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With almost 11.6 million inhabitants, the Czech Republic is a national state of Central Europe that comprises most of the territories of the former Bohemia and Moravia and a small part of Silesia. Land of castles, mountains and history, its capital, the Gothic Prague, is one of the cities that attracts the most tourists in Europe. Its thermal centers, its varied and rich culture as well as its historical monuments, 12 of which have been declared World Heritage, makes visiting this country a luxury and with these 25 Curiosities of the Czech Republic , we want to get closer to the past and current idiosyncrasy of this European country.

Those of us who studied geography a few decades ago, remember that there was a country called Czechoslovakia and we had to learn about the march that had become two. Despite being united since 1918, they had finally decided, jointly and peacefully, to separate their destinies. Thus was born on January 1, 1993 the Czech Republic, separated from Slovakia, and which is popularly known as the Czech Republic. Join us to learn more curiosities of Czech Republic , a country surrounded by mountains and without access to the sea.

25 Curiosities of Czech Republic

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1. The former kingdom of Bohemia forms the greater part of the present Czech Republic.

2. The word Czech Republic, where the Czech Republic comes from (Česká republika or Česko), according to some historians, comes from the name of this majority region, which although in Spanish is Bohemia for them, it is called Čechy. Other scholars believe that it comes from the name of the Slavic tribes that inhabited that territory; The Czechs.


3. One of the curiosities of Czech Republic that make it more attractive is that in 2016 it was declared by the Global Peace Indicator the sixth safest place to live in the world. Awesome!

4. During World War II, the Nazis annihilated practically all the Jews who lived in Bohemia and Moravia. Before the war they were more than 180,000 and currently do not reach 5,000.

5. Near Prague, 61 km away, you can visit the Terezin concentration camp. Although it was considered a "light" field since it was not an extermination camp, more than 33,000 people died in the three and a half years it was in operation; a quarter of those who were locked there.

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6. The last of Oskar Schindler's factories, which we met in the Oscar-winning film " Schindler's list ", Was recently declared National Heritage. It is located in Brněnec and in 2019 a museum about the life of its owner and the victims of the Holocaust will be inaugurated.

25 Curiosities of Czech Republic

7. One of the curiosities of Czech Republic is that its inhabitants are the ones who consume more beer per person in the world. More than 143 liters per year! There is a tourist route to taste the country's beers .

8. The most popular is the Pilsener beer that was originally produced in the city of Pilsen.

25 Great Czech Curiosities 2

9. One of the curiosities of Czech Republic It is in its capital, Prague. It is the Prague Castle that has the distinction of being the largest in the world. It has more than 700 rooms.

10. The Czech Republic has the highest density of castles in the world. You can see more than 2,000 in the country.

11. In the capital of the Czech Republic you can also contemplate a universal wonder: the oldest astronomical clock in the world. It was installed in one of the walls of the Old Town Hall in 1410.

12. If you get sick in the Czech Republic you will not have problems finding a bed in a hospital. It has one of the best ratios in the world (the 15th) since there are 6'8 beds per 1,000 inhabitants. In Spain there are 3'1 and in the USA. 2'9. It is one of the most important Czech curiosities!

13. The Czech Republic has given humanity important personalities such as Mendel, the founder of genetics, Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera, Dvorak, tennis player Martina Navratilova or the inventor of contact lenses, Otto Wichterle.

14. Tourism is the largest source of income for the Czech Republic.


15. One of the curiosities of Czech Republic and at the same time one of its main attractions, besides the capital and its castles, are the thermal centers that abound especially on the border with Saxony.

16. One of the most important is Karlovy Vary founded in the fourteenth century by Charles IV. To this spa town, which has 13 main sources, important personalities from all over Europe came for centuries to do thermal treatments. Its architecture is also an interesting point for tourists.

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17. The Univerzita Karlova, the main Czech Republic, located in Prague, was founded in 1348 and is the oldest in Central and Eastern Europe.

18. Another of the curiosities of Czech Republic It is the famed Bohemian Crystal. It is a glass manufactured in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia since the 14th century. The careful designs, especially during the Baroque, gave him a great reputation throughout Europe especially for transparency and cutting.

25 Curiosities of Czech Republic

19. The flag of the Czech Republic is formed by two horizontal stripes, the top one white and the bottom one red and the side of the mast has a blue triangle. He inherited it from Czechoslovakia when it split.

25 Great Czech Curiosities 4

20. The Czech Republic is surrounded by mountains in which there are many forests. One of the favorite hobbies of the Czechs, when the fall arrives, is to look for mushrooms in these wonderful forests.

21. One of the most popular foods is the "Vepřo Knedlo Zelo "Which consists of a roast pork with a kind of meatballs of pasta, flour or potato and cabbage.

25 Great Czech Curiosities 5

22. Another of the curiosities of Czech Republic It has to do with its cuisine and one of its popular dishes is called "Španělský ptáček" which means "little bird". Actually they have nothing to do with any bird, they are stuffed meat rolls.

23. One of the largest and oldest car manufacturers in Europe, the Skoda company, is Czech. Currently part of the Volkswagen Group.

24. The small town of Český Krumlov is the second most visited city in the country with spectacular Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The castle and the baroque theater stand out.


25. The last of these curiosities is dedicated to athletes. Football is not the favorite sport of the Czechs, but ice hockey.

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Did you know these curiosities of the Czech Republic, one of the countries with the most castles in Europe ? Were you surprised to learn that Czechs are the ones who consume the most beer in the world per capita or are so fond of picking mushrooms in the fall? To us yes! If you know some curious Czech data that we have not mentioned, share it with us and we can expand the list!

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