25 Curiosities of Istanbul to dream | With Images

In this Supercurioso article, we are going to talk about one of the most historic cities in the world. Thanks to these curiosities of Istanbul , you can travel to one of the most magical places in the universe, full of influences from very different cultures, between Asia and Europe.

City with an important transcendence throughout all the periods and that has been in the vanguard, the art and the Eastern and western thought. If you want to discover all the sights of Istanbul, the city that was once the center of the striking Byzantine culture and received the name of Constantinople, this article is made for you. What are you waiting to read it?

25 Curiosities of Istanbul to dream | With Images

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1. Music is all over the city, the most famous genre is known as fasil that could be said to be a mixture of gypsy and folk music.

2. One of the most fabulous curiosities of Istanbul is that it is a city located on two continents: Europe and Asia .

3. It will seem strange, but it is not the capital of the curious Turkish country besides being the most fascinating city in Turkey . That honor shows him Ankara .

4. If you travel to the city, you can not miss its famous and curious tea . One of the most comforting and richest drinks in the country.

curiosities of Istanbul

5. As we have already mentioned before, Istanbul has been very important during the history. In which he has had other names like Constantinople and Byzantium .

6. In this Turkish city, there countless cats . They are all very well cared for and are very respected.

7. When you enter any mosque in Istanbul, you must remember that women are obliged to cover yourself with a veil and you must also go barefoot to it.

8. The strait that separates Asia and Europe is known as the Bosphorus , one of the most pleasant activities is to cross the bridge that crosses it to go from one part of the city to the other.

curiosities of Istanbul 1

9. The prayers They are part of this Turkish city and can be heard practically everywhere. They are produced five times a day, and you can even observe people praying in the street during these moments.

10. Another smell that will be very common in Istanbul, is that of Nagile . These water pipes are very common in some bars in the city.

11. Many people are uncomfortable with the practice of bargaining at the time of buying in some establishment, if you are one of them, in Istanbul you will have a hard time in some moments since it is the mecca of haggling.

12. One of the curiosities of Istanbul that you surely did not know is that, says the legend, that in this city the first man flew . His name was Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi and he jumped from the Galata tower.

curiosities of Istanbul 2

13. Istanbul was European Capital of Culture in 2010.

14. This city has the second underground railroad transport in the world. It is known as tunnel .

15. Interestingly, Istanbul is a city very prone to earthquakes . There have been several natural disasters of this type throughout history, due to its proximity to the North Anatolia fault.

16. It was founded in the year 660 a. C. on the promontory of Sarayburnu few could foresee that this small colony would have such influence later in history.

17. It has been, for most of its existence, capital of capitals since it was the Roman Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman Empire.

18. It was the most important city for two of the most significant religions in the world, the Christianity and Islam .

19. Its Greek name means literally, "in the City" because the Byzantines called it in its infancy "Constantinople and Polis" .

20. To be aware of the nature of Istanbul, we would like you to read the phrase Napoleon about the city: "If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital".

curiosities of Istanbul 3

21. Istanbul is the first destination chosen for people who want to make a hair surgery lately, this practice has become very fashionable.

22. It has nothing more and nothing less than 3,300 mosques , some of them are even underground.

23. The taxi is one of the means of transport to avoid in Istanbul, the reason is that many of them they are illegal and not trustworthy. If you have no choice but to move around the city by taxi, make sure you have all the licenses in place.

24. The most typical souvenir of the city are the carpets , which can be purchased even at the city's airport.

25. Another of the customs of this town and that will serve you to integrate more with the inhabitants of Istanbul is to give you a relaxing bath in its many houses enabled for it.

curiosities of Istanbul 4

As you may have seen after reading these curiosities about Istanbul, the city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and you will soon be captivated by its culture. If you have not yet visited, we recommend that you do it soon, if you have already witnessed its wonders, we would love you to give us your opinion about them. Do not hesitate to leave your comments!

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