10 very striking Viking symbols | Did you know them?

The Nordic village is not only famous for its characteristic Viking ax, fearsome Viking ships , many Viking gods and interesting Viking rituals , members of Scandinavia were also popularly known for their Viking symbols, which have great value meanings that even today they are replicated in order to know everything about the culture of this group originating in Europe.

The Viking symbols that you are about to know were carved into the weapons of the Viking warriors in order to provide protection and security during their battles. Others preferred to tattoo these images on their skins, in order to accompany them always, it is for this reason that some of the symbols of this culture are now known as Viking tattoos that people want to have on their skin, knowing how relevant they were to the Nordics. Join us to learn some of the Viking symbols that we prepare for your knowledge!

10 Viking symbols and their meanings | Discover them!

1. Valknut

Viking symbols

This is one of the most known viking symbols . The term valknut is translated as "deceased warrior", which is why it is related to death. In spite of this, this figure composed of three triangles is also compared with the nine worlds, taking into account that the symbol has a total of nine angles.

2. Gungnir

The gungnir or gungner is a symbol that represents the spear of Odin . This is another of the most striking Viking symbols, especially if we take into account the meaning of the term in Norse mythology, which refers to the sudden movements that this instrument was capable of emitting.

3. Aegishjalmur

Viking symbols 1

This figure is part of the magical symbols originating from Iceland . The Vikings used to use it as a method of protection, which is why it is one of the most important Viking symbols in their culture. The aegishjalmur is also known as the "spell of terror", taking into account that it used to be drawn on the forehead of warriors to sow fear in opposites.

4. Ygrgugnir

Despite not being as well known as the previous Viking symbols, the ygrgugnir or "terrible spear", used to draw on the spears of the warriors so that they fell immediately on the target where you want

5. Kaupaloki

Viking symbols 2

Unlike the Viking symbols we have known so far, the kaupaloki was a kind of amulet that the Nordics used to carry (carved in their instruments, drawn on their skins or physically in an accessory) to be successful in their economic activities. The cattle Vikings used to have a kaupaloki.

6. Hraethigaldur

The hraethigaldur symbol used to be engraved on weapons of the Vikings , also including the shields. This figure is protective and sometimes it was drawn next to the ottastafur so that it could provide double protective effect to whoever carried the arms and shields in question.

7. Jörmungandr

Viking symbols 3

Jörmungandr and Thor

In addition to being one of the most striking Viking symbols, the Jörmungandr or Jörmundgander is a creature belonging to the Nordic mythology . Also known as "Midgard snake", this species is characterized by being a male monster whose father is the god Loki. According to diverse legends that involve it, the serpent fought against Thor, its main enemy.

8. Triceps

The next symbol has nothing to do with the muscle of the human body, despite its name. This figure is composed of three triangles, which They symbolize loyalty, efficiency and intelligence . For the Vikings, the triceps is one of the most important symbols.

9. Ottastafur

Viking symbols 4

As we mentioned earlier, the ottastafur symbol used to carve on the weapons and shields of the Vikings . This, accompanied by the hraethigaldur, was responsible for providing protection to the men who were heading to the Viking conquests. Also, the ottastafur was used as a symbol to generate fear in those who observed it.

10. Viking Runes

The last of the Viking symbols that we will present to you is part of the oldest nordic oracles , of course, we are talking about the Viking runes, which are composed of an original Scandinavian alphabet that consists of 24 figures with symbols and a last one that is empty. Today it is possible to attend readings of ruins, where a person receives answers to a specific aspect of his life from the magical rite.

Undoubtedly, the Nordic culture keeps various aspects that are interesting to discover, such as meanings of the Viking symbols that were part of the life of the members of Scandinavia for so long . Now that you know 10 of them, leave us in the comments area what you think about it.

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