35 Phrases Against Drugs and Alcohol (Children and Adults)

These Phrases against drugs Will encourage them to leave them and can serve as support for the road until they are forgotten forever.

Of course, getting out of the world of drugs is not easy but it is you can make a decision and strive.

Phrases against drugs

Before, I leave you some curiosities:

  • Between the Depressant drugs The most consumed are tranquilizers and Barbiturates (Valium, Xanax). Antidepressants and anxiolytics are also drugs.
  • In general, any substance that disrupts the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain are drugs.
  • The oldest drug in the world is the alcohol .
  • Some Drugs more harmful to health Are tobacco or alcohol, beating cannabis or ecstasy .
  • The air of Rome contains cocaine.
  • Heroin had originally been marketed as a cough medicine and as a non-addictive substitute for morphine.
  • Consuming marijuana before the age of 15 can produce structural changes in the brain for a lifetime.

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1-Drugs are the enemy of the future and of hope, and when we fight against them we fight for the future.- Bob Riley.

2-Demonstrate that you do not need drugs to enjoy life.-Lifeder.com.

3-If you need drugs to enjoy life is that you have not yet found healthy activities that will make you enjoy life.


4-Children are often the silent victims of drug abuse.-Rick Larsen.

5-Among millions, you were the first spermatozoon to reach the ovum; You have all the necessary strength, and more, to lead a life in which you are self-sufficient.- Lifeder.com.

6-You have to leave the drugs to reach your dreams.-Lifeder.com.


7-Feel grateful and do not use drugs; Is the best way to say that you despise the life and health that has been given to you.- Lifeder.com.

8-Create a life without drugs; A life with health, with hope, with dreams, of gratitude and of joy.-Lifeder.com.

9-Drugs are for your life what abusers are for good children. The good news is that in both cases, if you decide, you can either win away or deny its power.-Lifeder.com


10-Drugs not, life yes.-Lifeder.com.

11-Drugs create you a fictitious well-being. They are the best liars in the world.- Lifeder.com.

12-Drugs take you away from how big you can become and the great road you have to go.- Lifeder.com.


13-Get away from drugs and it will be one of the giant steps you can take in life.- Lifeder.com.

14-Using drugs is like not wanting to accept the life that has touched you and the fact is that no matter what you have touched; Without drugs you can build the life you want.- Lifeder.com.

15-First test and have fun. Then you get used to it and it gives you well-being. Finally you're always wrong unless you take it.-Lifeder.com.


16-If you are using drugs is because your eyes are covered. You are not seeing all the possibilities that life offers without them.- Lifeder.com.

17-Drugs are one of the worst inventions in history and this is one of the most forgotten inventions of history.- Lifeder.com.

18-The fact is that you can feel better and with more self-esteem with certain drugs, although it is also a fact that both are fictitious facts.-Lifeder.com.


19-Using drugs is kicking your own life.- Lifeder.com.

20-If you are in the world of drugs, you are probably also in a social group that uses drugs. Identify it and discard it. It will be one of the best decisions you can make in your life.- Lifeder.com.

21-To say that drugs are taken because life is poor or a misfortune is to deny the human capacity of overcoming and of creation.-Lifeder.com.


22-Drugs are just as bad for you as for those around you. You hurt yourself and you hurt those around you.- Lifeder.com.

23-Using drugs is getting you away from life because you do not see reality as it is. Falling asleep is better.-Lifeder.com.

24-You are never going to achieve great goals using something that takes away your maximum potential. Drugs make you decrease, never grow.- Lifeder.com.


25-One of the most deluded is the one who feels self-esteem for using drugs. Have courage to build it without them; You do not need something that destroys your body to feel good.

26-Drugs take away everything good you have in life; Your future, your hopes, your dreams and your experiences.-Lifeder.com.

27-Many people in the world need help to be wasting time using drugs and not being able to help anyone.- Lifeder.com.


28-If you think drugs are good is that you live in another reality. Leave them and you will see what the true reality tells you; Everything is much better.- Lifeder.com.

29-If you have the power to say yes, you also have the power to say no to drugs. If you have the power to test them you also have the power to leave them.- Lifeder.com.

30-Faces, insane and kill your life. Enough reasons not to want to hear them.- Lifeder.com.

31-The recovery consists in accepting that your life is in ruins and that you must change it.- Jamie Lee Curtis.

32-Addictions distract you from the most important thing: yourself.-Anonymous.

33-There is no drug in this world that makes any sense to your life.-Sarah Kane.

34-One step at a time; one day at a time; One hour at a time.-Anonymous.

35-The chains that bind you to drugs can feel very light until they are too strong to break them.-Anonymous.

36-When you can stop, you do not want to; When you want to stop, you can not."Luke Davies.

37-The priority of any addict is to numb the pain of living to ease the passage of the days with a little relief bought.-Russell Brand.

38-When you use drugs you think you only destroy pain, when reality destroys your whole life.-Anonymous.

39-Drugs are the worst enemy of a healthy and happy life.-Anonymous.

40-It is easier to stay away from drugs than to try to stop them.-Anonymous.

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