101 Best Three-Phrase Sky Phrases

I leave you the 101 best Phrases Three meters above the sky , The romantic film directed by Fernando González Molina and starring Mario Casas, Álvaro Cervantes, María Valverde and Marina Salas.

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101 Best Three-Phrase Sky Phrases

1- Has it happened that you are standing in a place and you do not want to be like none of those around you? You do not want to be the jerk you broke your face, or your father, or your brother. And nobody from your fucking family.

2 - Repeat is equal to jail.

3- And suddenly it happens, something is triggered. And you know that things are going to change. They have already changed. And you know that from there, nothing will ever be the same again

Just because they've gone to bed a couple of times does not mean they're dating.

5- I have several days to find a reason that allows me to forgive you and I can not find it.

"Surely I would not laugh at your jokes, nor would you understand my half-neuron!"

7- Come on, I've already fought with enough people on this night because of you.

8- You're just like your mother: Grumpy

9- Hey! You do not know him. He is a boy with problems, he does not have any money and his father treats him fatal. But in spite of all that it is very nice.

10- The day they call you to declare you're going to say that I had nothing to do, do you know why? Because that day you will be so crazy for me that you will do anything to save me.

11- When you stop being afraid, you will begin to enjoy.

12- This place is reserved for the brave, or run or leave.

13- Luck, the prude that does not look like opening her legs easily

14- You know that in the worst times you have inside you a black angel that plunges us both

15 - When that new day came, you swore to me that you were going to change; But you fell again.

16- Can I know what is going on in my daughter's life so that she behaves as if she is not?

"No, you're not forcing me to do anything I do not want to do."

18- Tell her that if she does not leave our daughter alone she's going to have problems!

19- So it's not an urban legend eh? Good girls are still punished when they misbehave.

20 - Go get me at the entrance of the school and take me away. I trust you.

21- As your best friend, I demand to know all the details of the first time you do it. I'm so excited! It's like I'm losing my virginity again.

"That woman was my mother.

23- Do you see that house over there, the one that says it is sold? My sister and I played that was ours. It pitiful, it is as if we could never enjoy it again.

My mom does not trust me. Well, from you.

25- Does it look like Mom's signature? I think that's perfect.

26 - How innocent that, is getting into the mouth of the wolf and does not know.

27- Hey Hello Kitty, this rag is yours, ten. The other night your new boyfriend used it to tie me to the bed. Poor thing, you believed in the promises of eternal love of the motorized one.

"I'm not going to fool you or hurt you." I'm with you now.

29- That's what the warriors do. Mark our victory in the first fight.

I understand why your wife is worried. Her daughter is dating a guy who walks by life on a motorcycle. Giving the right hand and sinister refusal to accept what really happens around them.

31- Suddenly someone comes and tells you to calm down, and that's when you start to appreciate the way. You realize that there is a trophy behind the bottles of tequila, which sounds your favorite song, which is Tuesday and also thirteen.

32- To act like an adult what it is, to be thirty years old and to live like an old man who does not know how to enjoy life? I am sorry.

33- No, they have not expelled you thanks to a donation of 8000 euros that we disinterestedly made to the school.

34- Shut up! You do not know how much it hurts to hear your lies When did you decide that you could make fun of me like that?

35- Go and tell your boyfriend that dress is a thousand times better wet.

36- Remind me the next time we bathe together, wash that mouth well with soap and water

37. You say that I am a brute and a beast. I can not allow someone like that to take you home, and I do it for your sake. Tomorrow you'll regret not being more consistent.

38- Do we stay like this all night or feel like changing positions?

39- Excuse me, just so you do not look like a liar, did you and I yesterday get a bubble bath?

"I knew I could not trust you. Your promises are worthless.

"I'm a pig, an animal, a beast, a violent one... but you'd let yourself be kissed for me.

"I have to tell you something, this is serious... I've never done it to anyone. -Me neither.

"I'm not in a hurry with you."

I'll be a brief teacher. From now on you will treat a student very well, if I find out that Babi suffers because of her. He's going to have problems.

45. I love the smell of a pipe. It reminds me when I was little.

46- Do you like it? You have nothing to say? -I do not want this to ever end.

"It was your favorite house, was not it?" That's why I bought it for you. Now we are the lords of the house.

48. You have to take the first step.

Shhh... calm down my love, calm down. I love you

"No, you did not hurt me. You made me feel great and I'm happy.

I am very happy, more than from here to the sky, ten feet above the sky.

"You have no respect for anything!" Go away!

53- Chicken with little salt, the strawberries can not be in the refrigerator, you must remove the bowl. The candles light it five minutes before it arrives and do not forget that it comes at eight but it always arrives ten minutes before okay?

54- My parents are crazy looking for a ring that my grandmother gives them. What do I tell you now, that with you this is always going to be like this? Leave me alone.

55 - Why do you insist on humiliating and destroying our family, do you know what they will now think of us? We promised that we would help them.

"I'm sorry, you promised." I do not.

"Stop being ashamed of me, of deciding for me. I refuse to grow old and realize that I have become someone like you.

"I do not want to live your motherfucking life, Mom. He is my boyfriend and I will be with him whether you like it or not.

"I'm not going to lie again for you." If you keep doing things like we've been doing, I'll break up with you. I swear.

60- If I learn that he treats his dog as he treats his students, I will return to take him.

61- Starting tomorrow I'm going to start winning, so she can see me succeed.

"All right. I'll change.

63- Our girls are amazing friend. We have to live up to it.

"Promise me you'll be there tomorrow."

"How come you threaten my teacher, you thought I would not notice?" Stop thinking for me. Do not treat me like a fool, please.

66 You and me ten feet above the sky.

67- You're a genius.

68- If you invite my sister to leave her boyfriend will break each and every one of the bones of your body. That will happen.

69- Hey! Where is your friend? This is not going to stay this way, I want my damn revenge

70- Just in case you forgot to include it in the guest list. Hugo Oliveira, my boyfriend.

71- With whom is our daughter dancing? "With a good boy who loves her."

72- Let me go! Let me be my friend!

73 Hey! Twice he told you to leave her alone.

"Where is he?" Please find him and tell me how the paramedics do not want to tell me.

"I can not take any more, you have a life of shit full of people dead and blood. And you do not mind crawling with me.

"Do not swear to me, you do not care about me, not me, not your family, not your best friend.

77. There is always a moment when the road forks. Each one takes a direction thinking that the roads will be united again. From your way you see the other person becoming smaller.

"In the end nothing happens, except for one thing. The bloody winter comes.

"I know I have not seen much of these months, but I have not been able to. I am sorry

No one will be like him, but I assure you that you will find someone who will make you happy.

81- We lost the contact after the accident, they say that now it is happening with other people, they also say that it is dating another boy. The best thing you can do is forget about her.

"Suddenly you realize that it's all over... really. There is no turning back, you feel it. And you realize that everything started much earlier than you thought, that's when you accept that things happen only once.

"No matter how hard you try, you'll never feel the same again. You will never be ten feet above the sky.

"I'm afraid to say something wrong. I love you

85- Forbidden to be so many days without seeing us!

86- To the point of touching the sky with a finger?

"Sometimes I think I'm not going to find someone like him again.

88- His name is Hugo Oliveira but they say"H". Hache of Hero who has come to save your life.

"You're a pig, you filthy bastard, you bastard. Fuck you!"

"Sorry, I've never been to the back of a motorcycle."

"So I'm the first?"

92- All you give me is laughter

"Hey! But there is the unmanned pirate here.

"I like the way it sounds. This is the first time you call me by name.

"You're perfect."

"You look incredible.

"Do you want me to be the first?" -And the last.

"Stop looking like you're desperately looking for someone."

"Oh! I love this song. Come on, let's go with my new gay friend.

100. What do I have to do to make you forgive me?

"You see? That typical is what always spoils everything.

"Did not your mother teach you that you do not sneak into the ladies' handbags?"

"Do you know what's going on?" When I am the one who pays, I like to choose my companion.

"You do not remember me?" This morning I accompanied you to school. Well, actually I escorted you, like important people.

"Ah! Were you the one who did not stop screaming stupidities?

"That tactic always works with girls like you, stretched out but wanting to loosen up.

107- You see? That way you're kind of a little less ugly.

108. The damage is already done.

Repeat with me, I will not again water the feast to those who know how to enjoy.

110. Squeeze yourself if you go out that is freezing.

111- Sorry, but that piece of blonde just crossed you with the friendly look What do you say, we follow?

"I told my mom that you invited me to stay in your house today, you leave me the key under the rug."

113- I do not want to see that friend or his friend in painting.

"Then we will not see you and I will be friends." I'm dating him.

"Yes, she is here too, but I estimate that in a week at most she will be dead because she has betrayed the most dangerous of them all."

"I doubt I like a beer from the same place that you like.

"If you did not even know I was here then why did you turn red like a girl tomato?"

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