40 Phrases of Impotence

Today I leave 40 Phrases of impotence , Anger, pain and sadness of not being able to do anything. They will help you overcome the barriers and limitations that arise in your life.

Do you know any more? Give them in the comments section to help increase the list!

Phrases of impotence

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1-It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to cover yourself with the mantle of non-violence to cover impotence.-Mahatma Gandhi.

2-Intolerance is evidence of impotence.-Aleister Crowley.

3-You have done it before and you can do it now. Look at the positive possibilities. Redirect the energy of your impotence and turn it into positive and effective determination.-Ralph Marston.

4-The expectation is the mother of all frustration.-Antonio Banderas.

5-All the failures, frustrations and impotencies of the past were laying the foundation of the standard of living you now enjoy.-Tony Robbins.

6-Success is not built on success. It builds out of impotence and frustrations.-Sumner Redstone.

7-Impotence, although sometimes painful, is an essential and positive part of success.-Bo Bennett.

8-Hope fills the spaces of impotence in my heart.-Emanuel Cleaver.

9-Fear strikes you. It's the first thing you feel. Then there is anger and impotence.-Charles Bronson.

10-Fatigue is often provoked, not by work, but by resentment and impotence.-Dale Carnegie.

11-The impotence you feel when you do not get it becomes pride when you get it.-Lifeder.com.

12-A life of frustration and helplessness is inevitable for anyone who wants to win.-Lifeder.com.

13-You feel impotent because you wait for the flowers of seeds that have not yet bloomed.

14-Do not be frustrated by trying and not getting it. Feel frustrated not trying to get it.-Lifeder.com.

15-Impotence is a feeling that can be overcome with the action of trying again.- Lifeder.com.

16-Do not feel impotence if you think that each failure brings you closer to success.

17-Life and people will frustrate you and make you feel powerless. Faced with this, you must decide to move forward with determination.

18-Consider how difficult it is to change yourself and you will understand the few possibilities you have to change others.

19-Frustration is a sign that you act independently. The more you try your way, the narrower the doors will be closed.-Joyce Meyer.

20-If you share your impotence is possible that someone helps you overcome them.- Lifeder.com.

21-Do not become the accomplice of your impotence. If you strive, you will eventually overcome them.-Lifeder.com.

22-What if you use the things you can not achieve as motivation to overcome them? -Lifeder.com.

23-The only thing that causes more impotence than not achieving it is not having the energy to persevere and overcome it.- Lifeder.com.

24-Impotence added to willpower is the root from which great achievements grow.- Lifeder.com.

25-Impotence is having no one to blame except yourself.- Lifeder.com.

26-Change the way you think and change the way you feel.- Lifeder.com.

27-Impotence is not a good reason to stop trying.- Lifeder.com.

28-You may have pains that are not yet successful; That's impotence.- Lifeder.com.

29-If trying to take a big step you feel impotence, gives smaller steps and the importance will fade.-Lifeder.com.

30-Live the present and enjoy the moment and no negative emotion will be able to interpose in the way of your well-being.- Lifeder.com.

31-Convert the inner energy of the impotence into the external action to overcome the obstacle that causes it.- Lifeder.com.

32-If you're going to try something hard to get, expect impotence. If you persevere, expect to overcome it and the feeling of achievement.-Lifeder.com.

33-Sitting down because you feel impotent is surrendering to the obstacles that life puts you.- Lifeder.com.

34-Not to be overcome by the feelings of impotence is to win one of the battles that lead to win the war of success.-Lifeder.com.

35-If you try something very, you do not succeed and that causes you feelings of impotence, you have two options; Or change the way you're trying, or change what you're trying to accomplish for something else.- Lifeder.com.

36-The feeling of impotence always gives up; Either because you gave up trying or because you try so hard that you finally beat it.- Lifeder.com.

37-Impotence is the way the brain has to tell you that you are struggling and that you are learning to achieve what you pursue.- Lifeder.com.

38-Tell me a person who has achieved a great achievement in life and will show you a person who has felt hundreds of times impotent.- Lifeder.com.

39-Sometimes we feel powerless to believe that we have not achieved something great, when we are getting little things that guide the big.- Lifeder.com.

40-It is better to feel powerless to try something difficult than the one who feels happy and proud to get the simplest thing in the world.- Lifeder.com.

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