25 Amazing Milan Curiosities | With Images

Italy is one of the most curious European countries and what more charm they have, their way of life and the great cities that stand out in their geography give a good example of it. In this article, we would love to introduce you the best curiosities of Milan , a city that, without a doubt, will fall in love with you after reading us.

This Italian city is located in the north of the country and is very different from those located in the south. Much richer due to industrialization, Milan has always been at the forefront in all eras of our history. If you want to know the most impressive sights of Milan, this article is made for you. Uncover them!

25 Amazing Milan Curiosities | With Images

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1. The symbol of Milan is A dragon that devours a boy. Who is this poor man swallowed by a beast? It is possible that he was a member of the Visconti family whose emblem was the same.

2. As in many cities, the coolest areas were once marginal areas. It is the case of navigli or channels that were used to supply the gardens with water and today is a very fashionable neighborhood among young people.

3. One of the most sinister curiosities in Milan is that the Bagnera road Italy's first serial killer hid his corpses because this street is the narrowest in the city.

4. One of the most emblematic sculptures of the city is the call SEES IT and it is a hand that wants to make a fascist salute, but whose fingers are cut. Controversial and with a blunt message.

curiosities of Milan

5. In Milan, we can find one of the most spectacular chandeliers in the world. It is located in the Teatro de la Scala and is made up of more than 400 bulbs .

6. Everyone knows that Milan is the fashion capital , only in its region more than 700 parades are celebrated per year.

7. It was one of the cities that suffered the most during the Second World War, as there were 60 bombings with thousands of victims included.

8. Undoubtedly, the Duomo is one of the jewels of the city of Milan. The great cathedral has countless gargoyles and reliefs, in addition to 3,400 statues .

Curios of Milan 1

9. As in many other famous cities, in Milan there is also a tradition that will make you come back to visit it. It's about giving three turns with closed eyes to the mosaic of the bull which is in the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II.

10. Another tradition and one of the most romantic curiosities of Milan is that if you and your partners kiss in the Bridge of the Sirens you will be together forever.

11. The Ambrosian Library It has fascinating specimens, one of them with the cover in human skin.

12. In Milan there are many dreary and chilling places like the Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Ossa, decorated with multitude of human bones . This is because it was built in an old cemetery.

13. The Christmas celebrations in Milan are very sweet, since one of the typical desserts of the city and that has been exported to the whole world is the Panettone , a bun that contains candied fruit or chocolate.

curiosities of Milan 2

14. Milan is one of the cities that has the most ghost legends, one of the most famous is the one of the bride who fell from the top of the Duomo and that appears in some other wedding.

15. One of the curiosities of Milan that you surely did not know is that the Statue of Liberty was created thanks to the inspiration of its author in a statue of the Duomo called "Statue of the New Law" .

16. In this city the legend is told that says the Devil himself he left the mark of its horns in one of the columns of the basilica of San Ambrogio. These two holes, he made them due to a dispute with an archbishop of the time.

17. During the Inquisition, the Vetra Square It was the scene of a lot of burning of people at the stake accused of heresies.

18. You will find it shocking, but the great composer Giuseppe Verdi was rejected at the conservatory in Milan. Precisely, today bears his name.

Curios of Milan 3

19. In the square that presides over the Duomo there is an uncountable amount of pigeons , but curiously the only clear point is the statue in honor of King Víctor Manuel II. This is because it is electrified to avoid this situation.

20. Before we talked about the rivalry between the composer Verdi and the city of Milan, it reached such a point that Verdi he prohibited his works from being represented at the Teatro de la Scala, despite the fact that the best compositions in Europe were made in it.

21. You can find a cannonball that is still embedded in a building. It is due to the uprising of the Milanese people against the Austrians, you will appreciate it in number 3 of Corso di Porta Romana.

22. One of the most famous bishops of Milan, is still present in your city, since you can see the relics of St. Ambrose in his own basilica.

23. One of the curiosities of Milan that you will not believe is that there is a legend that says that the Magi have their tomb in this city . In the Basilica of San Eustorgio you can find a sepulcher with a shooting star drawn and a Latin phrase "sepulcrum trium magorun".

24. The strangest skyscraper in Milan is the Velasca Tower , due to its strange shape. It is built on ruins of the Second World War.

curiosities of Milan 4

25. Another mystery that many experts study has its origin in a fresco of the church San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore in which it is seen unicorns entering the ark of Noah.

As you have been able to verify after reading these curiosities of Milan, it is a city that you will love when you visit it. Now we would love for you to leave us all your comments, Write us!

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