10 Viking warriors you must know | Discover their stories!

Although the Vikings used to be known at historical level by many people, at present The History Channel was commissioned to popularize them with the homonymous series of five seasons. Whether or not you're a fan of this television production, it's really interesting discover what the lives of these original Scandinavian characters were like . Here we share a brief biography of the 10 Viking warriors that marked the history of their villages.

10 Viking warriors that you must know by their trajectory and conquests | Discover them!

1. Ragnar Lothbrok

Viking warriors

Although the true story of the famous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok It is a mystery, because there are no records that confirm even its existence, one of the first Viking warriors you should know is Lothbrok. This is the protagonist of the series "Vikings" and, according to the story, was the legendary king of Sweden and Denmark during the ninth century. It is considered that this Viking was pagan and claimed to be a descendant of the god Odin . As one of the best-known warriors, he participated in numerous expeditions, such as the Baltics, the French and the English. It is believed that Ragnar Lothbrok had seven children.

2. Amlaíb mac Amlaíb

This warrior is present in various Viking novels that have existed throughout history. Son of Amlaíb, Amlaíb mac Amlaíb was one of the Viking warriors who participated in the Battle of Sulcoit , specifically was part of the defeat of this crusade. However, he did not surrender and tried to make his way in the Viking expeditions that would take place in England, where he unfortunately died.

3. Freygeirr

Viking warriors 1

Runic stone U 518 in Sweden

This was one of the Viking warriors of which there are still physical records. Freygeirr participated in the Baltic expeditions and its history has been embodied in rune stones (monuments that are erected in order to remember historical figures that were relevant in their time). In the stones of this warrior mention is made of his expeditions and his death, a fact that happened in the Byzantine Empire.

4. Egill Sidu-Hallsson

Although we usually associate the Vikings with strong men and willing to kill without any kind of compassion, the warrior you are about to meet he was popular for having a noble heart and being one of the most sensitive Vikings . Egill Sidu-Hallsson was originally from Iceland, although he participated in the court of Olaf II the Saint, king from Norway . Egill used to release the prisoners that the king ordered to imprison, which is why he had several confrontations with Olaf II.

5. Hagbard

Viking warriors 2

Painting "Signy and Hagbard" (1861) by Josef Wilhelm Wallander

This was not only one of the most important Viking warriors in the history of this culture but also a king of the sea who made him a part of Nordic mythology . Hagbard came from Scandinavia and in his biography we find a love story that you should know. This Viking fell in love with Signy, daughter of King Sigar, however, the relationship ended very badly, as Hagbard was ordered to hang because of his encounters secretly with Signy. She, for her part, asked the maidens of her palace for help and together they burned the room in which they were, where all (including Signy) were hanged while her beloved was also murdered.

6. Refill

Refil was another of the Viking warriors who are also considered kings of the sea. In this case, the caudillo was originally from Sweden and was characterized as one of the best warlords of the ninth century . Refil spent much of his life in Scandinavia. The Viking obtained a sword that belonged to Regin, one of the most important personages of the Nordic mythology, which used in the immense majority of its battles.

7. Yakun

Viking warriors 3

Jakun, as he was also known, was a Varangian Viking, that is, a native of Sweden, who moved to Novgorod to become one of the most relevant leaders. This character of the Viking peoples was characterized by always wearing clothes made with gold threads. According to the Chronicle of Nestor, Yakun may have been a blind Viking , although it is hard to believe.

7. Geigad

Geigad was a Viking native from Sweden who was known for being part of the group of berserkers, the Viking warriors who fought "in trance" and that, in addition, they went to battles covered with scanty skins that left their half-naked bodies . This Viking was a defender of the kingdom of Hugelik, one of the Viking kings of Sweden.

9. Onund Tree Pie

Viking warriors 4

Onund Ófeigsson was a Norwegian Viking who became popular under the nickname of Onund Tree Foot, because at the Battle of Hafrsfjord he lost one leg and replaced it with a stick to be able to walk. Despite his limitation, he was one of the Viking warriors with the most experience in raids, battles and colonizations.

10. Olvir Rosta

The last of the Viking warriors you should know is Olvir Rosta, who stood out in his time for actively participating in various fights. Historians describe him as an extremely tall man with really strong limbs, which is why he can be considered one of the most powerful Vikings .

Now that you know 10 Viking warriors that they were willing to give their lives to save their people What do you think about them? If you are interested in further deepening in everything related to the culture of this ancient group of people, we invite you to meet initially where are the Vikings from? and then you can start studying them in detail from 10 Viking gods most important ones to which they were worshiped, some truths and myths about the Vikings what you should take into account and, of course, 10 Viking legends that have marked the history of this town.

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