15 Abandoned churches that give chills | Would you visit them?

If you had ever thought that the only dark places are the abandoned cemeteries , today you will have the opportunity to discover that it is not like that. In the next lines we will share with you 15 abandoned churches whose structures have been affected by the years and, of course, the vandalism has made of theirs , letting carelessness reign in each of its corners.

These places before religious have an undeniable mystical aura, which will impede the heart of those who walk among its ancient walls. Would not you love to visit them? We have always been amazed by the places inhabited in the past, such as abandoned castles or abandoned schools . They are simply fascinating. If you are ready to know cases of abandoned churches, we invite you to continue reading.

15 Abandoned churches that give chills | Are you ready to observe them?

1. Abbey of Villers in Belgium

Abandoned Churches

This construction dates from the year 1146 and although today it is abandoned it is a national heritage of the European country. Formerly the Villers Abbey served as a Cistercian monastery. In the extensive grounds of this abandoned church there is a cemetery where are the remains of characters of the Belgian crown.

2. Church of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary in Russia

In the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary structures are kept completely intact while in other areas of the place it is possible to evidence their deterioration. This place where the Catholic religion was worshiped was built in the year 1833 and its interior has been the environment of different historical epochs.

3. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Cyprus

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In the Middle East we find the old Cathedral of San Nicolás , as it is also known, one of the abandoned churches where Islam was worshiped. In this Gothic style mosque it is still possible to visualize its interesting medieval structure which, fortunately, has been maintained over the years, although it has ruins in its surrounding areas.

4. Church of Saint-Étienne-le-Vieux in France

Continuing on the European continent we find the next religious place in this list of abandoned churches. Although the Church of Saint-Étienne-le-Vieux de Caen, in the curious France It is a historical monument nowadays we only see the ruins of what was once an amazing Gothic structure dating from nothing more and nothing less than the year 1067.

5. Monastery of Santa María de Seiça in Portugal

Churches Abandoned 2

This monastery belongs to the abandoned churches that give chills because their structure is being consumed little by little by nature. Founded in 1162, the monastery was one of the most important in Figueira da Foz, in Portugal ; however, nowadays there is nothing left but walls with mold and moss.

6. Church of San Bonaventura in Italy

In the ruins of Monterano, in the curious Italy , we find another of the abandoned churches whose structure has been lost over the years. This place has become part of the ghost town that, in spite of how dark it is to visit or observe it, gives us great landscapes that can remain in the memory of those brave who make the decision to visit it.

7. Church of the Ross Island in India

Abandoned Churches 3

The church you are about to meet was destroyed in 1941 by an earthquake that struck Ross Island in India . Since then this construction belonging to the 15 abandoned churches that give chills is visited by tourists who dare to enter it despite the circumstances. You would do it?

8. Santa Clara Monastery in Portugal

Returning to this European country we find a monastery that also served as a convent, which is located in Coimbra, Portugal. Its construction was made in the thirteenth century and its abandonment is due to the significant amount of flooding that occurred in the area as a result of Mondego river , located in areas near the abandoned church.

9. Unfinished church in Bermuda

Abandoned Churches 4

On this British island it is possible to find one of the abandoned churches that give chills but, despite this, there are many tourists who visit it. As the name implies, this construction was never finished, because the project was left aside to be able to reform the original church from the community of San Jorge.

10. Church of San Martín de Tours in Spain

In this European country we also find one of the abandoned churches that are worth knowing. Although the Church of San Martín de Tours is a good of cultural interest in our time, it was one of the most important buildings in Zaragoza, Spain , during the 15th century. The abandonment of this church occurred as a result of the Spanish Civil War.

11. Church of Oradour-sur-Glane in France

Abandoned Churches 5

The next abandoned church that we want to share not only gives you chills for your physical deterioration but also for the terrible facts that were lived in the locality in which it is . Oradour-sur-Glane is the name of the French zone in which this church is located where a massacre was carried out in 1944, while the Second World War was taking place. The tragic event left a total of 642 people killed, part of the figure corresponds to children who were burned inside the church.

12. Church of Egg Hill in the United States

In Pennsylvania, U.S , we find the next place belonging to the abandoned churches that give chills. This was built in the year 1860 and has 2.3 acres, however, since 1927 it was completely abandoned and today simply it is a place of interest of the North American state in question.

13. Bell tower of the Church of Lake Resia, in Italy

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Again in this European country we find one of the abandoned churches that, in this case, was demolished but its bell tower is still preserved , which dates from the 14th century. The old church was demolished in order to create an artificial lake in Bolzano-Bozen, which is fed by three popular rivers in Italy.

14. City of 1001 Churches in Turkey

Ani was the name of an ancient city in Turkey where religion played an extremely important role. In its extensive land numerous churches were located, reason for which nowadays it is known under the name of City of 1001 Churches . Of course, the years have passed through this area that today represents Armenia and Turkey Oriental, reason why said constructions are abandoned churches that are simply visited to be photographed.

15. Collegiate Church of Lincluden in Scotland

Abandoned Churches 7

Since 1700 the Collegiate Church of Lincluden, in Dumfries, in the legendary Scotland , it remains totally abandoned. This religious place was founded in 1160 and, due to the importance it gives to the European country, it remains protected and is considered a historical monument. Despite its abandonment, this is one of the most interesting abandoned churches because the combination of the landscape with the Nith River, located around the collegiate church, create a truly impressive landscape.

Definitely only the brave and adventurous spirit can go into these places and discover in person the abandoned churches that we previously shared. If you have these features, leave us in the comments which were the churches that most impressed you and that you would like to know , We will read you immediately!

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