25 Amazing Stockholm Curiosities | With Images

In this Supercurioso article, we are going to discover the curiosities of Stockholm more impressive. Is Swedish city It has a lot of charming places that will catch you at the first moment. If you have already visited, we are pretty sure that some of the information we will present will also leave you speechless and will want to return to visit this city.

If you want to know the most striking sights of Stockholm, this article is made for you. From the quality of the water that its inhabitants drink, to its enormous number of bridges and the strangest hotel you can find in it, everything that surrounds this city is very surprising! Read on to discover 25 very curious facts about the capital from Sweden . Uncover them!

25 Amazing Stockholm Curiosities | With Images

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1. One of the sights of Stockholm, which will also be very useful during your stay, is that the tap water It is very good

2. Another of the curiosities of Stockholm that will soon get your attention, is how beautiful it is your subway . It has so much charm that you can even celebrate art exhibitions.

curiosities of Stockholm

3. It has ancient churches, the one that prides itself on being more years standing is that of Riddarholmskyrkan which was built in the year 1270.

4. You can also find in this city, the largest spherical building in the world called Ericsson Globe .

5. Stockholm, is the artistic center of Sweden since most of the most reputable art galleries are in this Swedish city.

6. As you already know, in this city the prestigious Nobel Prizes and even the steps of the theater in which the ceremony is held are the perfect measure for the guests to wear long dress without danger to stumbles.

7. If you are a fan of the legendary series Pippi Longstocking , the Junibacken museum will be paradise for you since you can find in it a large number of objects from the children's series.

8. Another of the curiosities of Stockholm, which is worth seeing with your own eyes, are the colorful houses that are in the Stortotget square . These homes make this point, one of the most special in the entire city.

curiosities of Stockholm 1

9. Stockholm is a city where you can find many bridges , in particular 57. You can propose to visit them all and photograph them for the memory.

10. We recommend a very curious bar, since within it you can have an authentic Viking experience. The name of the pub is Aifur Krog & Bar and as we said before you will enjoy music and traditional food that will make you travel to another era.

11. Stockholm is characterized by having some of the Christmas markets most spectacular in the world, so we recommend that if you can travel to Sweden, do it at Christmas time to fully enjoy the experience.

12. Another curious fact that will surprise you a lot is that around Stockholm there are more than 30,000 islands .

13. As we have mentioned before, the markets have a lot of importance in the city and not just Christmas, they stand out numerous traces with which you will enjoy buying and observing in your visit.

14. The Royal Palace, Kungliga Slottet It is the residence of the kings of Sweden and is one of the largest and most majestic palaces in Europe.

15. One of the most curious sculptures you can see in Stockholm is the work of Carl Fredrik Reutersward and is inspired by the gun that killed John Lennon but with the twisted tip. It is so famous this work of the Swedish sculptor, that there are several copies distributed in important places of the world.

Stockholm sights 2

16. The phone booths The most famous in the world are those in London, but those in Stockholm are also very curious and striking. You should not leave this city without photographing yourself with one of them.

Curiosities of Stockholm

17. If you like to stay in a curious place during your travels, in Stockholm you will find one of the most curious hotels in the world. His name is Jumbo Stay and it will give you the impression that you are sleeping on a plane.

18. In Stockholm, you will also appreciate a Hall of Fame much less famous than the United States. This is dedicated to animals that are in danger of extinction, to help raise awareness.

19. As soon as you arrive at the airport, you will be struck by the smoking cabins . They are very closed enclosures where you can smoke, but only if you do not have claustrophobia.

20. There are some clothing stores that are very peculiar, you can find them in the most important commercial artery of the city, Drottninggatan street. Some have very retro clothes and that will be surprising to you.

21. Other of the curiosities of Stockholm is that in the narrowest streets of the city, the inhabitants they put mirrors in their windows . The reason is to take full advantage of the few hours of sun that they have and that it enters their homes full.

22. A sculpture that will draw your attention and that is not so easy to see, is that of roofless fox . The intention of this sculpture is to remember that there are people homeless anywhere in the world.

curiosities of Stockholm

23. Stockholm, as happens throughout the country, is a very extensive city for the number of population that it gathers.

24. It is the European citizens who more money paid in taxes , interestingly, they do not mind doing it because they know that they are destined for the common good.

25. One of the curiosities of Stockholm that perhaps did not wait for you, is that there are many McDonalds in the whole city. Something that is also common in the rest of the country, since it is the second after the United States that has more establishments of this fast food chain.

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We hope you have liked these curiosities of Stockholm and we would love you to leave us your comments about this wonderful city. It will be great to expand our list of curious facts about the beautiful capital of Sweden! Cheer up! We will love reading!

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