20 abandoned castles that will leave you speechless

The abandoned castles have a special aura. There may only be its walls and you can only walk among the grass-covered remains, there may be empty rooms and the visit allows you to admire its dimensions or even hear echoes of the past ...

In any case, these buildings are not only intriguing and very beautiful, but they can have an enormous historical importance or an interesting history to discover. Therefore, we have prepared this post with some of the most beautiful and curious abandoned castles in the world.

20 abandoned castles that will leave you speechless

1. Chateau Gaillard, in Normandy (France)

Built in the days of Ricardo Corazón de León on the top of a hill and with thick walls, it was believed that the Chateau Gaillard, was impassable ... until it was taken in the year 1204. Three centuries later, the castle had already become the beautiful white stone ruins that we can see today.

2. Castle of Heidelberg, in Heidelberg (Germany)

Abandoned Castles heidelberg

The castle of Heidelberg, in Germany , it was used as a royal residence for more than 400 years, until lightning struck and destroyed it almost in its entirety. It is said that after collapsing, many of the local residents used their stones to build or repair their own houses. Although the castle is not currently inhabited, it can be used as a place to hold ceremonies.

3. Ballycarbery Castle (Ireland)

These beautiful ruins rise in an Irish wasteland, near the North Atlantic sea, after the fall of the castle in 1652. The elements have finished with the remains of abandoned castles like this one, on the floor of whose rooms the grass grows and the walls are covered with ivy. An abandoned postcard castle.

4. Gwyrch, in North Wales

It is said that Gwyrch, a castle built in the nineteenth century (although its architecture seems much older) is a place enchanted by the ghost of the Countess , former keeper of the place after his heir and owner of the castle spent long periods in Scotland.

5. Rocca Calascio, in Abruzzo (Italy)

Abandoned castles calascio

Rocca Calascio was built as a watchtower, and it is possible to see in its walls how the castle was changing, what additions were made to it or how it was extended. Although it may seem otherwise, in castle was not the victim of any battle, on the contrary, as he succumbed to an earthquake.

6. Ruins of Talisay (Philippines)

OK, it's not a proper castle, but the ruins of this beautiful Filipino mansion have the same aura of majesty as the rest of the buildings in this article. S He says that the mansion was built by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson in tribute to his wife, who died giving birth to the last of her eleven children.

7. Mortella Tower, in Corsica (France)

The Mortella tower was a fortification that was built so that the inhabitants of the island could defend themselves the pirates of North Africa , although the people responsible for its demolition were the English in the 18th century. Now, only one impressive wall remains on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Torre Morella is one of the most spectacular abandoned castles in Europe.

8. Aughnanure Castle, in Oughterard (Ireland)

The remains of the dining room and one of the towers are preserved from this beautiful castle. The clan that was the owner, the O'Flahertys, claimed that "fortune smiles at the strong".

Who is the owner now of the castle? The Office of Public Works of the locality for financial difficulties of one of the heirs of the castle. Auch.

9. Crac des Chevaliers (Syria)

abandoned castles, knights' crac

This impressive castle was built by a medieval Catholic order and has been rebuilt and reinforced over the centuries. It is one of the best preserved castles in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a unique place in the world to understand first hand the world of the time of the Crusades.

10. The Renaissance Fair of Virginia, in Virginia (United States)

Evidently, The remains of the Virginia Fair are not real medieval castles, but belong to a series of copies that were made in this theme park , which sought to immerse visitors in a medieval environment in the nineties. Unfortunately, the hot and humid climate of the area played against him and the park had to close. It is worth walking among the remains of the abandoned castles, even if they are made of papier-mâché.

11. Castle of Kilchurn (Scotland)

Castles Abandoned kilchurn

On a small island in a lake stands this spectacular Scottish castle, built in the fifteenth century , which remained in ruins after it was struck by lightning (it seems to be one of the main causes of death of the castles). The castle is open to the public and can be visited in summer.

12. Castillo Bannerman, in New York (United States)

Bannerman Castle was built by a Scottish immigrant in 1900. It is said that the island on which it is built, on the Hudson River, is cursed and that the Native Americans avoided it at night at all costs. Whether or not true, after the death of its owner in 1918, the castle suffered an explosion, a fire and even a collapse of the entrance.

13. Golconda (India)

Abandoned castles golconda

This fortress is located in India and is an impressive place, since it is built on a granite hill 120 meters high. Once a diamond mine exploded, and although most of its rooms are currently demolished, it is still possible to visit certain parts of the castle.

14. Palace of Champollion, in Cairo (Egypt)

This palace, quite modern (it was built in 1899) was the residence of the Prince of Egypt until he had to flee after the First World War. For many years it was used as a school, but it is currently abandoned, which adds even more mystery to its halls and corridors.

15. Fort of San Lorenzo, in Colón (Panama)

The fort of San Lorenzo was built to scare the pirates on the gold route followed by Spanish ships, but it fell into disuse when the route became obsolete. Currently, it is an excellent place to explore, a curious construction of red brick in good condition.

16. Carew Castle, in Pembrokeshire (Wales)

carew castle, wales, abandoned castles

This completely rebuilt castle is the best example of what an ancient medieval castle was like. Carew's castle has remained standing since its abandonment in 1686, after its owners disappeared one after the other (not because of ghosts, but for other more mundane reasons such as executions). This castle also highlights the important community of bats that lives within its walls.

17. Fort Mahon (France)

This circular castle built on tidal land is very well preserved. It was built in 1680 to defend the river and later, in the Second World War, it was occupied by the Germans. Currently, it is possible to visit it some Sundays of every month.

18. Pidhirtsi Castle, in Lviv Oblast (Ukraine)

abandoned castles, ukraine

The history of this castle is quite turbulent: built in the seventeenth century, it is a beautiful example of the Italian architect Andrea Dell Aqua. His later owners abandoned him and he was the victim of vandals and even a fire. Luckily, from the beginning of the 20th century it began to be repaired and now it is possible to participate in special events, such as art shows.

19. Fort Alexander, in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Built in the 19th century to defend the city, this Russian castle was, in later years, a research center for infectious diseases and, from the year 2000 ... a place known for celebrating raves.

20. Dunnottar Castle (Scotland)

All the Scottish castles are special, and Dunnotar was not going to be less. Not only is it built in a very special place, at one end of the North Sea , but it was also the place to visit by Scottish personalities of the stature of William Wallace (yes, the Lord of Braveheart).

Do you like these abandoned castles? Would you like to visit some, or do not you dare? We would love to visit them all, they are beautiful and with a simply incredible history. Remember that you can tell us what you want in a comment, we will be happy to read you!

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