17 Foods for Better Studying and Improving Grades

In this article we propose a list of 17 Food to study better During the dreaded and overpowering period of exams.

From time immemorial the act of studying has consisted in an arduous task difficult to bear and that few likes. Concentration has played a key factor when it comes to sitting in front of a few notes and"squirt"? the lesson.

Food to study better

In the words of María Luisa Delgado Losada, PhD in Psychology and professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, the memory is considered one of the main skills of a good student, but simply memorizing, putting the information under pressure, is not useful , And can be the source of important difficulties in learning??.

First of all…

Do not make meals too heavy or copious, as doing so, the amount of blood concentrated in the stomach produces a feeling of sleep and irritating tiredness (hence the famous nap).

We must eat only what is just and necessary, so do not swallow as if it were life or death, because you would get the opposite effect to the desired and a constant distraction.

17 Food to study better

Open Book On A Wooden Desk With A Red Apple


It is one of the foods that best comes to our organism in multitude of senses. He brain Is the great damage of this food that gives us mainly omega-3, omega-6 and vitamins B6 and E, regulating in this way Serotonin And modifying our emotions.

The University of Illinois in the United States supports these data, claiming that this food improves our brain quality.


Provides a respite to the brain by providing small amounts of oxygen, Headaches And also migraines.

All thanks to the high level of magnesium they are composed, making our muscles relax and help the blood vessels.


If you are looking for a great reception and flow of data along with a considerable improvement in memory, the almond is your food.

Thanks to the Phenylalanine Which it possesses in its chemistry, produce the brain dopamine adrenaline and noradrenaline; And summarized accounts, a Much more productive memory .


They slow down the oxidation of our brain so that it ages much slower and enhances its functioning by increasing neuronal signals.


It shows an effect equivalent to that of blueberries.


With anthocyanin and anthocyanidin inside it, it also helps prevent degenerative diseases of the brain, and therefore, prolong the useful life of this.


With an effect similar to that of nuts, its components get to vary, among which we find serotonin, thiamine and vitamin B1 causing our memory to be increased by an exponential percentage.

On the other hand, unconventional pipes such as squash, provide nutrients like Zinc, which makes our mind get more agile. Other components are vitamin A and E, as are Omega-3 and Omega-6.

8-Green tea

One of the fluids that makes our memory not fatigue as fast as we know it, relaxing it and ordering it for the fulfillment of our mandates.

Its production is based on the contribution of Catechins Y Dopamine , One of the most important substances for the correct functioning of our brain network.


With high doses of Omega-3 helps our neurological function. Known for being rich in fatty acids helps us maintain a much more efficient care than normal.

According to the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming this food will strengthen us to improve brain aging.

Among the types of fish that can best cover this function we can find salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, herring or sardines.


Do you sound the terms lutein and zeaxanthin? They treat no more or less than two of the best natural antioxidants that exist to combat, once again, the aging of our sesera.

They are also carriers of numerous nutrients and proteins that make this food become one of the most versatile.


The red fruit serves as an example of antioxidant thanks to its high content the Lycopene , Which helps us to prevent a multitude of degenerative diseases.


Composed of a large number of vitamin C , Will help you to provide the sugar that your body needs to carburet (being much healthier than a piece of chocolate).

The rest of the amounts that compose it are diverse, among which we observe potassium, calcium, and carbohydrates among many others.


Rice contains mainly and like chocolate and oranges, glucose, the major source of energy that our brain needs to function properly when it comes to dealing with some roles.


With your Vitamin k , Cognitive and brain functions will be enhanced at the time of study, making our interest and speed in understanding and memorizing large texts be streamlined.


Although they are not very liked by all, it is necessary to point out that they improve our capacity of learning on the one hand, and the motor tasks in general of our organism on the other hand, being benefited thanks to the folic acid Of which these herbs presume.


Being a nutritious dairy food, it contributes mostly calcium. It is a component that acts as a great calming of our nerves.

It also contains Tyrosine , Which helps create a multitude of neurotransmitters.


Perhaps the best food born of all. Chocolate containing a high percentage of cocoa (coming to be black) again helps prevent degenerative brain diseases, acting as an antioxidant.

Stimulates the production of Endorphins As a stimulant and increases its concentration releasing the blood flow in the head. In this way it helps us think more clearly and lightly. And if you want to boost these benefits simply take a type of chocolate more black.

If we changed purity, we would have to talk about milk chocolate, which produces other types of effects, enriching our ability to react, control and dramatically increase visual and verbal memory.

Curious combinations

We know that eating the food on its own can in some cases become tiresome and boring, so we advise a set of combinations and dishes that will make the way of study you practice change radically thanks to the incredible flavors that we propose below :

- Blueberries topped with frozen yogurt : We just need to freeze the blueberries for a few minutes and combine them with a pre-refrigerated yogurt so that the palate is flooded with flavor.

- Blackberries with yogurt and seeds : A glass with a base of yogurt with scattered seed topped with blackberries arranged in a magnificent set of nuances.

- Steamed broccoli with miso sauce and peanut butter : Cook steamed broccoli with a sauce consisting of miso, butter, rice vinegar, and sesame oil.

- Toasted pumpkin seeds : Simply sauté for a few minutes over medium high heat so that At the time of studying The pipes absorb a different flavor and tasty.

With what food to stay?

Definitely, the range of foods that are within our reach to try to improve our skills in the study is too broad, something positive look where you look.

The orange, the chocolate, the eggs and the fish could be marked as the most complete foods. They contain all the nutrients necessary to carry out our exercise.

But, it is the fish the edible that will give us that extra of continuity. It has been praised by different studies and scientifically proven that in addition to fighting the processes set in the deterioration of our brain, will also help us to maintain the cognitive and sensory relationship in an effective way.

In spite of this, one must try to consume as many foods as possible for long periods of time, since the effects of these are far from immediate.


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