10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds | You dare?

Human beings like things that we objectively should reject. We enjoy the Horror Movies and also Losing us in a controlled environment . Labyrinths are ideal places for this activity, and both children and adults enjoy them. Join us to know 10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds. You dare?

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds

The mazes on paper are also an activity that attracts many people and serve to keep the mind agile. The labyrinth symbolizes the ancestral fear of nature and, at the same time, the triumph of those who walk through it when finding the exit . For many cultures it has a spiritual meaning because it supposes overcoming a challenge: entering and leaving that labyrinth, which is equated to the circumstances that must be overcome in life.

1. Labyrinth of Villa Pisani, Stra, Italy

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds

Among all the real difficult labyrinths of the world, this is considered the number 1. Legend has it that Napoleon could not leave it. If you manage to cross it to the center, you can go up to a small tower of the XVIII century from which you will have a privileged view.

2. Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze in Hawaii

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 1

The company Dole has in Hawaii one of the best labyrinths in the world and in 2008 it was declared the largest permanent labyrinth in the world. It consists of more than 14,000 varieties of local plants and is approximately 3.2 km. of roads that zigzag. The greatest curiosity of this example of real difficult labyrinths is that it has a pineapple shape.

3. Top Pearsy Corn Maze

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 2

It is quite common for farmers who plant maize perform labyrinths and participate annually in contests. We especially liked this labyrinth that Tom Pearcy dedicated to Harry Potter in 2011 in York, United Kingdom. It was created in 2011 and was composed of more than one million live corn plants.

In addition to being one of the largest corn mazes in the world , had the peculiarity of reproducing Harry's face twice with subtle differences so that with the images from the air we could also play "differences".

4. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks, Pennsylvania

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 3

It is one of the oldest maize labyrinths in the USA. It has approximately 3 km. of roads. At present, it is a family entertainment center where many families go. It is operational in summer and autumn. They say that it is so difficult that there are two guides continuously touring it to help the tourists.

5. Labyrinth of Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, England

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 4

The labyrinth of Hatfield House surrounds the famous Jacobean house built by the first Earl of Salisbury in 1611. The gardens, which include the labyrinth, are also from the 17th century.

6. Longleat Hedge Maze, Wiltshire, England

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 5

This is one of the difficult labyrinths more spectacular for its length since it is the largest in Britain. It has 3 km. of paths in which to get lost and the trees that form it are yews. In total there are 16,000. The most experts solve it in 20 minutes and the slowest ones do not usually need more than 90 minutes.

7. Le labyrinthe des Sortilèges, Ribeauville, France

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 6

The seventh of these real difficult labyrinths It is located in Alsace and was created in 2004. Honeysuckle, roses and jasmine make up the decoration of this fantastic labyrinth.

8. Labyrinth of cherry laurel in Glendurgan Cornwall (England)

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for Awakened Minds 7

The garden of Glendurgan has a labyrinth planted in 1833 by the Fox family as entertainment for its members. It is composed of shrubs of a species called cherry laurel. Nowadays, the whole farm has become a place to spend the day. In addition, these extensive gardens have the distinction of ending on a beach.

9. Labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 8

This labyrinth is not vegetable, but is on the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres. It is a labyrinth used by monks to concentrate and meditate. It goes back to the year 1205. It is only possible to visit it on Fridays of summer, since the rest of the year is covered by banks for the Masses. It is believed that it symbolizes the journey that the human being makes to save his soul: from sin to redemption.

10. The labyrinth of Horta in Barcelona

10 Real Difficult Labyrinths for awakened minds 9

The last of these real difficult labyrinths that we present to you is in Barcelona. It is the Horta labyrinth and there is no Barcelonan who has not had fun getting lost among its well-marked streets of cypress trees. When you reach the end, you have the option to ring a bell in victory and see the route from above. If you visit Barcelona, ​​do not miss it!

Labyrinths are usually classified according to the time they were created and their shape. That yes, to receive that name they have to be "unicursales" that is to say to have a unique "rolled" way that takes until the center and soon it returns to leave. They are also classified as right or left handed according to the right or left orientation that takes the first turn. Are you fond of labyrinths? Did you know these real difficult labyrinths ? Do you know others? Share it with us? If you want to know other curious places in the world, we invite you to read the post: 7 super curious places on the planet .

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