10 Short magic stories of different cultures | Feel the power

Throughout the history of mankind, magic has been present in each and every one of the known societies . In this Supercurioso article, you will get to know the most surprising short magic stories from some of the best known cultures in history.

Some of them will be very familiar, but most will surprise you. Part of the magic stories that you can read in this article are focused on children and will come very well, if you want to tell the little ones. You will travel to most magical countries and the most famous civilizations. Discover the best magic tales!

10 Short magic tales from different cultures

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1. Mago Agustín and his hat

With this magical story, you want to instill in children the values ​​that this magician had with all the beings that surrounded him. Despite being a very powerful sorcerer, the magician Augustine did not abuse his abilities or with them, but rather distributed wisdom and related as equals with any creature of the forest in which he lived. Each and every one of the animals idolized and became excited every time he used his hat to perform magic.

2. The search for true love

Another of the best-known children's magic tales from around the world speaks of a very sad magician, because he had lived a whopping 400 years and had never been able to find his better half. The goal of this legend is to teach children to value what they have and find everything they want without letting go of their efforts .

3. The flea bag

This story, in which there is a great magical influence, comes to teach the little ones that there is something key to achieve our goals and is to work as a team. The union, at the end, makes the strength . We must be clear, however great our capabilities may be, they will always be multiplied if we combine them with those of another.

4. The two spells

magic tales

The prominent characters in this short magic tale are a king, a magician and a young man who lived in an ancient kingdom. Thanks to this story, the little ones can extract that nothing has to do with authority to be right and that communication is tremendously important before imposing things.

5. The allergic magician

Maybe the title may seem funny at first, but thanks to this children's story many children with allergy problems can feel protagonists of the story. This story turns a magician, the main character and hero, into a person with an allergy. Something that shows all children that there is nothing wrong with being different and that it is possible to integrate everyone.

6. The magician cazamentiras

This sorcerer will help the little ones to learn early not to lie, even though the circumstances are not so favorable at the beginning. A lie will never be the solution , but will always turn against.

7. Negron and the Sparky Wizards

Another legend that aims to teach or remove the fears of young children before a natural phenomenon, is that of Negron. This tale of magic is placed in a forest, and the protagonists are the animals that live in it, in addition to the magician who teaches them to overcome their fears of storms .

8. The toothy toad

magic tales 1

This time, the protagonist is a toad whose owner is a fabulous magician. His owner gave the toad a great teeth with which he also knew how to speak, despite this novelty the animal began to destroy it due to the large amount of candy consumed, also did not wash his teeth as often as necessary. With this story, you want to show how important a good dental hygiene .

9. The labyrinth of Kraton

The main protagonists of the ninth of our magic tales are a monster and an evil one. It is said that the worst beast was locked in a mountain under the protection of a labyrinth thanks to good magicians, but a man with a hard heart wanted to free it to conquer villages with his help. Thanks to the intervention of a kindly slave and his wit, he was able to blind the villain and his beast that they could not even see how his plans had failed .

10. The magic gift of the poor rabbit

magic tales 2

In the last of our short magic tales, you can learn the story of a rabbit and a magician. In a time of enormous drought and famine, a magician gave a rabbit some magical branches and told him not to eat them and use them to feed all the other animals. Thanks to the generosity of the rabbit that knew how to hold and not eat the twigs, all their friends never went hungry and enjoyed the best food.

As you can see, all these short magic tales give off a lesson that the little ones know how to take advantage of to learn while having fun. We want you to give us your opinion about them, Tell us your comments

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