15 Curiosities of the Pigs | Did you know all this about them?

These curiosities of the pigs will leave you speechless, since this animal, which has been with us since the dawn of time , and that is as much the basis of the diet of some countries as forbidden food in many others, it is a very well known companion all over the world. Its curious shape, its nose and its unmistakable noises (so similar to the laughter of some people) make it a very recognizable animal.

Surely you already know some curiosities of the pigs, as they were the first domesticated animal of humanity or that they are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet (more than dogs and even some primates!). But, no matter how much you think you know about this animal, surely some of the curiosities on the list will surprise you.

15 Curiosities of the Pigs | Did you know all this about them?

Curiosities of the brown pigs

one. Bacon is one of the oldest prepared meats , since it originated neither more nor less than in the year 1500 a. C. Knowing what the bacon liked to everyone, in the twelfth century some churches offered a dish of this food to their parishioners if they could swear that for a year they had not fought with their partner.

two. Newborn pigs have the ability to recognize their mother's voice and they run towards it when they are called. Pig moms also tend to sing to their young. In addition (and this is one of the curiosities of the pigs that show their great intelligence) after two months they already recognize his name.

3. The well-known expression of " sweat like a pig " It is a big lie. Pigs do not have sweat glands, and, in fact, one of the ways they have to fight the heat is through another cliché of their own: rolling in the mud.

Four. The pigs are able to talk among themselves. Up to twenty different vocalizations have been distinguished that transmit a large number of messages (for example, they can say if they are hungry). And they are noisy: a pig can scream with more volume than a supersonic airplane.

Curiosities of the Pigs swimming

5. There are pigs that are even able to swim. On an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, for example, it is not uncommon to see a kind of wild pig that inhabit the island dives into the sea in order to get close to the tourist boats and take a snack to the mouth.

6 The pigs eat absolutely everything. They have an omnivorous diet, with which they do not disgust him neither to the vegetable nor to the meat. In fact, some farmers give them all kinds of delicacies that seem reserved for humans to eat, such as ice cream, cereals ... They even ate a farmer who died in a pigsty of a heart attack!

7 Another of the curiosities of pigs is related to the fact that, although they do not have very good eyesight, they have an incredibly developed sense of smell. They are able to look for food sinking the nose into the ground (that is why they are so appreciated when looking for truffles). The smell of a pig is about 2000 times more potent than that of humans.

8 The social behavior of these animals is also most amazing, since, for example, they prefer to sleep embraced. Also, and like humans (indeed, pigs are much more like us than we think) these incredible animals have dreams.

9. Another of the curiosities of the most amazing pigs is that they are very clean animals. They teach themselves, for example, to relieve themselves, far from where they eat, and just wallow in the mud to cool off. Even living in community, these animals establish a common place to go to relieve themselves and not leave everything as a pigsty.

Curiosities of the Pigs small

10 As pigs look so much like humans, their stem cells are used to investigate all kinds of diseases that affect us. To locate these cells more easily, Chinese scientists have crossed pigs with a kind of jellyfish, so that the tongue and snout of these pigs shines with ultraviolet light.

eleven. One of the curiosities of the most unexpected pigs is that they are one of the most common mammals on Earth , since there is currently a trillion pigs somewhere on the planet. That means there is one pig for every six humans, approximately.

12 They say that the pig is used until the walk, and could not be more true. Hair is used, for example, to make brushes. But not only they are used to manufacture things or like food: the valves of the heart of the pigs, for example, they are used to in transplants for the similar ones that are to those of the humans.

13 In China the vision of the pig differs slightly from the West. Despite being an important part of their diet, pork is not only part of the Chinese calendar, but also associated with virility and fertility. Therefore, it is common to find statues of this animal in the bedrooms of couples who want to have children.

14 Although in some countries it is not consumed culturally, pork is the most consumed in the world (thanks to countries such as China, the largest consumer). Of all the meat consumed, 40% is pork, 34% belongs to birds and 21% is veal.

fifteen. As well as immense pigs (like Big Bill, which weighed more than a thousand kilos!) There is also a kind of miniature piglets. These animals have been gaining more and more popularity with the passage of time and have become the pets of many people, including celebrities.

We hope you enjoyed this article about curiosities about pigs and that you have learned something more about this animal, whether it is based on your diet or not. Tell us, do you like to eat pork or do you prefer not to? Do you think we've left any interesting curiosity? Remember that you can tell us what you want in the comments!

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