40 Examples of Moral and Social Norms

Some Examples of moral and social norms Are to treat others with respect, not to lie, to be supportive or to tolerate cultural and religious differences. The word norm is associated with rules and morality can be interpreted as customs, beliefs or habits.

So it can be said that moral norms are a guide to good behavior, based on the customs, habits and beliefs that guide the behavior of people, about what should be done, because it is good and what is not, because it is bad.

Examples of moral norms

That is, moral norms are a list of rules or values ​​that can improve a person's behavior in their daily life and favor their interaction in society.

They are closely linked to Ethics because it deals with good behavior, as well as with freedom, because its fulfillment is of free decision, since people assume them by themselves, of their own volition.

There are different moral norms that are adapted to the different social groups. Ignorance of these norms could influence wrong decisions, which may lead to harmful behaviors that morally deform society.

These actions are not judged by the Law, but will be evaluated by other people through personal reflection or value judgment.

Depending on the social structure of communities and their beliefs, both religious and cultural, moral norms may vary.

However, some of them are universally shared, such as respect for life, for children, for the family, which are mainly taught from the family, school, some media and the church.

These spaces of formation and encounter, should reinforce in their members these rules of coexistence, since it would be of great importance to be able to anticipate the behavior of others before a given situation and to get to live in more human societies.

40 common examples of moral norms

1- To watch over the welfare of the children, to maintain them and to take care of them while they are children and until their majority of age.

2 - To teach the moral norms and good habits to the children from small and, on the part of the parents, to put them into practice.

3- Treat children with love and affection, without bad words, shouts, or nicknames in the form of mockery.

4- Follow the orientations of the parents with respect, without responding in a rude way, or haughty.

5- Treat other people, as if you treated yourself, so that you pay attention, generosity, sincerity and without hypocrisy.

6- Speak to people in a moderate tone of voice appropriate to where they are, respecting the standards of the good speaker and allowing others to intervene in the conversation.

7- Tolerate the point of view of others even if it is contrary to yours, and do not try to change their opinions by force.

8- Do not consent to injustices towards other defenseless people, or engage in fights to physically or psychologically harm them.

9- Treat all people in a cordial way, without violence or mistreatment, even if they are enemies of your friends.

10- To help the needy in a disinterested way, especially to attend the children and destitute in a situation of abandonment.

11- Respect the assets of others and not invade the properties of others, nor incite others to do so.

12- Be helpful and attentive to neighbors and provide help when necessary, without seeking extra benefit, or suggesting gifts.

13- If they lend you some material, do not forget to return it, and give it in good condition or better than as you received it when they lent it to you.

14- Help people with physical or psychological limitations and not take advantage of it.

15. Treat all people equally, regardless of race, ethnic group, religion or physical appearance.

16- To tolerate and treat with respect to people with functional diversity, especially if they want to socialize or integrate a group of game, a sports equipment.

17- Give the seat to people with children, pregnant or elderly, in public and private transportation.

18- Give the position or shift in banks, markets and public places to pregnant women, elderly or people with children.

19- Do not take advantage of social goods destined for people in situations of poverty, if this is not the case.

20- Parking in permitted areas, respecting the position for people with motor disabilities.

21- Not to benefit from the physical or mental limitations of other people, trying to obtain money or influences with other people.

23- Ensure the well-being of parents when they are elderly, maintain them and care for them with love and affection.

24- Help and help the elderly and children in danger.

25- In the event of an emergency, care should be given to children, pregnant women and the elderly.

26- Be faithful and honest in couple bonds, that is, take care of your relationship with love and sincerity. If there is no love in the couple, it is better to say it.

27- To maintain a friendly, cordial and non-violent treatment in the home, but with norms and supervision, with the couple, the children and other members of the family.

28- Fulfill the word that has been given in the form of commitment, so that it always has credibility and respect. So when you need something believe in your promise.

29- Be sincere and not accuse other people of a fault that has not committed, avoid slander and false testimony.

30- Behave appropriately in public places, speak with a proper language, avoiding bad words, obscenities and sudden movements.

31- Keep secrets confessions made by other people and not divulge the privacy of others.

31- Refuse to favor known persons, in cases in which they may intervene because of their influence of power.

32- Keep your spaces clean, whether at home, at work, at school, public transportation, among others.

33- Do not throw garbage or rubble to neighbors, or in public spaces, such as streets, rivers, ravines, land alone.

34 - To take care of the personal cleanliness and to keep clean, and thus to preserve its personal image, to avoid being reason of unfavorable comments and exclusion.

35- Care, feed and vaccinate animals and pets, not mistreat them, or abandon them. If you can not take care of them, you better get them another home.

36. Practice honesty and not deceive the innocent with false promises to obtain economic benefits or gratuities.

37- To make the physiological needs in the baths and not in the public road, since it is a factor of environmental pollution, and on the other hand, of degeneration of the intimacy.

38- Do not have scandalous behavior in public places.

39- Stay sober and calm, avoiding alcohol consumption especially if you are taking care of children.

40- Show respect for the beliefs, religious and cultural symbols of others.


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