25 Curiosities of Salamanca captivating | With Images

In this Supercurioso article, we are going to discover the curiosities of Salamanca more captivating. As you already know, this Spanish city has always been associated with students due to the great reputation of its university. Walking through its streets is like immersing oneself fully in a world of pure history and thirst for knowledge.

But in addition to its university and academic side, it also has many other attractions that you will know thanks to the curiosities of Salamanca that we will reveal you among these lines. If you have visited the city or plan to do so, it is mandatory that you read this article. Uncover them!

25 Curiosities of Salamanca captivating | With Images

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1. Sure it will not sound to you at all Monday Water It is an ancient festival that is celebrated in Salamanca the day after Easter Sunday and in which, formerly, prostitutes were expelled from the city until they returned by boat across the river. Everyone ate hornazo and celebrated their return through the waters.

2. In this city the idea of ​​Columbus's trip to America was forged, since he stayed in the convent of San Esteban and there he was convinced by Diego de Deza to take his madness out.

curiosities of Salamanca

3. In the famous Cathedral of Salamanca , you can find sculptures as varied as a monkey, an astronaut and a stork. The stories that are behind them are very surprising and throughout this article you can know them.

4. We have already commented previously that Salamanca is famous for its students, who celebrate every year the New Year's Eve Student which is a celebration of international repercussion.

5. The best have come from this city tunas of all Spain.

6. One of the curiosities of Salamanca that will surprise you is that main square It was open to traffic in the past.

7. In the great Plaza de Salamanca we can find up to 15,477 balconies .

curiosities of Salamanca 1

8. Despite what many believe, the University of Salamanca was not the first in Spain, since that privilege is in Palencia .

9. Calisto and Melibea , protagonists of the Celestina, lived their romance in an orchard of the city of Salamanca in which Fernando de Rojas was inspired.

10. The astronaut of the cathedral of Salamanca was added in the year 1992, after the works of improvement of the same one by the stonecutter Miguel Romero.

curiosities of Salamanca 2

11. It is very famous House of Shells and the legend tells that in this mansion there are tons of gold that have not yet been discovered.

12. In the Cathedral of Salamanca, you can see if you try a frog on top of a skull. Tradition says that students should find it if they want pass your exams .

13. One of the most striking curiosities of Salamanca, has to do with the Tenencio street . It is called like that, because once a brave bull escaped in the city and could only be calmed by San Juan de Sahagun who stood in front of him and snapped "Tente, fool".

14. In addition to this episode, this saint is also celebrated for rescue a child from a well causing the water level to rise until the boy was safe.

15. In the so-called as Cave of Salamanca , it is said that the Devil himself taught esoteric classes and a part of his students had to keep the malignant as payment for their teachings. This cave is located on the Cuesta de Carvajal.

curiosities of Salamanca 3

16. Another macabre history of Salamanca has as its protagonist what is known as House of Deaths . There was a multiple murder in it and all the inhabitants of the city thought that, after these bloodthirsty events, the mansion was haunted.

17. A typical character of the locality is the Mariquelo . It went up every year to the Cathedral, because the building did not suffer any damage after the great earthquake in Lisbon. The name is the surname of the family that was responsible for contributing to the elected member.

18. You can learn the history of Spain thanks to the medallions that fill the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca.

19. Surely, among all the curiosities of Salamanca, you will be surprised that this city has two cathedrals .

20. Without a doubt, the House of Shells , of which we have spoken previously, hides many curiosities. Among them, it is said that all students who received bad grades ended up in their walls.

curiosities of Salamanca 4

21. Formerly, students were divided into schools and each one was differentiated by the color of the uniform he wore.

22. In addition, they were appointed as species of birds . Pardales, storks or cranes were affectionate nicknames of the citizenship to the students of their university.

23. Another of the curiosities of Salamanca that you will discover in this article, are the cheers . Markings of reddish tone, distributed by the city that meant that the students had successfully finished their studies.

curiosities of Salamanca 5

24. One of the most famous characters was Francisco de Maldonado , great protagonist in the matter of the comuneros.

25. In the famous house of the shells, we can find a total of three hundred of them.

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We are sure that you are curiosities of Salamanca You will have loved it, do not hesitate to visit this wonderful city if you have not done it yet. When you do, tell us if you have been able to check the above curious facts and if you have discovered a new one that can add to this surprising list. Tell us your comments! We will love reading you!

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