25 Amazing Dublin Curiosities | With Images

Ireland is a magical country Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit it will have witnessed the folklore, atmosphere and friendliness of the people who live there. From among all the wonderful cities of Ireland, in this article you will discover the curiosities of Dublin most striking.

This city has played a very important role throughout history and that is something that can be seen in its inhabitants or in every corner. If you want to know the most fascinating curiosities of Dublin, this article is made for you. Uncover them!

25 Curiosities of Dublin very surprising

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1. The White House architect, James Hoban, was inspired by the building of the Irish Parliament He is in Dublin to recreate his most famous building located in Washington.

curiosities of Dublin

2. In this city, you will find the third largest stadium in Europe. That privilege has the Croke Park and its capacity is 82,300 people seated.

3. Despite what one might think, the most followed sports in this country are Gaelic as hurling and Gaelic football . The funny thing is that they are very popular, even though they are not professionalized.

4. One of the most fascinating curiosities of Dublin that you can read, is that there are the remains of a mummified cat and mouse in a church. They are there because they found them between the tubes of the organs, the monks decided to put them in a way that seems to be pursued throughout eternity.

5. The character of the Dubliners is very cordial and friendly They will always try to help you or they will give you conversation. If they wear a pint of more, I do not even tell you ...

6. Something from Dublin, which is very common also in other large European cities, is the great number of works that you can see throughout the town. Some more unnecessary than others, but it is not uncommon to appreciate many unfinished buildings or renovations.

7. Another record that this beautiful city has is that it has the largest crypt in the country . It is located in the cathedral of Christ Church and the remains of Richard de Clare remained there for many years.

8. We can also appreciate, what is considered the tallest sculpture in the world. His name is Spire and it is a giant needle located on O'Connell Street, measuring more than 120 meters high. It is said that they made it so high, so that the English could spot it from England.

curiosities of Dublin 1

9. In Dublin, the Phoenix Park , which is the largest urban park in Europe. It has an area of ​​just over seven kilometers and it is the Dublin Zoo or the residence of the President of the Republic of Ireland, among other attractions.

10. This city is the most inhabited in all of Ireland with little more than a million inhabitants. It is situated well above other important cities in the country, such as Cork, Galway or Waterford.

11. After spending a short time in the city, you will discover that most of the The doors of the houses are painted in very bright colors something that will catch your attention among all the curiosities of Dublin. This phenomenon does not have a clear explanation, some legends say that it is due to the reputation of drunks that the Irish have and do not confuse their house with that of the neighbors when they are under the influence of alcohol.

curiosities of Dublin 2

12. The Ha'Penny Bridge is a very famous bridge in Dublin, the origin of its name is very curious. The literal translation is half penny , which is what the boatman demanded of you if you wanted to go from one side of the river to the other, before the bridge was built.

13. As a last curiosity about this bridge, tell us that the last repair it suffered was from the company that built the Titanic. Be careful when crossing it!

14. Speaking of bridges, the O'Connell Bridge is the only bridge open to traffic in Europe that is wider than it is long.

15. On this bridge there is a commemorative plaque to Father Pat Noise , a reverend who fell into the river and died in strange circumstances. The best thing of all that history is that it is not real, since it was an invention of some pranksters that placed the plate to take the hair to the population that put flowers.

16. One of the most famous bars in Dublin, the Temple Bar , it owes its name to the district in which it is located and not the other way around.

Curios of Dublin 3

17. The name of this famous pub, comes from the times in which this area was port and the docks (barr, Gaelic language) were run by the Temple family .

18 Bram Stoker famous creator of Dracula , he lived in Dublin during the great Irish famine. At that time, people who could not be fed and were going to die had a stake stuck in their hearts so they would not suffer. This fact could inspire the writer.

19. Legend has it that the Guinness beer , manufactured in Dublin , was created by an accident because they were burned barley.

curiosities of Dublin 4

20. The name of the city, means "Black pond" , "Dubh Linn."

21. Some more traditional Dublin curiosities can be seen in the so-called honorary citizens of the city . They have the right to walk their sheep through the gardens, but also the obligation to defend the city against an invading attack ...

22. The Trinity College It is the oldest active university in the world.

23. It was also the first in the entire United Kingdom to allow the access to women .

24. His library is tremendously famous and boasts of invaluable objects like the harp of Brian Ború , King of Ireland in past times.

curiosities of Dublin 5

25. In Dublin, one consumes huge amount of beer , as in all of Ireland. They are the second country in the world, behind the Czech Republic, to consume this alcoholic beverage.

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Have you visited this wonderful city of magic Ireland? Did you know the Temple Bar and the relationship between the city and the White House? We hope that these curiosities of Dublin have captivated you and that you leave us many comments on this article. We will love reading you and maybe have the opportunity to expand this list of curious facts! Cheer up!

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