3 Stories of cheats in casinos. Awesome!

The adrenaline that the casinos entail is incomparable any other type of emotion. While it is true that each country has a specific legislation (you have the explanation found here ), some stories tell us about players who have been able to cheat the system , putting in addition to the laws of the casinos between the sword and the wall. In Supercurioso we want to share some of these stories with you. Here they go!

3 Stories of cheats in casinos. Awesome!

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Casino Stories 2

1. Don Johnson

Don Johnson rose to fame for cheating three casinos in Atlantic City in 2011. Thanks to his category as a regular customer, he negotiated with them very good agreements for the Black Jack table, which included 20% of return of losses, doing so with the margin of the house. Adding the different agreements, he got a mathematical advantage that allowed him to achieve notable profits . So much so, that in a matter of six months he managed to earn $ 15 million.

2. Gonzalo García Pelayo

The Spanish Gonzalo García Pelayo spent hours observing the casinos in Madrid, where he realized he could develop a system of probabilities and failures for each roulette . At the beginning of the nineties, he made the leap to the casinos of Las Vegas: thanks to the implementation of his observations he made almost two million dollars. Although he obtained a general ban on access to casinos throughout the state, he appealed to the Supreme Court appealing that he had done nothing wrong.

Casino Stories 3

3. Monique Laurent

Monique Laurent joined forces in 1973 with a team of people to obtain economic benefits at Deaville's casino roulette table. There he had the help of a croupier and with a hidden radio transmitter that allowed him to control the ball , causing it to stop in a series of six numbers 90% of the time. With the team's bets, they began to accumulate considerable profits for a few months, although the owner ended up realizing that his presence was related to the croupier's losses.

We hope you found it interesting to know these three stories that happened in the casinos and that you let yourself get drunk by the emotion of the game. Leave us your impressions in the comments section, we will read you happy!

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