15 Topics to Talk to a Woman on an Appointment

Today I introduce you 15 topics to talk to a woman on a date And with that to be able to avoid the uncomfortable silences or anything that limits that the encounter is a success.

Going out for the first time with a person can be very intimidating. The pressure to fall well and achieve a good connection is very large, in addition to the expectations themselves. All this anxiety can cause the encounter does not work well, since the person does not find the way to express or show their interest in the other.

Couple on a date, according to the interest that the man and the woman show, it seems that they are talking about very interesting subjects.

There are some topics that can be used to start a conversation without falling into stereotypes or clichés. Then you can see 15 examples of topics to talk to a woman on a date.

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15 topics to talk to a woman on a date

1- Talk about trips

Almost everyone likes to travel, it is one of the best experiences. A person who does not like to travel will tell us a lot about their interests, ambitions and projections in life, or perhaps lack of them.

However, the question is most likely to interest you and you can find out what things are most attractive to you. It is very likely that this conversation will generate good feedback between the two people.

2- Ask what she is most passionate about

It is a question that seeks to obtain information on a more personal level and will allow you to know what your strongest feelings are and if you are determined and enthusiastic. With this you will be able to discover if your interests are compatible with yours.

3- The place where you live

Whether she is new to the city or living in the same neighborhood for many years, asking her what she likes about where she lives will allow her to know her tastes and interests in terms of culture, relationships with other people, customs and very personal habits. Also you can check if they are similar to your tastes.

From this question you can get ideas to take it on a second date and at the same time, it will allow you to know more about your interior.

4- How to distribute your day

It is an interesting conversation, since it will allow you to discover what things your time dedicates. Knowing about your work allows you to know your interests, how you direct your energy and the responsibilities you may have.

Also with this talk you will know if you are an active or rather passive woman, if you have extra activities such as a hobby or sport that you spend your time, if your friends or family are important to her and gives them their time or is committed to some cause.

5- Weekend activities

One of the best ways to get to know a woman is to know what she likes to do during her free time.

The weekend is one of those instances. If you ask him what he did last weekend, you will have an idea of ​​whether his interests and tastes are compatible with yours during rest periods.

When a person does not have to work, he dedicates his time and energy to the things that really interest him. This theme will allow you to know enough about your personality, beyond the routines and the daily rhythm.

6- Pets

Many people love pets. This is a topic that can generate a great connection between her and you. Animals arouse the best feelings of a person; Tenderness, compassion, understanding. Within this conversation you can also ask the question for your favorite animal, which shows you other characteristics of his personality.

Knowing if pets are important to her is critical if you also have your own. It will allow you to know part of your intimate life and to see if it is compatible with your own tastes.

In addition, according to Carroll University researchers, your pet can determine your personality. This is how dog lovers tend to be more social, not so sensitive and to follow more rules than cat lovers, who are much more sensitive, introverted and more lonely.

7- Favorite food

If you ask him what his favorite food is you are playing an entertaining subject that may interest you and let you know more.

But besides that, there is science behind that question. A study by psychologists in Austria showed that people who prefer bitter foods, such as vinegar, unsweetened cocoa and Radishes , May have more hostile and sadistic behaviors and thoughts.

This issue may bring a disappointing response, but it is good to take it into account during the first encounter.

8- What do you do?

It is important to know what your occupation is because it gives you clear signs of what your lifestyle is like. This gives you an idea of ​​your character, the environment where you move, the people in your environment, etc.

If you also ask him if he likes his job or what his dream job is, you will know his aspirations, passions and illusions.

In addition, according to science, the profession is important in determining the degree of commitment that a person has in relation to a company in the long run.

For example, the careers that are most stable in their marriages are engineers and farmers. On the other hand the dancers, masseuses and bartenders are the ones that have the worse score in duration of their marriages.

9- Ask risky questions

A sure, straightforward and risky question can impress and surprise your date, since it leaves the routine of boring and predictable subjects.

If you put a controversial issue on the table, how many couples you had before or what your opinion is in relation to some controversial issues, you can generate an attractive discussion, make it leave your comfort zone and allow you to know beyond the superficial , Their true postures and a more honest look at their way of being.

10- Speak to him directly

Women are shown to react much better to direct questions and perceive clear approaches as more effective and attractive.

This form of communication clearly indicates whether there is interest or not during the appointment. The man or woman who behaves in this way gets her attention better.

If the first date is already an ambiguous meeting, it is better to avoid recharging the environment with hints, clear and precise questions are sufficient. If you want a second date, just ask.

11- Ask about your family

When you go out with someone, you want to know it in all its facets. An excellent way to get into your personal world is to know your family, since they are the people with whom you have the closest.

Your opinions about your family members, the way you refer to them and your loving or distant attitude is a great way to discover aspects of your personality.

12- Your vision of love

Many may disagree, but if you ask him directly about love and relationships you will know what his opinion and position is on the subject at this time. This is very relevant since you will clearly know whether or not there are possibilities of projecting this relationship.

This does not refer to pressure or harassment, but to make clear your intentions in relation to love in general. Honesty is key to yourself and is also attractive to them.

13- Cultural References

Here are all the questions about books that are important to her, her favorite movies, what music she likes best, whether she prefers to go to the theater or to the movies and all the issues related to it.

Not only does it allow you to know a little more about your personality, but you can tell if you have any interest in common, it is always nice to connect with someone who loves your own favorite TV series or loves the same character in a book, or also know From the beginning if you are definitely opposed at all.

14- Your friends

Friends are a very important part of a person's life and asking for their best friend is a sweet way to show interest in them. He is a key person in his life and certainly has a significant influence on his decisions and his way of being.

15- Do not bring the conversation exclusively to romance

The conversation on the first date should be relaxed and ideally balanced. It is not necessary to immediately get to the romantic tension between you two, but focus on different topics that are interesting for both. The important thing more than what is said, is how you react.

The key is balance, do not hog the whole conversation, but do not be too passive and just nod to everything she says.

The most important thing is to show a warm and genuine interest in your answers. A talk that is participatory for both is what makes it a soft and pleasant moment.

One last tip

Once you've figured out what she thinks about the things that are most important to you, you can focus on other less relevant details.

The important thing is to keep the conversation comfortable and relaxed so that the two can meet and thus discover if the attraction they feel is only something superficial or can be projected into a lasting relationship.

Therefore, the first conversation is key, it is a first impression that will mark the whole development of the meeting and will allow you to find out if it is the right one for you.


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