15 Curiosities of the Murder of Lincoln that perhaps you did not know

Abraham Lincoln was the President No. 16 of the United States. Globally known for abolishing slavery, this politician is part of the four US presidents killed during his term. If you want to discover all the details of the tragic event, continue reading this article and know 15 curiosities about Lincoln's murder that you probably did not know about. Let us remember together this side of the history of the North American country.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky in the year 1809. Of republican ideological current, this American served the army and was trained in the career of Law . One of his first most relevant political positions was to be a Member of the House of Representatives of the United States, which he held from 1847 to 1849. He arrived in 1861 and began his first presidential term, being reelected once and governing until 1865, year in which the Lincoln murder happened.

15 Curiosities of the Murder of Lincoln | Know all the details!

1. The assassination of Lincoln was caused by an ideological difference between him and his murderer, John Wilkes Booth, whom we will discuss in the next curiosities.

2. This tragic event where the sixteenth President of the United States died it happened on April 14, 1865 at 10:25 p.m. , in the city of Washington D.C., specifically in a well-known theater in this area, the Ford Theater.

Murder of Lincoln

3. That day Abraham Lincoln decided to attend the theater, along with his wife and two guests, Major Henry Rathbone and his girlfriend, Clara Harris, to observe the play "Our American Cousin" by the playwright Tom Taylor.

Four. John Wilkes Booth, actor and author of the assassination of Lincoln, was sympathetic to the Confederate , a group that by the time we were talking about was losing power and, if it continued like this, it would dissolve very soon, which is why he planned the murder with a group of friends (also sympathizers), who had relevant roles throughout the plan, how to assassinate the Secretary of State and the Vice President.

Murder of Lincoln 1

John Wilkes Booth, murderer of Abraham Lincoln

5. The assassination of Secretary of State William Seward was assigned to Lewis Powell, one of John Wilkes Booth's colleagues. But nevertheless, he could only hurt Seward , because he initiated a stabbing involving the Secretary's son and a sergeant who accompanied him while he was resting due to an accident.

6. For its part, the task of assassinating the vice president, Andrew Johnson, was entrusted to George Atzerodt , another one of the supporters of the Confederate States and companion of the author of the Lincoln assassination. Atzerodt did not even attempt to assassinate the Vice President, which is why Booth's plan again did not pay off.

7. While the previous events happened, John Wilkes Booth was going to the theater where the President would be, all in order to carry out the murder of Lincoln. Once there, the presidential couple was in one of the boxes of the Ford Theater and, as Booth was an actor, knew perfectly well the place and the piece they were playing. The killer waited until the second scene of the third act, at which point he took the opportunity to fire a single bullet in the back of the President's head.

Murder of Lincoln 2

8. John Wilkes Booth fled as fast as he could and during the process he fell off a railing, one of his shoes got tangled in a flag and he came to the ground injuring his left foot. Even so, the author of Lincoln's murder managed to escape .

9. A total of three doctors who were present in the theater as spectators went to the presidential box to provide medical attention, however, one of them assured that the wound Lincoln presented was deadly , so it would be impossible to heal. Despite this, they made the decision to move Lincoln to the White House, a fact that did not occur due to the distance. Instead, the President was welcomed into a pension in the area.

Murder of Lincoln 3

10. The next day, April 15, 1865, at 7:22 in the morning, Lincoln was declared dead .

11. Meanwhile, countless American soldiers were searching for John Wilkes Booth and his companions, who had moved to Virginia to hide on a farm. Booth and Herold remained on the farm until April 26, the date on which the army found them.

Murder of Lincoln 4

12. The rest of the Confederate supporters who knew about Lincoln's murder plan were captured over time and some were tried, while others were ordered to the gallows in July of 1865.

13. After numerous funeral processions, the remains of President Lincoln rest so far in the Oak Ridge Cemetery , in Springfield, Illinois, next to a monument in his honor. This crypt is part of the famous tombs most visited in the United States.

Murder of Lincoln 5

14. Even if it seems hard to believe, the tomb of John Wilkes Booth is also highly visited . Therefore, it has become part of the famous tombs which are located in the state of Maryland. People often visit it and leave pennies with Lincoln's face.

fifteen. The murder of Lincoln was the first to succeed a president in the United States , reason why it generated even more impact in the society of the time.

Murder of Lincoln 6

This tragic fact not only left a mark on the history of the North American country , has also left sequels in the White House, where many of those who have occupied it over the years, after the assassination of Lincoln, have claimed to have seen the ghost of Lincoln in numerous opportunities. If true or false, the truth is that the phrases by Abraham Lincoln and his important legacy during his presidential term continues to this day.

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