3 types of witchcraft in history | White, black magic, alchemy ...

We can define as witchcraft, the different methods, beliefs or practices that a series of people perform and that result in some magical event. Along the history, the human being has made different types of witchcraft that still endure in our days .

Perhaps the most outstanding witchcraft classes are white magic, black magic or alchemy. All of them had many followers at different times, in which they came to be considered prohibited practices. If you want to know everything about the different types of witchcraft, this article is made to your needs. Uncover them!

3 types of witchcraft in history | White, black magic, alchemy ...

1. White magic

It differs from the other two types, in that it enjoys considerable acceptance within society as it is considered one of the types of witchcraft intended to do good being the opposite therefore to black magic. Since ancient times, there have been characters who called themselves magicians and who assured that thanks to their intervention the wishes of all the unwary who came to them , could be fulfilled. In the great empires of antiquity there were magicians in the court, who were engaged in making omens so that the pharaoh or emperor of the day knew the future of the battles and could make decisions in a more appropriate way.

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Witchcraft, was the magic practiced by poor people and that had no resources . It was more about making amulets to fight the evil eye or to guarantee good fortune. Sorcerers or witches, also engaged in making potions or home remedies to help people with their diseases. All this changed the moment Christianity came in, as he began to see the White magic and the adoration by the Goddess like a danger reason why it finished prohibiting it and accusing its practitioners of heretics.

2. Black magic

Of the types of witchcraft that we are going to analyze in this article, black magic is undoubtedly the worst. Its practice is destined to do evil, we only have to see that the name of the spells that are used for it are called hexes. It was from the 13th century, when the black magic it was moving away from science or religion, since at the beginning it was not known to distinguish correctly the three .

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His practice exposes the whole world, both to the victim and to the one who performs the spells since he would be contacting dark forces and the consequences can be disastrous . The followers and practitioners of this type of magic are very bad seen in society, since they only want the evil of others and seek to achieve it through the use of techniques and spells. White magic, one of the types of witchcraft we have discussed previously, is dedicated to defending people from black magic or to counteract it in the way that this is possible.

3. Alchemy

We can say that it is the ancestor of science, in some way. In the alchemy Magic and rituals are mixed, but also physics or chemistry. It was very popular from Mesopotamia until the Middle Ages, it came to have so many followers that included many currents of thought within it. Basically, this art serves to alter the elements in favor of the alchemist . One of the most famous stories of this practice is that related to the philosopher's stone, a finding that supposedly occurred and that could turn any metal into gold and that has inspired many authors like J. K. Rowling .

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As we have commented previously, This concept is enormous since it covers many eras of history and is also related to astrology or chemistry . Alchemy was not frowned upon, but it stopped practicing when science began to advance and there was not so much time for hypothetical legends since things were being discovered that were empirically demonstrable.

After reading this article, you will have seen that the concept of witchcraft is very broad. Not all of it was frowned upon, there is even some type that was encouraged for many centuries as it was believed to be beneficial for the human being. Now we would like to know your opinion about these three types of witchcraft that we have analyzed in this article. Did you know that white magic began to be eradicated when Christianity began to spread? What opinion do you deserve the black magic and the purpose for which it is conceived? Had you heard about the philosopher's stone? Were you aware that alchemy was so many centuries old? We are looking forward to reading your comments and knowing your opinion about it. If you feel like writing, do not hesitate to do so as your impressions help us grow day after day. Cheer up!

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