20 Traditional Games of Colombia Very Funny

Colombia has a lot of traditional games , Being able to emphasize among them the yew, the old mother, frog, the spinning top and marbles, among others. Games that have tested the skills and skills of its inhabitants throughout history.

Traditional games form an important part of the culture, and can be enjoyed among adults, children or entire families, since most of them combine enough fun to create an activity with which all people can entertain themselves.

Traditional Colombian Games

Colombia is a Latin American country with great European and Amerindian influence, two elements that have a great influence in its cultural background And of which the traditional games are not an exception to this fact.

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List of 20 traditional Colombian games

1- Trompo

It is one of the most popular street games in all of Colombia. It consists of a spin that is turned by a rope that is tied around its body before being thrown.

Spin players compete against each individual by demonstrating tricky tricks such as roller coaster, screwdriver, drum roll and"stairway to heaven".

2- Fuchi

Fuchi is a game in which people use their feet to perform tricks with a hacky sack or small cloth ball without letting the ball touch the ground.

People throw the ball from one foot to the other, performing complex tricks while doing so. Many people can practice their tricks alone, while others can gather and challenge themselves.

Often, players choreograph their routines with a music, executing the movements in sync with the rhythm.

3- Yermis (Jimmy)

In this game, the group is divided into two teams. The first team will try to put together a group of 15 bottle caps before the opposing team members hit them with a small ball.

If a team can build a column that stops with the covers and does not fall, they are the winners.

4- Marbles

20 Traditional Games of Colombia Very Funny

This game is practiced throughout Colombia, particularly in Cali where a vocabulary for the game has been created.

The marbles are balls, usually made of glass, which come in different sizes and colors. There are many ways to play and the usual goal is to capture all the marbles of the opponent.

5- Tingo, tingo, tango

In this game, the players separate in a circle, being awarded to a player the category of 'that'. The person who is 'that' covers his eyes while he is separated some distance from the circle and repeats 'tingo, tingo, tingo, tingo'.

While 'that' continues to say 'tingo', the other people will pass a small object from hand to hand around the circle.

At some point, the player who is 'that' shouts 'tango'; The player holding the object in the hand has to pay a penalty.

This player must perform a task, such as singing a song, hopping around the circle, running for a minute, etc., suggested by 'that'. The player who paid the penalty becomes 'that' in the next round.

6- Balero (Coca or pirinola)

This game has indigenous roots. It is very popular in Antioquia, Boyacá, Nariño, Santander and Valle del Cauca.

It consists of a small ball attached to a wooden stick by a thread. This ball is pierced by a hole that fits in diameter with the wooden stick, so it is used to catch it.

The idea of ​​the game is to stick the ball in the stick through the movements of the hand.

7- He wears it

The person who 'takes it' has to try to catch the other players by touching them. If the person touches an individual, he becomes the one who 'takes' it.

In turn, now this individual who 'takes' it has to try to catch a different person.

8- Oba

This game involves a ball. The ball is thrown to a wall, but each time it is pulled a different movement must be performed while singing a song.

The ball can be thrown with one arm, with two, throw it and try to catch it by turning, back, jumping, standing on one leg, etc.

9- The heart of the pineapple

You have to choose an individual to be the 'heart of the pineapple'. While the other people form a line holding hands, the 'heart of the pineapple' stands in the middle of the line while the others roll it up while they sing 'we roll the pineapple'.

When the line of people has completely rolled up, everyone sings 'we roll the pineapple... and they all fall off'. Finally everyone falls to the floor.

10-Parquet floors

The goal of the game is for each player to take their pieces to the finish based on the throw of the dice. Two dice are used in this game and typically consist of between 2 to 8 players.

Although movements depend on die, players must consider possible strategies before executing their move. Often people play on tables that reflect their local variations and customs in the way they decorate their own tables.

11- Five holes

This classic street game is best played on dirt-covered streets or on streets with a gap. Five players must make four holes in a circle and one in the center, then they should be removed at a distance of about 2 m.

Players will try to throw coins into the holes, eventually winning the person who has the most coins in the holes.

However, if a person throws all five coins in the middle of the hole in one attempt, he wins.

12- Four, eight and twelve

In this game, a player is chosen as the pursuer, who must catch the other players by touching them.

Additionally, when touching someone, the individual should shout 'four, eight and twelve' as fast as he can while touching his back.

If you can not do it in the required time, you should try to catch someone else and so on.

May the king pass

It is played with at least six people. Two players extend their hands while the others pass under the human bridge while they sing a song.

When the song ends, the last person in the line must choose between two different fruits that represent each of the members of the bridge.

After the participant chooses the side on which he wants to be, they all stand in a line and have to pull to their side, trying to unbalance the opponent.


This game uses the gravity or force of a throw to ensure that two discs (connected by an axis) are moved from top to bottom on a piece of wire attached to a pitcher's finger.

The yo-yo is one of the most popular games in Colombia and individuals try to complete tricky tricks.

15- Stop

This game is crafted for quick minds. The stop is a good way to practice alphabet letters, numbers and vocabulary.

It can be played from two people or more. Each player needs a pencil and paper. The game begins with a player prescribing a letter of the alphabet, after a few moments, another player should shout 'stop'.

All players must play the game with the last letter spoken by the player reciting the alphabet.

Next, all players must type a word beginning with the letter determined in the following categories: city, country, name, food, animals, plant and color. The first player to finish all categories shouts 'stop' and everyone should stop.

All players share their answers and are assigned one point for each written word.

16- Frog

You need a game table and 10 tokens to play. Each player must stand 12 feet (300 cm) away from the table to take turns to throw the chips. The points are assigned according to where the cast card ends.

17- Old Mama

Two safe areas should be located on opposite sides. The moderator stands in the middle of the place while the other players are placed on one side only.

When the moderator shouts 'old mom', the children should run to the opposite side; While outside the safe area, can be trapped.

If a player is caught, he becomes another 'old mum' and will also help in catching the other players. The idea is that each time the 'old mom' team gets bigger.

18- The shooting

A table should be created on the floor with the names of the players. A player will throw a rock on the board and if it falls on a name, that person will need to grab a ball and try to throw it at the other players.

19- The hidden

In this game, players try to hide their location while another person tries to find them.

20- Tagus

In this game, players throw a metal disk (the yew) along a 20 m tunnel that protects the target's diameter.

At the center of this objective, a metal pipe is equipped with small exploding targets (wick). When they impact with the yew, the fuses explode strongly. This indicates a successful launch.


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