25 unexpected Curiosities of Brasilia | With Images

In the central plateau of Brazil sits its federal capital: Brasilia. Created in 1956, the idea of ​​an interior capital was already proposed in the eighteenth century in an attempt to get away from the traditional capitals related to Portuguese colonialism and at the same time as a way to attract part of the population, which was condensed in certain zones, inside Brazil . Join us to know 25 Curiosities of Brasilia unexpected . Surely you will be surprised!

Brasilia is in addition to the federal capital of the country, the seat of the government of the Federal District. It has almost 3 million inhabitants which makes it the third largest city in the country, increasing that figure by more than 4 million people if we count its metropolitan area. These population figures are an immense achievement, especially when one thinks that 62 years ago it was nothing more than an extensive plateau depopulated in the central-western region of the country.

25 Curiosities of Brasilia unexpected

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1. One of the curiosities of Brasilia Most amazing is that it was built in 41 months, it started in 1956 and it was inaugurated on April 21, 1960. The intention was to create a new capital in a place where there was nothing to avoid the ballast of the slums and the colonial legacy. Its ideologist was President Juscelino Kubitschek of socialist orientation who wanted to build a utopian city.

25 Curiosities of Brasilia unexpected

2. The city was planned by Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in 1956 on an empty plateau in the interior of Brazil. The landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx is credited with the neat and futuristic aspect of the city.

3. Brasilia was designed in the shape of an airplane or a bird. If you look at it from the sky, it is evident that way in which the two fundamental axes that link it intersect: the Monumental axis and the Residential axis.

25 Curiosities of unexpected Brasilia 1

4. Another of the curiosities of Brasilia is that it is built around an artificial lake. It is Lake Paranoá and was formed by creating a reservoir with the waters of a river that crosses the region: the Paranoá River.

5. Lake Paranoá is more than 40 km2 in length and 80 km. of perimeter that contain a net mass of water that exceeds 500 million cubic meters.

25 Curiosities of unexpected Brasilia 2

6. The lake of Brasilia currently has the 3rd largest nautical park in the country and also there is a power plant and you can even find alligators in its waters. The sports that are most practiced in it are windsurfing, water skiing, rowing or sailing.

7. Brasilia is the only modern city, built in the twentieth century, which has been given the title of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. It was in 1987 and his modern architecture was especially rewarded.

8. Due to the grandeur of its spaces, Brasilia is not a city adapted to those who enjoy walking, but to those who drive automobiles. The order imposed by its two main axes, the Monumental, with the ministries, the congress or the television, and the Residential, dedicated to housing, schooling, commerce, etc., give the capital a very different rhythm from the traditional cities .

9. One of the curiosities of Brasilia It is the Catetinho, also called Palacio de las Tablas. It was built in 10 days and was the first official residence of President Juscelino Kubitschek. It is currently a museum in which you can see furniture and objects that were used during the construction of the city.

25 Curiosities of Brasilia unexpected 3

10. Brasilia has two very different names. One is from Brazil, which comes from the name of the city, and the other is "candangos". Apparently this second name comes from the name given to the workers who came to build the city from other regions of the country.

11. More than 60,000 workers went to Brasilia for its construction. Due to the lack of structures to accommodate so many people and to the fact that most of the equipment was for single people, several satellite cities that today form the metropolitan area of ​​the city that has a population of more than 4 million inhabitants arose around the capital.

12. The Church of Our Lady of Fatima was the first brick church in the Federal District. It is the work of the architect Oscar Niemeyer, was inaugurated in 1958, and houses inside a beautiful panel of the artist Athos Bulcâo who also decorated part of the exterior of the temple.

13. The capital of Brazil is one of the cities with the highest GDP per capita in Latin America.

14. Another of Brasilia's treasures is the Claudio Santoro National Theater. The nerve center of the cultural activity of the city and has three rooms for shows: Villa Lobos, Martins Penna and Alberto Nepomuceno. It is also the work of Oscar Niemeyer.

25 Curiosities of Brasilia unexpected 4

15. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida is the main Catholic temple of the city. In addition to its original architecture, the sculptures and paintings by Alfredo Ceschiatti, the paintings of Di Cavalcanti and, like the Church of Our Lady of Fatima, have a ceramic panel by Athos Bulcâo, in this case in the baptistery.

25 Curiosities of unexpected Brasilia 5

16. Continuing with religious constructions, we must mention another of the curiosities of Brasilia . Apparently, the Italian saint Juan Bosco Belchior predicted in the year 1883 that a new civilization would be built approximately where Brasilia was built many decades later. In honor of the saint, a chapel was built on the shores of Lake Paranoá, from which one has a beautiful view of the city and can enjoy the sunset.

17. It is also interesting to dedicate a few moments to the museum and mausoleum dedicated to Juscelino Kubitschek, the promoter of Brasilia. It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and inside it exhibits objects and photos of the Brazilian president, as well as the more than 3,000 volumes of his library.

18. The Alborada Palace is the official residence of the President of Brazil. It was the first building that was officially opened in the city.

19. In Brasilia there are 17 ministries that form the political center of the country. The most impressive and that move away from the architectural pattern of the other 15 are the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is known as the Itamaraty Palace. It is also the work of Oscar Niemeyer and has panels by Alredo Volpi and Athos Bulcâo and on his forehead a sculpture called "El Meteoro" by Bruno Giorgio.

25 Curiosities of unexpected Brasilia 6

20. The Plaza de los Tres Poderes, where the Supreme Court, the Planalto Palace, where the executive power lies, and the National Congress with its two domes and twin towers is the most emblematic square in Brasilia. It culminates the garden corridor with two avenues that divide the city into two sectors, the north and the south. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer is one of the main tourist attractions of Brasilia.

25 Curiosities of unexpected Brasilia 7

21. Another of the curiosities of Brasilia It is the TV Tower that is located in the Monumental Axis. It was inaugurated in 1967 and with its 224 meters of height it is the third highest structure in the country.

22. Brasilia is one of the few cities in the world that celebrate its birthday. On April 21st, every year, their name day is celebrated with important concerts and festivals that have gathered more than a million people in the esplanade of the ministries.

23. Brasilia has a tropical savanna climate. This is translated in a practical way in which the climate is very stable. It has only two stations that differ for the degree of environmental humidity. One is soft and dry and the other season is warm and humid. The average temperature is 21'4º C.

24. The J.K. (Juscelino Kubitschek) is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

25 Curiosities of Brasilia unexpected 8

25. The last of these curiosities of Brasilia It is dedicated to athletes. Football is the king of Brazil and in Brasilia there is a modern stadium: the Mané Garrincha Stadium. Shared by the top three teams in the region: the Brasilia Futebol Clube, the Brasiliense Futebol Clube Taguatinga and Esportiva do Gama Society. It also played 10 games of the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016

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As you can see, the capital of Brazil hides a spectacular architecture to discover. What do you think about our selection of curiosities of Brasilia ? Do you know any that we have not taken into account? Tell us and we can expand this list of curiosities.

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