15 very original gifts to amaze everyone | Take note!

Are you the kind of guy always doubt about what to give away Of those people who love that their present is one of the most remembered and unique? Then you've come to the right place for you. If you love curious objects and give unexpected things, but always with an additional point of usefulness, you have to discover the following list with ideas on what to give to your loved ones, for example, this Christmas.

From printers for mobile photos, through the most extraordinary lamps, to liquors with television references. All of the following will be among the most eye-catching in the place where you are, whether it's a Christmas or a birthday celebration. Keep reading to discover all original gifts that you could deliver and triumph with them!

15 very original gifts will leave everyone amazed

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1. Photo printer for mobile phone

very curious gifts, digital photo printer

In the era when we've abandoned photo albums, it's always an illusion to keep the best images you've captured with your smartphone on snapshot paper. With this photo printer for the mobile phone it is possible to achieve this. A very curious gift that I'm sure you'll like.

Buy it here -> Mobile photo printer

2. Moon-shaped lamp

very curious gifts, moon-shaped lamp

Is the person you want to give a gift to very dreamy? This present will illuminate your nights, making them even more magical.

Buy it here -> Moon-shaped lamp

3. La Pu*a agenda of the autonomous

very curious gifts, agenda for freelancers

Don't expect marked holidays, no moon phases, no classic motivational phrases. This is a functional agenda, with feet on the ground, for that self-employed friend who never stops working and complaining about being self-employed. Give him this present so he'll smile a little.

Buy it here -> La Pu*a agenda of the autonomous

4. Gin Tonic Jam

very curious gifts, gintonic jam

Handcrafted, Gin Tonic jam is the perfect gift for that sociable acquaintance who always has guests at home, to whom to offer the type of drink mentioned. I recommend that you add a teaspoon to the gin tonics, combine it with foie canapés or smoked salmon and dare to try it with different flavours. It will impress those who come to your home!

Buy it here -> Gin Tonic Jam

5. Totoro night light

very curious gifts, night light Totoro

For the most otakus, this Totoro night light with different intensities will be the perfect accessory to make your bedroom even more adorable (which is probably full of comics). Original and very beautiful!

Buy it here -> Totoro night light

6. 2019 calendar for "another shitty year."

very curious gifts, calendar another crappy year

Do you know someone with a great sense of humor but who is also the personification of pessimism? Give him this calendar â for another fucking yearâ. Iâ€?m sure heâ€?ll take 2019 with a little more will.

Buy it here -> 2019 calendar for "another shitty year."

7. Manual espresso machine

very curious gifts, minispresso

Weighing only 360 grams, the Minipresso is a manual but also portable coffee maker. Ideal for the caffeine enthusiast, who always has to be accompanied to take his daily dose of coffee. He can take it wherever he wants: in the office, camping... the possibilities are almost endless!

Buy it here -> Manual espresso machine

8. Booklet 50 Phrases of "Mother Mom, You're a Bummer"

very curious gifts, book with mother's phrases

We must also give gifts to our mothers or to our children. So that the maternal presence does not disappear, he gives this book with sentences from mothers, which besides being very funny, is also a tribute for them.

Buy it here -> Booklet 50 Mother Phrases "Mom, You're a Bummer"

9. Book lamp

very curious gifts, book lamp

That reader friend will be even more eager to immerse himself in the pages of his books with this very literary lamp. It's beautiful and inspiring! Don't you think so? Remarkably original!

Buy it here -> Book lamp

10. Valyrio Fire Liqueur

very curious gifts, fire valyrio liquor

Do you know anyone who is very fond of Throne Play and also of curious alcoholic beverages? Valyrio Fire Liqueur will be a gift that will be highly valued. An extraordinary drink.

Buy it here -> Valyrio Fire Liqueur

11. Original Artist Faces Socks Set Chatty Feet

very curious gifts, artists socks set

Creative friends or family will not remove artist-face socks, such as Frida Kahlo o Vincent Van Gogh . Very aesthetic and original. Our feet are already asking for them.

Buy it here -> Original Artist Faces Socks Set Chatty Feet

12. Mini Mixing Table DJ Mini

very curious gifts, mini DJ table

You only need a few speakers to connect this mini DJ mixer and become a spontaneous DJ, no matter where you are. We've never seen anything like it!

Buy it here -> Mini Mixing Table DJ Mini

13. Death Star Toaster

very original gifts, death star toaster

Be a Star Wars fan, even at breakfast time? It's possible. This toaster will accompany the mornings of the person to whom you deliver it. A very useful gift, worthy of a Han Solo or a Princess Leia.

Buy it here -> Death Star Toaster

14. Wall hanger Skyline

very original gifts, skyline hanger

Especially if you know someone who opens a new home, this curious wall coat rack will become a much appreciated gift that will give a personal touch to this new home.

Buy it here -> Wall hanger Skyline

15. Tablecloth Set Vinyl Discs

very original gifts, Set of Tablecloths Individual Vinyl Discs

Again, if the person you want to give a gift to is very sociable and usually organizes lunches and dinners, this vinyl record tablecloths will amaze him and his guests. They'll hallucinate how great they are!

Buy it here -> Tablecloth Set Vinyl Discs

What did you think of this selection of such original gifts? Have you seen them before? You already know that if you have suggestions to extend the list, you only have to write it in the comments section. We will love reading to you and adding other amazing gifts!

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