25 Curiosities of very exotic Vietnam | With Images

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most exotic countries in the Asian continent. Vietnam is one of the destinations that is becoming more fashionable nowadays because it offers many alternatives especially for the more adventurous. If you want to know the most incredible sights of Vietnam, this article is made for you. Uncover them!

Centuries and centuries of antiquity, wars and ancient traditions ... Every corner of its different landscapes will surprise and captivate you. Among these words you will find the help to live a season with the inhabitants of this wonderful country and you will know the most emblematic customs of the area. Go ahead and read them!

25 curiosities of Vietnam very exotic | Enjoy all its traditions!

1. In this country they live almost 92 million people , being in the top fifteen of most populated countries of the planet Earth.

2. One of the most striking curiosities about Vietnam is that in this Asian country there are fifteen million motorcycles and ironically, there is practically no circulation rule.

curiosities of Vietnam

3. Nguyen It is the fourth most common surname in the world, partly thanks to the Vietnamese since half the population of the Asian country is called this way.

4. There are variable stations according to each part of the country, in the north we have the four typical stations while in the south there are two stations: the rainy and the dry .

5. Etymologically speaking, Vietnam means people from the South since they were once part of China and the inhabitants of the area were known in this way.

6. Religion is also one of the most curious things in this Asian country, their beliefs are a mixture of various branches of Buddhism .

curiosities of Vietnam 1

7. They are governed, just like China , by a single political party known as the Communist Party of Vietnam .

8. Although the prevailing religion is Buddhist, believers do not reach 10% of the population, so the majority of people living in Vietnam they do not practice religion any.

9. This country is a paradise for the most important multinationals of the whole world, there are several integers of Korean people who work in them. It can be said that some of the areas of Vietnam , They are to accommodate workers from other countries . One of the clearest examples is the telecommunications giant Samsung, which produces its products in the Asian country.

10. Interestingly, and countering with the previous data, there is a large majority of Vietnamese workers who migrate to other countries to work . Precisely, in South Korea there is a large population of Vietnamese inhabitants who work in this Asian country.

11. Vietnamese is one of the most complicated languages ​​that exist, as there are words that can have up to six meanings different depending on the tone with which they are said.

12. As we have mentioned before, as a result of the number of motorcycles in the country, there is no traffic rule, but it is a jungle of asphalt in which he commands the fastest.

curiosities of Vietnam 2

13. Another of the curiosities of Vietnam has to do with writing since, unlike in most Asian countries, is written with Latin letters and not with Chinese characters . The latter are only used for some ancestral ceremonies or by scholars who master this scripture.

14 The name of your currency is the Dong , the value of your ticket is very small compared to the rest of the strong economies. The largest one would be the 500,000 equivalent to € 18, while the smallest does not reach two European cents.

15. One of the most famous symbols of the country is The Nón Lá or conical hat . This instrument is used for almost everything, from sun protection to use as a basket.

curiosities of Vietnam 3

16. Like most countries in the Asian continent, Vietnam is one of the largest exporters of rice on the planet . It is the basis of the diet of the inhabitants of the country and can also be acquired very cheaply.

17. Some of its rivers, have a beautiful aroma due to lotus flowers that plow their waters. They are called rivers of perfume, a curiosity of Vietnam very special.

18. It is famous, the war that took place between the Vietnamese and the Americans, the Vietnamese who supported the enemy were severely punished after the end of the bloody war in concentration camps .

19. One of the curiosities of Vietnam that you will have to keep in mind, is the practice of bargaining . This payment system is very common and you have to know it so that you do not sell products at exorbitant prices.

curiosities of Vietnam 4

20. Another of the peculiar customs is their way of sitting at the table, which for us may seem uncomfortable but they adore. HE sit on your haunches with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the ground .

21. A rarity of this Asian country, is that the form of it in any map is that of a perfect "S" .

22. The city of Hanoi, It is divided into 36 streets or neighborhoods and each of them represents a trade. Like the old guilds, in which all artisans and workers were grouped.

23. The most curious drink you can try in Vietnam is the snake wine that according to account serves as a natural remedy. All bottles go with one of these reptiles inside so not everyone dares to taste it.

curiosities of Vietnam 5

24. The Vietnamese are very fond of gastronomy , so much so that they have a god dedicated exclusively to cooking.

25. The festival of love is a very famous ceremony that is celebrated in this Asian country. Its origin is that of two lovers of two different tribes that could not seal their love story, so that night all Vietnamese return to find their former partners without the current feeling jealous. A curious tradition, without a doubt.

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As you have been able to verify with these curiosities of Vietnam, it is a country of forced visit. Hopefully they have captivated you as much as we did, Tell us your comments so we can read you!

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