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In the next article we want to talk to you about strange and strange things, specifically we want to tell you about strange lights. If you are a follower of our blog, you will already hear the Min Min lights, which fall into this kind of phenomenon and which we are talking about in the article: " The strange and mysterious lights Min Min of Australia, what are they? "

But the Min Min lights are not the only strange lights that exist, surely the first ones that come to your head are the rainbow, the aurora borealis or even the haloes that form around the sun.

Our planet has witnessed a variety of optical oddities. Some of these strange lights have an obvious origin that is known to the naked eye, some have generated legends and others have been the object of scientific research. Although some of the strange lights of which we speak to you next have explanation, others continue being a mystery.

Strange lights

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1. Spectra, jets and elves

Strange lights, jet, spectrum, elf

Translation of the composition showing spectra, jets and atmospheric elves of Abestrobi

These strange lights are best appreciated with a camera in low light. With such a camera, you could see the so-called red spectra of the atmosphere with the naked eye. The jets on the other hand are blue and usually look like a lightning bolt fired from a cloud. The "elves", on the other hand, are flattened phenomena that are usually seen above the thunderstorms and also tend to be red.

These three phenomena are examples of higher atmospheric rays, but scientists are still discovering a great variety of them.

2. Lights of Hessdalen

These strange lights are originally from the Hessdalen Valley in Norway. The origin of these lights that vary in color, intensity and duration is still not well known. This phenomenon occurs at a low altitude in the atmosphere, which differentiates it from many other phenomena that occur at higher altitudes in the atmosphere.

In a 2007 report, the best hypothesis is revealed with cameras and intensity graphs. Although there are so many theories that point out that they are related to aliens and although it is not known exactly what the lights contain, everything points to two culprits: gas and dust. The dust floats to the top trying to reach the gases, which burn until the fuel between the two ignites and burns.

3. Marfa's ghost lights

The inhabitants of Marfa, in Texas , they attest to these strange ghost lights, which seem to be friendly. They can be seen both day and night. Many claim that they are caused by the headlights of the nearby road or even by bonfires that are made at night.

4. Spooklight

The Spooklight you can see it if you visit Oklahoma. This ball of light varies in size, however it is almost always orange. Although they have been looking at hundreds of years, no one has yet been able to identify their origin. The most common hypotheses coincide with the lights of Marfa; car headlights, bonfires, flashlights ...

5. Light of brown mountains

These strange lights are North Carolina. Some people believe that it is lights under the trees in the Brown Mountains, something like people shaking lights. A old Cherokee legend He talks about the ghosts of the wives who are looking for their husbands who did not return from the war.

6. The ghost ship of Chaleur

Legend has it that this is a pirate ghost ship that was destroyed by the kidnapping of two Native American girls and where the crew can still be seen working on board. Scientists who have investigated this claim that this view is due to the natural gases that are under the waves, however the locals maintain that this only happens since the ship of Captain Craig sank.

7. Fata Morgana

They are lights that look over the water. They are phenomena that occur because the water is reflected, turns and stretches like elastic bands. Essentially they are images that are reflected from beyond the horizon to our own view, that makes things appear where they should not be.

8. Green ray

strange lights

This phenomenon of strange lights can be seen when the sun rises or sets. The sun appears with a small green border around the product of the stretching effects similar to what happens with the Fata Morganas.

9. Sundog

They are also known as Parthelia and are very similar to halos. They have their origin in ice crystals in the atmosphere that reflect sunlight at different angles.

10. Lunar arcs

As with the rainbow, water must be present in the air so you can see the lunar arcs. It is also important that the moon is full or almost full so that it projects enough light.

These are the 11 cases of strange lights that we have brought you in today's article. Without a doubt, seeing them live should be something simply unique. Have you witnessed any of these light phenomena? If so, tell us your experience. Leave us your comments! It will be great to read you!

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