31 Benefits of Meditation in Health (Children and Adults)

There are many Benefits of meditation on health and brain, And in both children and adults. In addition, it is a simple and free practice. You just need some patience and time to put it into practice and you will reap great benefits psychologically, physically and spiritually.

In everyday life we ​​experience situations that we believe we can not control and this causes our body to react with Stress response.

Benefits of meditation

In some cases of danger the stress helps, although in most cases the prolonged agitation response produces very negative effects on health. Read this article to learn more about Stress management .

Meditation acts as a Completely opposite to stress , Encouraging a state of calm and helping us to"repair"and prevent new stress reactions.

It is a practice Increasingly common in the western world , Not only carried out by ordinary people, but promoted by large companies that are aware of its advantages.

How to start with meditation?

The meditation Requires that you sit in a relaxed position, preferably in a quiet and private place, and let your mind flow. You can focus on a sound, on your own breathing Or nothing.

At first it is advisable to start with 5-10 minutes to go adopting the habit. Long meditation sessions bring more benefits, so you can later increase to 20-30 minutes or even longer.

Although meditation is greatly improved by practice and some people find it difficult to begin, the Continuous practice And little by little, leads to great advances and benefits in the short and long term.

Benefits at the physical level

  1. Reduces lactate level in blood.
  2. Reduces pain related to stress.
  3. Lower blood pressure.
  4. It improves the immune system.
  5. Reduces muscle tension.
  6. Increases production of serotonin, which improves mood.
  7. Reduces the chance of heart attacks.
  8. Helps control the symptoms of menopause.
  9. It helps to lose weight.

Psychological benefits

  1. It improves concentration: because meditation is a practice that focuses our attention, this improves the same and also when we are not meditating. It is therefore a long-term effect, you do not have to be practicing meditation to get benefits in your health.
  2. Improves self-esteem
  3. Less anxiety .
  4. More creativity .
  5. Compassion: Research has shown that empathy and compassion are greatest in people who practice meditation on a regular basis.
  6. Improves memory .
  7. It decreases the stress: in particular, mindfulness is associated with lower levels of stress and with lower levels of the hormone cortisol. I recently wrote an article on What is mindfulness And various ways of practicing it.
  8. Gray matter increases: meditation is related to more gray matter in the hippocampus And in frontal areas of the brain. This entails experiencing more positive emotions and greater emotional stability.
  9. Development of intuition.
  10. Development of emotional stability.
  11. Problem resolution.
  12. Treats neuroticism.
  13. It improves the mood of adolescents.
  14. It reduces depression and promotes happiness.

Other benefits

  1. Improve productivity: With just 12 minutes of breathing-focused meditation daily and without letting go of worries, short-term memory is improved, which we use to manage information, control emotions and solve problems.
  2. Harmony: gives you tranquility and well-being in unstable states and high emotional tension.
  3. Personal transformation: while you know yourself more, you can improve more in those aspects that you propose. In addition, it will increase your curiosity, energy and desire to know new things.
  4. Help to sleep better
  5. Meditation can help improve our control over mood and emotions and also helps us sleep better.
  6. Improve personal relationships.
  7. Improves job satisfaction.
  8. It helps to stop drinking or smoking.

What other benefits of meditation have you observed?

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