10 Wonderful Ancient Egyptian Cities | Discover them!

Egypt is a country whose area exceeds one million square kilometers, therefore, has many areas that are worth knowing if you have the opportunity to travel to this area of ​​the world. Otherwise, it is also curious to read about these corners where so much culture and history is present. In this Supercurioso article we will dedicate ourselves to share you information about 10 cities of Ancient Egypt, which are still intact and are part of the tourist sites of this great country . Let's start!

10 Wonderful Ancient Egyptian Cities | Sites you must discover

1. Giza

Cities of Ancient Egypt

The first of the cities of Ancient Egypt that we want to present to you is Giza, since it contains part of the Historical and touristic places of greatest value to the Egyptians , of course, we talk about The Three Pyramids, composed by The Great Pyramid or Pyramid of Cheops , the Pyramid of Kefrén or Jafra and, finally, the Pyramid of Mikerinos, which constitute the Ancient Egyptian architecture of this city that, without doubt, is an ideal destination for travelers interested in Egyptian culture.

2. Memphis

Cities of Ancient Egypt 1

When talking about tourist destinations in Egypt and cities of Ancient Egypt that are really wonderful we should not forget to Memphis, the capital of what was historically known as the Old Kingdom . Currently, this Egyptian city has World Heritage Sites selected by Unesco, which is why its necropolis and its pyramids are as interesting as they are beautiful to observe. The first pharaoh of Egypt (Menes) founded Memphis approximately in the year 3050 a. C.

3. Armant

Cities of Ancient Egypt 2

Although this Egyptian city is now called Armant, in Ancient Egypt it was known as Per-Montu, since it was believed that Montu lived, the god of the sun and war. This area of ​​Egypt is known as one of the most popular necropolis, therefore, in its extension it is possible to find cemeteries that belong to different historical epochs.

4. Kom Ombo

Cities of Ancient Egypt 3

If in your future plans you are traveling to Egypt, this is one of the cities of Ancient Egypt that you can not ignore. Kom Ombo is an agricultural area that is also known under the names Nubt or Nubet, both of Egyptian origin whose translation is understood as "golden city". In this area you will find the Temple of Kom Ombo or Temple of Sobek and Haroeris, which remains in ruins but is shocking to know its rooms, sanctuaries and internal works. Also, in Kom Ombo is located the Crocodile Museum, near the previous temple, an area where you will find mummies that belong to Ancient Egypt.

5. Abydos

Cities of Ancient Egypt 4

Continuing our journey through the cities of Ancient Egypt that are wonderful we are located in Abydos, one of the most important areas in antiquity , being also known under the name of Abedyu. In its terrain we found numerous temples and funerary areas, like chapels where some Egyptian gods were worshiped. Abydos was popularly known as a cult center, so it was the favorite place if you wanted to pay homage to the god Jentyamentiu or Osiris.

6. Naqada

Cities of Ancient Egypt 5

Also called Nagada, this Egyptian city stands out from the rest due to its large gold mines , one of the most important resources that the people used to make jewelry, clothing and even some artisans of Ancient Egypt they made use of it for the manufacture of furniture. Like Kom Ombo, Naqada was named Nubt.

7. Aswan

Cities of Ancient Egypt 6

With a current surface that exceeds 30 thousand square kilometers, Aswan or Aswan used to be known in antiquity as Swenet, a city that played an important role when it came to talking about economic activities due to its location on the border. As in Naqada, the most important resource was gold , in this zone the Sienite rock was the most exploited and worked material on the part of the Egyptians, with it they were elaborated from statues to pyramids .

8. Edfu

Cities of Ancient Egypt 7

As another of the Ancient Egyptian cities most visited by tourists we find Edfu, Dyeba or Behedet, names with which this Egyptian area used to be called in antiquity. Besides serving as capital in Upper Egypt, it is mythologically known to be the place where the gods Horus and Seth battled to get the throne, a fight that resulted in the division of the titles, with Horus the god of Lower Egypt and Seth of Upper Egypt.

9. Thebes

Cities of Ancient Egypt 8

Thebes is one of the cities of Ancient Egypt most known due to its many historical buildings where Unesco also chose Heritage of Humanity that are highly visited annually. Tebas was baptized as the "city of a hundred doors", a title that Homer granted him due to the innumerable amount of doors of the temples that are located in this area. In addition, it used to be called Uaset and Al-Uqsur, the latter name being translated into Spanish as "the palaces", so you can imagine how many of them are located in Thebes and wait for you. Formerly the city was considered a sacred area where many of the pharaohs Y important characters of Egypt .

10. Esna

Cities of Ancient Egypt 9

The last of the cities of Ancient Egypt that we wish to present to you is Esna, Iunyt or Ta Senet, names that this Egyptian area received many years ago. It worked as a capital during Upper Egypt and today it is usually visited by foreigners who want to walk through its areas and know, above all, the Temple of Jnum, a sanctuary as imposing as respected for the Egyptians, since in him the homonymous god was worshiped.

If in your dreams you have wanted to experience adventures in Egypt , it will be better that you prepare everything you need to travel to this area of ​​the world whose corners are so much culture. From temples, sanctuaries, pyramids and cemeteries, to succulent meals, spectacular sculptures and numerous natural landscapes will be waiting for you to discover them in these cities of Ancient Egypt that we met together today. If you have previously visited any of them, tell us your experience in the comments section!

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