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Spain, is a country that houses cities with great beauty either in the North or in the South. In this Supercurioso article, we are going to tell you about one of the cities with the most goblin in Andalusia. We will introduce you the best curiosities of Córdoba , so you can discover this wonderful Spanish city.

Córdoba is a city with a mixture of tremendous roots and that has been the most important artists and personalities of the history of Spain, in all its eras. If you want to discover the footprint left or review some of the curiosities of Cordoba that you already knew, this article is made for you. Uncover it!

25 Curiosities of Córdoba with a lot of goblin

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1. Córdoba had the honor of being, at one time, the largest city in the world . Specifically in the tenth century, a million inhabitants lived there.

2. Interestingly, there are other Cordobas in the world, in Argentina Y Mexico Both cities share a name with the Spanish.

3. It is one of the few places that can boast of having 4 heritage sites of UNESCO , as are the Mosque of Cordoba , Patios de Córdoba, the historic center of the city and the Caliphate population of Madinat Al-Zahra.

4. In a Cordovan park , you will be able to appreciate a statue in tribute to two people who died and always fed the pigeons in that area.

5. We have commented before that Córdoba has up to four patrimonies of humanity, the historical center of the city It is the largest urban area, with this title, of the whole world.

curiosities of Córdoba

6. Bullfighting is very common in this city. Without going any further, the most important bullfighters in Córdoba are called "Caliphs" and they are Lagartijo, Guerrita, Machaquito, Manolete and Cordobés.

7. Around the whole city, we can find up to ten statues of San Rafael . They are known as "triumphs".

8. The people of Cordoba, like most of the Andalusians, are very religious. His favorite saint is San Rafael, but this does not mean that he is his patron, since the martyrs who have that honor are Acisclo and Victoria .

9. One of the curiosities of Córdoba that will surprise you too much is that it is one of the most important cities in the world in the field of taxidermy . In recent years, business of this type has increased a lot.

10. You have the privilege of having the only ethnobotanical museum of Spain , in it you can know in detail how the different cultures of the city have been related to the flora of this town.

11. Something you can not miss is the Festival of Cordoban patios , which is celebrated since the early years of the twentieth century. Thanks to him, you can see the beauty of the flowers that adorn these wonderful courtyards.

curiosities of Córdoba 1

12. There is a lucky star In the Mosque of Cordoba, the inhabitants of the city assure that if you touch it while you ask for a wish, it will be fulfilled. It is located next to Torrijos street.

13. One of the legends that has not yet been verified is that of the secret passage It is located below the city and supposedly joins the city of Medina Azahara with the Mosque of Cordoba.

14. Undoubtedly, one of the curiosities of Cordoba more related to the kitchen is the one that has to do with the book of the Guinness Record. It cooked a flamenquín , typical tapa of the city and consisting of a roll of ham and battered cheese, about fifty meters long.

15. Within the famous mosque of Córdoba, there are some blue stones that until now remained wrapped in a halo of mystery. Recently it was learned that there was a water tank in its place.

16. Another beautiful legend related to the mosque has to do with the ox statue , located near the Main Chapel. It is believed that this animal helped transport large stones and fell dead at the end of his work, the sculptor wanted to pay tribute.

curiosities of Córdoba 2

17. There is a picture of Jesus Christ that according to say helps your dreams or desires are fulfilled, for it, you should look at it until it gives you a signal.

18. One of the methods that the bishops had to finance the unexpected expenses that came to them was very curious. There was a Gold chain in the Mosque that came from the roof to the ground, every so often they cut it and used it to cover the expenses.

19. In Córdoba there is a solution for women who are still single and want to stop being, they will only have to go to the Patio de los Naranjos and drink water from the Santa María fountain .

curiosities of Córdoba 3

20. No one has found yet the Aleph , a column that would be the place where all the energies of the universe converge. Despite the interest, nobody has yet found this column.

21. Naranjos de Córdoba are planted in Japan, since a Japanese Jesuit monk asked for seeds from the courtyard of the mosque in homage to the victims of Hiroshima .

22. One of the most controversial resolutions that have surrounded the mosque in Cordoba has to do with the dictator Frank , who wanted to dismantle it and return it to the Arabs to thank them for their services in the Civil War. UNESCO avoided it.

23. In the mosque, the call column of hell It got its name because when people scratched it with a coin it smelled strongly of sulfur.

24. In the Patio de los Naranjos You can even find up to 98 trees of this species.

25. They find a whopping 1,300 columns in the mosque of Cordoba, something totally impressive.

curiosities of Córdoba 4

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We are sure that after reading these curiosities of Cordoba, you will be looking forward to visiting the city. Tell us your comments! And if you know other curious facts of such a beautiful city, write us too! Maybe so we can expand this list of curiosities. We will love reading!

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