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I'm sure you've heard it said that every family is a world and they're all different. Because of the place in which they live, the customs, the typology, the number of children, etc. the types of families are very diverse and it is difficult to find two equal. In Supercurioso we have seen some of these family groups that we found interesting, such as the The world's largest family | 39 wives and 94 children or case of the family walking on all fours explained by science . On this occasion we have approached 3 of the most curious families in history.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights describes the family as "the natural, universal and fundamental element of society" and recognizes the right to "the protection of society and the State".

3 From the most curious families

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The family of Petrus Gonsalvus

Petrus Gonsalvus was born in Tenerife in the 16th century and was known by the nickname of "the Canarian werewolf". During his childhood he was taken to the court of the French king Henry II as a curiosity because of the large amount of hair that covered not only his body, but also his face. Today we know he was suffering from hypertrichosis. In court he was educated as a nobleman and in adulthood he married one of the queen's waitresses.

They had 6 children, 4 of whom also suffered from hypertrichosis. They were fully integrated into the French court and upon the queen's death they moved to Italy. Many of the family portraits are kept at Ambrás Castle in Innsbruck, Austria, so hypertrichosis was long known as Ambrás Syndrome. If you want to know more about this peculiar family you can read the post: Petrus Gonsalvus, the Canarian werewolf.

The Greenhill family

The Greenhill family is one of the largest known to come from a single couple. Elizabeth Greenhill and William Greenhill lived in England in the 17th century and had 39 children, 32 girls and 7 boys. Except for a twin birth, all other births were one-child births.

The existence of this extended family is known to the last of its offspring, Thomas, who was born a few months after the death of his father and became a famous London surgeon at the time. Thomas reportedly explained that his mother had stated that if her husband had not died, they would still have been in time to have at least three more children.

The Pullan family

The third of these curious families currently lives in New Delhi. The Pullan family in India has the highest number of people with albinism in the same family. Roseturai Pullan and his wife Mani suffer from albinism and their six children too, inherited from their parents. The Pullan family is inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Unfortunately, in addition to the physical problems caused by albinism such as poor vision or the extreme paleness of the skin the Pullan suffer from the prejudices of their neighbors. The eldest of the daughters, Renu, married a young man who also suffers from albinism and has a son with the same physical characteristic, so there are already 10 albinos in the family group. They're very proud to have entered the book Guinness of records .

What do you think of these curious families Do you know any more worth mentioning? Share it with us! If you've been interested in this post, you might want to read it: The story of the real Von Trapp family of Smiles and Tears .

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