3 Famous abandoned mansions | Why did they leave?

Most celebrities have all the material whims with which other mortals can not dream, such as luxury cars, exclusive brand clothing or large residences. Although in the privacy of many of them Not all that glitters is gold and in this article you will see, thanks to this series of mansions abandoned of celebrities, how some have abandoned their train of excessive life for some reasons or for others.

Not knowing how to manage fame, waste huge amounts of money, satanic rituals and hidden practices or surround yourself with bad influences, may be some of the reasons why the lives of these celebrities have gone to ruin. Some of the celebrities you'll see on this list and the reasons why they abandoned their luxurious mansions will surprise you. Uncover them!

3 Famous abandoned mansions | Why did they leave?

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1. Southington Mansion

abandoned mansions, Southington Mansion

Southington Mansion

Without a doubt, Mike Tyson has been one of the best fighters of all time although his personality has played tricks on more than one occasion. His explosive character that has raised him in the rings, has also led him to hit bottom many times. The famous boxer won a fortune that is estimated to be over 400 million dollars at the time he was active professionally, money he spent hands-on and often without any precaution. At the end of the nineties, acquired an absurdly ostentatious mansion . This house had a huge indoor pool, basketball court, five suites and even cages for the tigers he had as pets. After his multiple wastes, among which stood out this huge mansion impossible to maintain, the boxer filed for bankruptcy and was forced to put the house on sale. Even today it is still for sale, while the state of it is still a dunghill.

2. Hacienda Naples

abandoned mansions, Hacienda Naples

Hacienda Napoles

Few people in the world will not know the history of the most famous drug trafficker in the world. Pablo Escobar, came to own an empire that put in check neither more nor less than the government of the United States of America. Such was his power, that throughout all of Colombia had several mansions . The career of this famous criminal ended with his capture and murder by the competent authorities. After the fall of Escobar's empire, many of its luxurious mansions were abandoned and the public in general was able to check the excess and the way in which the patron of evil lived.

The "Hacienda Nápoles", property of the trafficker, is one of the most opulent famous abandoned mansions of all. This property had 3,000 hectares and had a large zoo that could list up to 1,500 species. There was also a bullring on the hacienda and several circuits for racing motorcycles or cars. Its value was measured at more than sixty million dollars and is currently an amusement park.

3. Mansion Boleskine

abandoned mansions, Mansion Boleskine

Mansion Boleskine

Occult lovers will surely know this building on our list of abandoned mansions, which is located on the southern shore of Loch Ness, in Scotland . The place where we can locate it, already invites magic and the hidden. This house jumped at the moment when Aleister Crowley, the famous occultist and esoteric English, he managed to buy it. Legend has it that this mansion is built over a church in which all of its parishioners were burned. Data that gave even more mysticism to this place where Crowley performed all his rituals of black magic. His followers claim that, in one of those rituals, the black magician opened an interdimensional door to each and every one of the existing evil creatures.

All the inhabitants of the Boleskine Mansion went crazy after Aleister practices and, little by little, the house was falling into disaster . After three years, the black magician decided to leave the house. Many owners later, some of whom ended up committing suicide, were acquired by the famous guitarist of the Led Zeppelin group, Jimmy Page. Currently, the ownership of the house is private and brings together many supporters of the occult and the dark history of this mansion.

This article of abandoned mansions You may have seen that their famous tenants left for various reasons. Some economic and many others more mysterious or obscure. Now we would love to hear your opinion about this interesting topic. Did you know any of these places we've talked about before? How do you like the stories of the protagonists who visited them? Do you think that the events that took place in the Boleskine Mansion are caused by forces from another world? As you know, we are looking forward to reading your comments in order to know what your opinions are. Cheer up and write us!

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