29 Incredible Flying Animals

Flying animals Of an incredible nature compiled in this article dedicated to all lovers of birds and other vertebrate animals with the ability to cross the skies.

Discover not only his flying skills, but the appearance, speed or size of some fantastic animals, worthy of appearing in the novel and adapted film Fantastic Animals and where to find them Of J.K. Rowling .

29 Flying Animals that will surprise you

1- Giant Bald Eagle

29 Incredible Flying Animals

The Giant Eagle or Steller is one of the largest and heaviest birds on the planet. He lives in northwest Asia and feeds on fish. This bird was named in honor of the German zoologist Georg Wilhelm Steller, although it was discovered by Peter Simon Pallas. In Russia and Japan it is considered as a protected species.

2- Casuario

29 Incredible Flying Animals 1

The most dangerous bird in the world is the Cassowary. According to testimonies of the settlers of Australia and New Guinea, where these animals live, the cassowaries can kill a human being, since in one of its claws they have a species of dagger that they use to defend themselves of those considered a threat.

3- Bustard

29 Incredible Flying Animals 2

The common bustard is a species of bird that lives in Europe, Asia and North Africa for seasons, as it migrates during the winter. It is considered the most voluminous in the world. The bustard was described scientifically by Carlos Linnaeus, although it had already been mentioned in historical sources, as in the works of Pliny the Elder, whom the call"the slow bird".

4- Crane

29 Incredible Flying Animals 3

Cranes, popular folk heroes, are one of the oldest bird species on the planet. It is considered that they existed at the end of the dinosaur era, so it is not strange that these birds live on all continents, although their numbers have decreased because they need a quiet habitat to survive.

In Japanese culture it is considered that salvation can be achieved by making a thousand origami cranes. This and other popular legends around the world show that cranes are one of the favorite birds of all.

5- Pitohui

29 Incredible Flying Animals 4

The only species of venomous bird in the world inhabits New Guinea and is called Pitohui. Scientists consider that the venom that owns the plumage of this bird is not produced by itself, but by a beetle that is part of its diet.

They are colloquially called"junk birds"in Guinea, since it is impossible to even touch them. Their feathers produce a toxin that burns the skin of those who touch them. His striking plumage is considered a warning.

6- Diomedea

29 Incredible Flying Animals 5

The diomedea or albatros is a genus of birds, whose most famous bird is the wandering albatross. This bird is monogamous and to find his partner only mates with her throughout his life. Unfortunately the population of these romantic birds decreases every year because the death of adults means that many will be left without descendants. The sailors consider it of bad omen since its appearance can precede a storm.

7- Hoacín

29 Incredible Flying Animals 6

This noisy and peculiar bird inhabits marshy areas around the Amazon River and the Orinoco River, in South America. The hoacín, hoatzín or chenchena is similar to the pheasant. It is distinguished by having the smaller head, neck and longer wings. This animal has a peculiar digestive system for birds, which is more similar to mammals as it uses ferments to digest food.

8- Quetzal

29 Incredible Flying Animals 7

The bird most similar to the phoenix that exists is a quetzal. The Quetzales are native to Central America. In ancient times they were considered sacred birds by the Mayas and they were used in rituals like offerings to the gods. Quetzals were believed to be the gods of the air. These birds live in the mountains.

9- Fregatas

29 Incredible Flying Animals 8

Fregatas are one of the fastest birds in the world. They prefer to nest in trees and shrubs and almost never lie in the water because they do not know how to swim. In spite of this they feed on fish.

The females have red balloons in the throat, which inflate to attract the males. Ethnographers have discovered evidence that these birds were used as messengers in Tuvalu and the Gilbert Islands.

10- Peregrine Falcon

29 Incredible Flying Animals 9

The peregrine falcon is one of the fastest birds in the world, reaching speeds of up to 300 km / h when flies. This bird was used in the past like messenger and at present, is raised in captivity and is one of the most used in falconry. Many hawks live in cities in skyscrapers and bridges.

11- Hummingbird

29 Incredible Flying Animals 10

The hummingbird is a native bird of Central America that stands out for being one of the smallest in the world and for its beauty. Most hummingbirds live between 3 and 4 years, but it has been known in cases in which it can live up to a decade. Their tongues are peculiarly long and they use them to take the nectar from the flowers.

12- Mandarin Duck

29 Incredible Flying Animals 11

The bird of good fortune in China is the Mandarin Duck. Unfortunately because they were frequently hunted, the population of this animal, originating in Japan, China and Siberia, has declined. The males are distinguished by the beauty of their coat and are the ones that usually give away in the weddings in China, the females have a common coat.

13- Peruvian Rupicola

29 Incredible Flying Animals 12

La Rupícola Peruviana is one of the most peculiar birds in the world due to its peak and ridge, which they use during mating season to attract attention. They live in the mountains of the Andes and in the Amazon region in South America. Colloquially they are called roosters.

Scientists have determined that females are self-sufficient and at times of mating, the only thing that attracts males is their singing and dancing, but males do not take part in the care of the young.

14- Horn of Yelmo

29 Incredible Flying Animals 13

The horn of Yelmo is a bird that is distinguished by its peculiar peak. Unfortunately it is hunted, as its beak is used to make handicrafts. It lives in Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesia and Malaysia. Its peak represents 10% of its weight.

15- Swan

29 Incredible Flying Animals 14

The swan, another popular folkloric hero, is also one of the favorite birds of all. Their delicate features make them compared to dancers. The swans live in lakes and feed on the seaweed from their bottoms.

Until the conquest of Australia, the Europeans believed that the swans were only white, but after discovering the black swans, a large cargo of this"new"species was brought to Europe.

16- Momoto Turquoise Eyebrow

29 Incredible Flying Animals 15

The Momoto Turquoise Eyebrow is a bird of Swiss origin that lives in the depths of the forest. Its tail is particular since it can be moved in all directions, unlike other birds. In Central America is commonly known as bird tho. It is the national bird of El Salvador and Nicaragua.

17- Black Bird of Paradise

29 Incredible Flying Animals 16

The Black Bird of Paradise was discovered in 1939 in New Guinea and has since been the object of study and interest in its peculiarly long tail. The tail feathers of this bird can be up to 1 meter long. Its beautiful coat has become a victim of hunters and unfortunately today is in danger of extinction.

18- Kakapu

29 Incredible Flying Animals 17

The Kakapu, or parrot-owls are nocturnal parrots, the only species of parrot that does not fly. They are one of the longest-lived birds in the world. Endemic to New Zealand, they are known for their intelligence and their ability to connect with the people who care for them. Unfortunately this bird is in danger of extinction. They are herbivores and eat seeds, pollen and plants.

19- Milano black

29 Incredible Flying Animals 18

The Black Kite is a bird of prey that inhabits Europe and migrates to vast regions of Asia, Africa and Oceania. It feeds on fish, small mammals, other birds, reptiles and amphibians, even can feed on carrion. Their nests are in the mountains.

20- American vulture

29 Incredible Flying Animals 19

The cathartes aura or American Vulture is an exclusively scavenger bird that has an excellent view that allows it to follow its prey until they die.

It is a large bird and has few predators. Can live up to 30 years. It inhabits in the American continent and is a bird semigregaria, that is to say that sleeps in a collectivo of several birds, but hunts of individual way.

21- Hocofaisán

29 Incredible Flying Animals 20

The hocofaisán is a long bird similar to the pheasant (as its name indicates it), that inhabits in Central America. It can reach up to 1 meter in height and weigh 7 kg. The Hocophaisan inhabits the treetops and nests up to 30 meters in height. This species leaves the place automatically before the presence of the man. This species is monogamous and feeds on anthropods, seeds and fruits.

22- Alcedo cristata

29 Incredible Flying Animals 21

In sub-Saharan Africa lives one of the birds that fish best. The Alcedo cristata or kingfisher malachite inhabits near the water sources and feeds on fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects. Its flight is very fast and when fishing, it is difficult to distinguish it since its coat is blue like the water. It can measure up to 30 centimeters.

23- Red Cardinal

29 Incredible Flying Animals 22

The red cardinal is one of the most beautiful birds in the world for its fur. It is a territorial bird that delimits its territory. It can have up to 23 cm. This songbird lives in Central and North America. Predominantly it is a bird granívora, but also feeds of fruits and insects. This bird is the badge of several sports teams in the United States and several states. It can live in residential areas and its sale has been banned in the USA since 1918.

24- Podargos

29 Incredible Flying Animals 23

Podargos inhabit Asia and Australia and are distinguished by their ability to camouflage themselves. Although their flight and wings are weak, their ability to camouflage themselves in the trees with their plumage allows them to survive the attack of the predators. Its fur is similar to the leaves or the trunk of the trees. At mating times, males and females incubate the breeding ones during the day and others during the night.

25- Bird Umbrella

29 Incredible Flying Animals 24

The umbrella bird has a very peculiar aspect. Native to Central and South America this bird has a black crest in the form of an umbrella over its beak and head. It also has a long red sack, which when stretched can reach 30 cm. Females are more opaque in color than males. It lives in Costa Rica and Panama and is considered a threatened species.

26- Bishop Collargo

29 Incredible Flying Animals 25

The colilargo bishop is a songbird that lives in Africa in different territories. It is distinguished by the length of its tail. The German scientist Pieter Boddaert, first to describe these birds, paid attention to the fact that the long tail is a sexual attribute, since only the males have it.

27- Bird of Paradise Esmeralda Grande

29 Incredible Flying Animals 26

The Ave del Paraíso Esmeralda Grande is distinguished by its beautiful coat. They live mainly in Indonesia and New Guinea. According to the traditional legends of the villagers, these birds had no legs. They can be up to 43 cm in length and males are distinguished from females by their yellow feathers.

28- Wilson's Bird of Paradise

29 Incredible Flying Animals 27

Wilson's birds of paradise are famous for the variety of colors of their feathers and the courtship tactics they use. The tail of the males looks like a mustache. On the other hand the plumage of the female is not flashy and its tail is common. This native bird of New Guinea is threatened. In New Guinea, their free-hunt has been banned, which is only allowed in case a copy is required for tribal ceremonies.

29- Yaco

29 Incredible Flying Animals 28

The red-tailed gray parrot or yaco is characterized by its intelligence and ability to learn and repeat words. Although this parrot may be a pet, it has been determined that his intelligence makes him want companionship and attention from his masters. Inattention can cause the parrot to suffer from depression. It is the second most talkative bird, only defeated by the Mainá of ​​the Himalayas.

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