20 Good Luck Symbols from Around the World | Be lucky!

Good luck is one of the most desired things for people worldwide. Popularly it is believed that by having good luck we will be able to achieve our goals and achieve all our purposes. Taking advantage of the fact that we are close to start the year 2019 it seems appropriate that you discover 20 symbols of good luck that, interesting you, you could acquire to start the new year attracting the best for your life, do you dare?

Various people have been created and popularized throughout history superstitions to attract good luck , as to cross fingers or touch wood . However, not all human beings believe in them, which is why it is common to meet individuals who even wonder if luck exists Really. Anyways, It is important that you know the symbols of good luck that have become infallible in the life of some to attract what is so desired: success, prosperity, love, stability or more.

20 Good Luck Symbols from Around the World | Discover them!

1. The owls

Good luck symbols

These birds are not only known for their interesting plumage and their relationship with wisdom. Nowadays owls are one of the symbols of good luck most used , which is why it is common to see them in charms of bracelets or necklaces designed for both men and women, who take them with them believe that only good things will happen in their lives, thanks to the owl meaning .

2. The dragons

Although in some films and literary texts these creatures have been represented as tenebrous species that spit fire to defend themselves, in the Far East the dragons are symbols of good luck , so it is common to observe them in statuettes, sculptures and simpler objects such as coins or charms. Without a doubt, curious dragons they have important meanings that are worth discovering.

3. The elephants

Good Luck Symbols 1

Continuing with the animals that attract good luck we meet the elephants. These heavy mammals are considered in feng shui as symbols of good luck and great fortune. Depending on the color of the amulet that you carry with you, you can obtain different benefits.

4. The beetles

Although they are one of the most fearful insects, the beetles are symbols of good luck in Egypt . These have become very important amulets, so much so that they have become popular as one of the most sold souvenirs. It is believed that the amulets of beetles generate good luck and, in fact, some cultures indicate that if one of these animals visits your home, it is also a positive signal.

5. The dolphins

Good Luck Symbols 2

As you may have noticed, there are many animals that have become symbols of good luck around the world. In this case, the dolphins, one of the most intelligent aquatic animals, They are considered signs of nature to invite us to follow our course without fearing anything . Carrying a figure of a dolphin with you will allow you to enjoy good luck in whatever you propose.

6. The four-leaf clover

This is possibly one of the objects that attract good luck most known of all. The lucky clover, as it is also known, is characterized by having four leaves at its ends and, if they are found accidentally in a garden, street or any other public place, it is believed that people will have good luck for the rest of their lives.

7. Dreamcatchers

Good Luck Symbols 3

In American culture a decorative element was created that has powers to ward off negative energies and attract good luck . The dream catcher or dream catcher It is another of the symbols that we want you to know if you really expect to reach your goals. In addition to working to avoid nightmares, these craft items are designed to be placed near a window or on the bed of one who wishes to have good luck in a specific aspect of his life.

8. The cornicello

This amulet whose name is in Italian means "little horn" and is one of the best known symbols of good luck in Europe . Add a cornicello to your keys or to your necklace of daily use will allow you to move away the evil eye of your life and enjoy the good luck you so much expect. These horns are popularly known under the name of "portafortuna".

9. The Jamsa

Good Luck Symbols 4

This symbol, also known under the name of Fatima's hand , is generally used as a method of protection, however, many people usually carry it because it is considered one of the symbols of good luck from around the world. This amulet has become widely popular , reason why it is common to observe it in bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and even clothes.

10. The Tumi

Original from Peru, the Tumi is a knife that was used in various rituals of the Inca culture and today it has become popular as one of the best known symbols of good luck in Latin America and the world. The Tumi can be located inside the houses and, thus, away any type of negative energy, attracting exclusively prosperity to the members that inhabit that home.

11. The nazar

Good Luck Symbols 5

There are numerous stones that have become amulets in various cultures, this is precisely the case of nazar, also known as Turkish eye or stone of the the evil eye . As the name implies, This amulet is designed to scare away bad energies and negative desires that some people can deposit in our aura . Its blue color and central area, similar to an eye, have made it one of the best known symbols of good luck in the world, especially in Turkey and Greece.

12. The wrists removed

If you have ever felt burdened with many negative things and have the need to vent to someone who does not judge you, the wrists can be very useful. These are native of Guatemala and are designed by hand in order to help affected people sleep without worry . As if that were not enough, it is believed that taking the quitapesares dolls with them, as they are also known, will bring you prosperity and good luck.

13. The horseshoe

Symbols of Good Luck 6

Another symbol of good luck from all over the world are horseshoes . If you have ever wondered why horseshoes are considered lucky , we help you discover it below. These objects are used to protect the hooves of horses, therefore, they have a protective function that has even been transferred to the protection desires of some human beings.

14. The figa

This is one of the oldest symbols of good luck, it is believed that it comes from Egypt and consists of a hand whose thumb is located between the index and middle finger. Today the figa or protective hand, as it is also known, is a good luck charm that is also sold worldwide in order to attract money and improve fertility .

15. The Chinese coins

Good Luck Symbols 7

Returning to feng shui, in China (and other countries) these amulets are considered one of the best known symbols of good luck. Although popularly used to attract economic wealth and, thus, monetary prosperity, these amulets are also really useful to enjoy good luck in various aspects of our lives. Carrying a couple of Chinese coins with you could be an excellent idea.

16. The frog of fortune

In Asian countries too The frog of fortune is used when a person or a whole family wants to be financially successful . Including this symbol in your home will generate not only good luck in your life, but will also attract you prosperity. However, the ideal is that no one outside those who wish the above touch the frog, in that case, the effect will be the opposite.

17. The bull of Pucará

Good Luck Symbols 8

In Peru there is a ceramic figure that is known as one of the symbols of good luck: the Pucará bull. This is highly commercialized in the South American country since many people consider that having it in their homes they can enjoy protection and fertility , especially in those cases of families that want to have children and have not yet achieved it. Of course, the bull will also attract good luck to each member.

18. The Luk Thep

In Thailand there is a set of dolls that are named after Luk Thep . Although visually they have a gloomy appearance, these dolls are capable of attracting good luck to people who have them . Its name means "infantile angel" and, according to the beliefs, these dolls must be treated as if they were babies to be able to enjoy ample fortune.

19. The acorns

Symbols of Good Luck 9

Although it seems hard to believe that a fruit like acorns can help you enjoy good luck, the truth is that these are another of the symbols that are used worldwide to attract it. It is popularly believed that by carrying an acorn with us, in a place hidden from the eye of others, we can enjoy not only good luck but also great longevity .

20. The bat totem

In China the bat totem is a good luck charm that, in addition, It will attract the possibility of carrying out all the trips that the person carrying it wants to carry out . Therefore, if you have plans to meet new cultures in your next vacation and, in addition, you want to enjoy good luck in that and all the trips that you propose, acquiring a bat totem should be on your shopping list.

This is the end of our list of 20 good luck symbols from around the world. Before you leave, we invite you to discover 5 lucky objects from Japan , taking into account that in Asian culture there are numerous amulets and figures that can help you achieve what you propose. Leave us in the comments which were the symbols that you liked the most and, in case you use any of them, do not forget to point it out.

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