15 Curiosities about Pistachios | Super beneficial for your health!

Pistachios have become an appetizer or snack that can be easily found all over the world. It was planted for the first time in western and central Asia in the Bronze Age and from there it spread through the Mediterranean and also receives the name of alfóncigo or alfónsido. The one we currently consume is the Pistacia Vera that should not be confused with other species of the Pistacia genus that are smaller, hard and have a strong turpentine flavor. Join us to know 10 Curiosities about Pistachios and you will know why they are super beneficial for your health!

15 Curiosities about Pistachios

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1. The tree known as alfóncigo grows on average up to 10 meters and has pinnate leaves of 5 leaflets that measure between 10 and 20 cm. long. When the cold arrives the leaves come off.

2. The pistachio or pistachio is a flat desert and therefore has a great tolerance to saline soils. Also survives without problems in temperatures ranging from -10ºC in winter and 40ºC during the summer, yes, they need to be oriented towards the sun and the soil in which they grow is well drained as they do not resist persistent humidity.

15 Curiosities about Pistachios

3. They are planted in orchards and take between 7 and 10 years to reach a production of consideration. As of that moment they usually give an average of 50 kg. of seeds every two years.

4. One of the curiosities about pistachios is that archaeologists have discovered remains of pistachio seeds, along with tools to break the shell, in the archaeological site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov in the Hula Valley in Israel dating back to about 780,000 years ago. As a common food there is evidence that it was already consumed in 6750 BC.

5. During the reign of the king Marduk-apal-idina II of the 11th dynasty of Babylon , in the 700 a.C., in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon there were planted pistachios.

6. Another of the curiosities about pistachios it is that in Spain it was cultivated during the Muslim domination, but the Christian conquerors did not know that the male plants should be conserved although they did not bear fruit and they were plucked, so the crop that has not recovered up to the present time was lost.

7. It is the fruit tree more resistant to drought surpassing the almond tree, but its growth and fruition is much slower.

8. Pistachios contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients among which are beta-carotene, phosphorus, vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, thiamine and fiber.

15 Curiosities about Pistachios 1

9. It is considered to improve the health of the heart due to the high content of carotenoids, a type of antioxidants.

10. Although it has a lot of fat and a portion of 13 grams contains 17% of the recommended fat daily, it is monounsaturated and therefore heart-healthy and it helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

11. Pistachios are also considered a protein source since a portion contains approximately 6 grams.

12 USA and Iran They are the main producers of pistachios in the world and those of the Asian country are the highest quality.

13. Another interesting thing about pistachios is that they can catch fire. The shipments of pistachios packaged in bulk and storage in large quantities tend to self-heating and this can lead to spontaneous combustion because of the low water content and the large amount of fat that pistachios have. if they are stored with certain fibrous materials.

15 Curiosities about Pistachios 2

14. Because they hatch before being picked, it is important that these nuts do not become contaminated with mold or aflatoxin, especially in warmer and wet environments as they could be toxic.

15. If you like pistachios and usually have a good supply at home to replace a sweet or a sandwich in a healthy way, they can become rancid over time. Experts advise to keep them in the fridge and even in the freezer.

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