4 Tips for choosing a good hotel. Enjoy your trip!

When planning a trip, planning becomes a key factor for your experience to be completely satisfactory. Without a doubt, accommodation is one of the most important decisions. And of course, although it is true that one of the priorities will be to find cheap hotels that fit our economy, there are other relevant factors They will also modify our stay during the trip. Therefore, in Supercurioso we want to share with you a series of tips that will help you make the right decision for you. Can you come with us?

4 Tips for choosing a good hotel. Enjoy your trip!

1. The location and access to transportation

The location is what we consider one of the issues of vital importance at the time of opting for a hotel or another. Note that If your accommodation is in an area away from the main tourist attractions, you should spend time and money on trips . Also, when you return late to the hotel you will depend on the schedule of public transport; that or leave you a good amount of money in private transport. And this is something especially important if you travel to a large metropolis.

Therefore, our advice is that you value both the time and the money that you would lose in transportation and if it pays to pay more for these trips or pay a little more for a better location. You can use online maps to know the exact location of the hotel , the time it would take you to get to the nearest stations, which are the best travel options or how long it takes to the tourist attractions you do not want to miss.

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2. Read all comments and opinions

Of course, both on the official pages and on the main hotel reservation platforms, you will see the most beautiful face of the accommodation. It is even likely that the photos shown have little or nothing to do with reality (I'm sure it happened to you at some point!)

Fortunately, Internet gives us the opportunity to know the ratings of other users and to know how the stay of other travelers has been. We believe that one of the best advice we can give you is to take time to read all the impressions you find. Make sure that opinions are decidedly more positive than negative.

3. Take a look at the services included

Regardless of whether you are going to be a long or short time in the hotel, it is important that before booking you know and take into account the services that are included. For example, the included breakfast or the wifi connection are usually valued positively by most of the clients, and certainly they are a great advantage , both at the level of information and organization (internet will provide you with the answer to many questions about your destination) and savings (you will not have to have breakfast outside).

There's also other options that may be of interest to you on occasion: air conditioning systems, restaurant twenty-four hours that can always save you from a hurry, direct transportation from or to the airport ... Keep in mind what your needs are and assess which services may be most comfortable for you. Of course, with conscience: the objective is not to pay for supplements that you are not going to use.

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4. Take into account the reservation cancellation policy

And we come to the last of our tips; no less important. On the one hand, we recommend making the reservation as early as possible (not only save money, but also have a wider range of opportunities). Further, you should pay special attention to the reservation cancellation section ; so you can avoid possible misunderstandings and possible additional costs when you arrive.

Finally, you should also consider that many circumstances are not within our reach, and that Even if your determination regarding the trip is total, there may always be some unforeseen . So if you want to make sure you're not going to lose the money you've paid, take a closer look at the hotel's conditions!

We hope you found it useful to know our tips and that you start applying them from now on whenever you organize a trip and you should choose a hotel. As always, we encourage you to leave us a comment telling us if you normally follow these measures and what factors usually take into account when choosing accommodation. We will be willing to read you!

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