25 Curiosities of San Francisco | The city of eternal spring

On this occasion, we will go into the striking country of the United States to tell you about one of the most charming cities in the country . You can discover in this article, many curiosities of San Francisco sure you did not know. If you plan a trip to this city or just want to read about it, this article is made for you.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most captivating cities in the entire country. It stands out on the East Coast for being very modern, cosmopolitan and was one of the first to achieve many advances in social matters. If you want to discover the most interesting sights of San Francisco, you just have to sit down and read these lines. Uncover them!

25 Curiosities of San Francisco of a lot of height

1. One of the most progressive cities in the world, since after the end of the Second World War there was a lot of struggle for the rights of homosexuals and women , that were still underground.

2. One of the most famous bridges in the world is located in this city, it is Golden Gate , which is a lively red color, although originally it was going to be black and yellow.

curiosities of San Francisco

3. To take advantage of the space of the city, it is forbidden to bury anyone within the limits of it.

4. The most terrible criminals in history went through the Alcatraz prison that is located in this North American city.

5. Another of the most picturesque sights in San Francisco is that its Chinatown It is the largest in the world except for those of the Chinese country itself, obviously.

6. The calls cable cars , public transport vehicles, are some of the most typical vehicles of the American landscape.

curiosities of San Francisco 1

7. The basketball team of the city that plays in the NBA, owes its name to the golden age of the city. The Forty Niners , they are so called because of the year in which numerous gold veins were found.

8. The city is also emblematic for the followers of the Beatles , since it was there where they gave their last concert.

9. San Francisco, came to belong to Mexico in the not too distant past.

10. One of the most surprising curiosities of San Francisco is that its first name does not look like the current one, since the city was known as Yerba Buena .

11. This beautiful city has more than 14,000 Victorian houses that merge with the modern constructions of the landscape.

12. The famous cookies with message , typical of Asian restaurants, saw themselves for the first time in San Francisco.

13. Interestingly while the whole country was mired in a great economic crisis , San Francisco lived one of its most prosperous eras. This fact makes us see how well they managed the money in the city.

14. It is known as the City of the Hills , since San Francisco is built on fifty hills, which makes this city so steep.

15. Some buildings in the city are built on old boats or boats that were anchored in the pier of San Francisco.

curiosities of San Francisco 2

16. It had to be rebuilt again, due to a strong earthquake that led to disastrous fires at the beginning of the 20th century.

17 Silicon Valley , one of the mechs of technology and place where innumerable scientific advances have been developed, is very close to San Francisco.

18. Many emblematic rock bands, have emerged from the city. Among others, the most outstanding is Metallica .

19. The Gay Pride Parade it had its beginnings in San Francisco. As we have said before, this city was key to the development of the rights of homosexual people.

20. One of the curiosities of San Francisco is that you can find sharks All of them hailing from the Pacific Ocean.

21. If you travel to San Francisco, you can not stop eating the one known as clam chowder or clam chowder with potatoes served in a round loaf. It's delicious!

22. The largest lung in the city is the Golden Gate Park , in it you can enjoy nature without leaving San Francisco and you can perform countless activities.

curiosities of San Francisco 3

23. We talked about his famous Chinatown, but the Latin zone It is not left behind. In it you can enjoy all the typical food and the most striking Mexican customs.

24. If you want to see the city in all its splendor, you only have to climb to the top of the Coit Tower . You will have a perspective of height from one of the highest points of the city.

25. We believe that although it is not one of the most striking curiosities of San Francisco, it will help you to obtain a postcard of the beautiful city. We talk about observing a sunset from Twin Peaks It is overwhelming.

We are sure that all these curiosities of San Francisco have caught your attention, now we would like you to tell us your impressions about them. Do not hesitate to write us! It will be great to read your experiences and perhaps increase this list of curious facts!

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