stay or withdraw from a place without prior authorization to do so.

- That men and women can divorce without limiting this right for reasons of gender.

- That men and women can be"homemakers"without being tried.

- That men and women have sexual freedom without being discriminated against for this.

- That men and women are not violated or assaulted for any reason, especially related to their gender.

- That men and women can inherit their citizenship to their children.

Regardless of gender, the right to custody of children in the event of divorce must be respected in both men and women.

- That there is no place for infanticide due to gender.

-The absence of domestic violence, mistreatment, or any type of physical or verbal aggression due to gender.

-Access to a valid identity document or citizenship for both men and women at the time of reaching the age of majority.

-The absence of any type of sexual imposition on any individual.

"The authorization for both men and women to be on the front if they wish.

- Absence of obstacles or impediments to perform in the desired career regardless of gender.

-The purchase and possession of properties in a free way, regardless of the gender that bears.

- That both men and women can work and contribute financially with the payment of household expenses, such as educating children (Ruben, 2016).

- That both men and women can be enterprising.

- Equitable reparation of the tasks of the home between men and women.

- Allow children to play the same games regardless of gender.

-Give toys of any kind to children, without regard to gender.

-The practice of any sport by both men and women.

-The free exercise of political work without limitations by gender.

- Orientation of the care of the body according to gender, that is, both men and women should have access to a health system that meets their physical needs according to sex.

-To teach children from a young age that men and women have the same rights.

-Provide equal sex education for both men and women.

"That both men and women be taught how to read and write.

-The split in the payment of the account in a restaurant when a man and a woman are going to have dinner together.


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