25 Celebrities With Asperger Syndrome That Will Surprise You

I will show you 25 famous people with Asperger's syndrome , Some already deceased and others still alive.

Did you know that some of the most brilliant minds in history have Asperger's Syndrome? It may surprise you, but businessmen like Bill Gates, visionaries like Steven Spielberg or artists like Adele suffer.

Famous asperger

But what is the Asperger syndrome ? It is a set of generalized alterations of the development. The most widespread symptom is the limitation of the development of social skills.

Another type of symptoms are the difficulty to put yourself in the place of the others and to detect emotions, as well as the obsessive concentration in certain subjects that are of special interest to him.

It is necessary to clarify that there are also different types of levels. There are those who show clearer symptoms, while others are just perishable because it manifests itself in a much less aggressive way.

1- Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

One of the most famous minds in history. His intellect stands out above the rest.

He did not speak fluently until he was nine years old, his grades were not brilliant and his parents even considered that he had some mental retardation.

Those who got to know him in person said that he was a person totally obsessive with his work and that he rarely stopped talking about him. These are some of the symptoms that suggest that Albert Einstein may suffer from Asperger's syndrome.

2- Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin, creator of evolutionary theory suffered from Asperger syndrome, or at least, as Michael Fitzgerald, professor at Trinity College of Ireland, said.

Fitzgerald explained that both his obsession with nature and his loneliness were clear symptoms of a person suffering from Asperger's.

3- Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

The well-known engineer was famous, in addition to his revolutionary inventions, his phobias. Likewise, his sudden mood swings betrayed him.

Many studies have been done retrospectively and diagnosed with an obsessive compulsive disorder.

4- Andy Warhol


Director and plastic artist influencing the Pop art , Andy Warhol may have suffered from Asperger's syndrome.

The causes? As you will see with Woody Allen, his obsessions were constant and took him to limits that even touched the implausibility.

5- Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

The famous physicist showed signs of suffering from Asperger's syndrome. Newton's social circle already stated that it was difficult for him to go out and interact. He did not use to receive the visits and much less to carry them out.

To make matters worse, for Newton, everything that was not to study was a great waste of time.

Susan Boyle


The famous singer Susan Boyle is one of the clearest cases of this disease.

When people began to suspect their symptoms because of their strange behavior, Susan confirmed it in public to silence the rumors. The star herself explained that she had had a bad time in her childhood after receiving insults and scorn because of her illness.

7- Steven Spielberg


The famous filmmaker found it difficult to relate to his friends during childhood. Spielberg preferred to spend time playing with his toys and inventing stories.

8- Tim Burton


The filmmaker has always denied any kind of syndrome.

However, his wife and actress Helena Bonham Carter has been the one who has explained on several occasions the manifestations of autism that suffers her husband.

9- Bill Gat is


Although hard to believe, one of the world's richest men and co-founder of Microsoft seems to be suffering some degree of Asperger syndrome.

Your continued swaying when you are concentrating may be a sign of your syndrome. This ends up being ratified when he gets angry easily and avoids, especially in interviews, the visual contact.

10- Woody Allen

Phrases of woody allen

By all is known that Woody Allen is an obsessive compulsive. The eccentric director needs to take his temperature every two hours and likes to sleep with shoes on, more reasons to suspect and even say he suffers from the disease.

11- Dan Aykroyd


The symptoms of Dan Aykroyd, actor, comedian and American showman, are very similar to those suffered by other comrades of the guild like Steven Spielberg or Tim Burton: withdrawn childhood and a rather closed social circle.

12- Keanu Reeves

Keanu reeves

Always in the mouth of the yellow press, one of the most widespread rumors in the United States about Keanu Reeves is that he suffers from Asperger's syndrome.

Several experts have studied their movements and extract that, their fleeting glances and the difficulty to communicate in front of the means, are some main determinants to affirm that it suffers this disorder.

13- Syd Barrett


The founder singer and guitarist of Pink Floyd did not use to speak in public. His voice of leader was relegated to the second plane by other formants of the group.

Their timid way of playing on stage aroused the doubt of the scholars of the time, who tried to confirm their Asperger syndrome.

14- Vernon Smith


One of the most respected economists on the international scene and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is one of the few cases in which he was diagnosed the syndrome and also recognized it publicly.

15- Lionel Messi


One of the best footballers in history has clear symptoms of Asperger syndrome.

His lost gaze and his difficulties communicating with both the press and teammates are a clear example that could betray his suffering.

16- Daryl Hanna


The well-known actress, interpreter of Madison in Splash , Recently confirmed his autism. According to her, as a child she received a diagnosis that ratified the news.

17- Michael Phelps


One of the best sportsman of all time is one of the many personalities who suffer from Asperger syndrome.

His strange behavior in front of the cameras betrays him. Like Lionel Messi, Phelps gets his eyeballs frequently. It seems to be lost in your mind commonly and you will rarely see it smile.

18- Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven

Those closest to the famous composer claimed that he was an obsessive person, unable to relate to and socialize with people, since that meant that he had to turn away from music, which he could not tolerate.

19- Satoshi Tajiri


The creator of the famous drawing series Pokémon is not saved from Aperger syndrome.

He was diagnosed after seeing that he was not able to recognize the emotional and personal gestures that his closest associates had with him.

20- Lewis Carroll


The writer of Alice in Wonderland Suffered constant attacks of epilepsy, one of the most frequent characteristics in those diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

His obsession with reading was also another symptom that reinforced the disorder he was suffering.

21- Stanley Kubrick


One of Hollywood's most famous directors suffered from Asperger's syndrome.

The reasons are found when observing his perfectionism in his creations (2001: Odyssey in space and The mechanical orange are a clear example of this), the nervousness in front of the press or the constant company of dogs.

22- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


The reason for including Mozart in the list derives from an experiment in which it was verified that many autistic sensitive to the ear, only are able to tolerate the music of this genius.

This is why it is thought that Mozart himself could suffer from this syndrome.

23- Glenn Gould


The well-known pianist suffered the same obsessive disorder that another type of musician like Mozart.

His childhood was not exactly surrounded by friends, and it was his obsession with music that helped him to get ahead and become one of the greatest pianists of his time.

24- Marcelo Rios


One of the greatest Spanish-American tennis players claimed in 2014 that he suffered from the syndrome.

His always rare attitude, coupled with the anguish he suffered and his obsessions were the causes that led him to affirm this.

" Of 70 symptoms that are extracted from the syndrome, I feel identified with a total of 69 "Said the athlete.

25- Bram Cohen


The famous computer programmer always shows rare reactions to the camera. Low gaze, and babbling.

If we add this to his record, where he admits that he did not have a very easy childhood, where he devoted most of his time to computers (he learned to program with only five years), we may think that he is an Asperger.

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