10 real and fearsome Vikings | Do you dare to know them?

In Nordic culture there are numerous elements of fantasy or legend, although sometimes reality can surpass fiction. That's why we have prepared this list with the most amazing and fearsome real Vikings. Fierce and tireless warriors, the feats of these Vikings make doubt the veracity of their stories.

Whether these facts are true or false, what is certain is that both the real Vikings and the legendary ones trained to fight from a young age. The Vikings trained hard, were always willing to fight and belonged to a violent and amazing culture in which the warriors who died in battle were rewarded with the Valhalla, the hall of the gods , in which they toasted with Odin.

10 real and fierce vikings | Do you dare to know them?

1. Ragnar Lodbrok

Royal Vikings Ragnar

Ragnar is not only the protagonist of the series Vikings , but it was a legendary king of Denmark and Sweden who lived in the ninth century. Known to live on raids and to be a devout pagan who liked to pillage during the Christian holidays (so the surprise was greater, he said), came a point where the King of France paid the viking so he would not plunder Paris. He died in a picturesque way, thrown into a pit of vipers.

2. Lathgertha

Royal Vikings Lathgertha

Lathgertha was a very fierce warrior who preferred to fight along with men who prostitute themselves. He was brave and starred in numerous exploits. She was so brave that Ragnar fell in love with her and they got married (although before she had to kill a bear and a dog, poor things). Later, they divorced, but they continued being colleagues: when Ragnar was sunk in a civil war, Lathgertha came to his aid and was decisive for the final battle. Lathgertha, by the way, remarried and ended up ruling by herself because she got angry with her husband and killed him with a spear.

3. Erik the Red

Erik the Red was another one of the surprising real Vikings that gained a place in the heart of the Vikings. His nickname possibly came from his bad temper or his reddish hair, and is known above all for founding the first Viking colony in Greenland. In 986, two colonies had already been founded and the inhabitants of Greenland were about 5000. However, with the death of Erik, the decrease in temperatures and the few opportunities for trade, settlers gradually disappeared from the island.

4. Leif Eriksson

Royal Vikings Leif

The son of Erik the Red went out to his father. It is believed that he was born in Greenland in the year 970, and that he was the true "discoverer" of America. In effect, this Viking explorer went ahead almost 500 years to Columbus. Leif set up a colony of Vikings in northern Canada, on an island where he found wild fruits and timber, but poor relations with the natives made them return to Greenland soon.

5. Egil Skallagrimsson

One of the most amazing real vikings in history is Egil Skallagrimsson, warrior and poet. It is said that he composed his first poem when he was three years old and that he killed his first man when he was seven. Egil was a violent poet who even the king of Norway banished from his lands. The Viking, then, was dedicated to pillage and to murder with the help of his teeth. He died at age 80, after burying a treasure and killing the slave who gave him a hand. He never stopped writing poetry.

6. Björn Side of Iron

One of Ragnar's alleged sons, Björn Costado de Hierro lived intensely by terrorizing Europe with his incursions , including in the Mediterranean, where he plundered France, Spain and Italy. When he returned home, through the Strait of Gibraltar, he found himself face to face with the Byzantine army. Bjorn lost forty ships in the battle, but managed to return safely north to live the rest of his rich life and all-around.

7. Freydís Eiríksdóttir

Freydís was the daughter of Erik the Red and half sister of Leif. It is said that she was a fearsome and very brave warrior, who, in search of fame and riches, undertook an expedition to Vinland (the current North America). There, she and her men met the natives, who received them with catapults. His men panicked and Freydis, who was eight months pregnant at the time, rebuked them and chased away the natives, uncovering a breast and striking it with the handle of a sword.

8. Gunnar Hámundarson

It is said that, among the real Vikings, the Icelandic warrior Gunnar Hámundarson was not only a brave warrior, but also the most handsome man on earth. However, it had a sad ending because of a prediction made by Njáll, his close friend, who advised him never to kill two men of the same family. However, Gunnar kills two men linked to Gizur the White and, as his friend predicted, ends up dying after an epic battle.

9. Ivar the Boneless

Ivar was one of Ragnar's sons. Although the reason for his nickname is unclear, several hypotheses are considered, such as having osteogenesis imperfecta (and, therefore, his bones would fracture easily) or that it was a euphemism for his impotence. In any case, in something they do seem to agree is that he was a cruel man, with a reputation as a berserker, and that, along with his brothers, he led the army that took over much of England in the eleventh century.

10. Harald Hardrada

Harald's life was full of adventures and avatars: at the age of fifteen, he fled to Constantinople, there he enlisted in the Byzantine army , he returned to Scandinavia, ended up being King of Norway (where he ruled with a heavy hand). Years later, he tried to conquer England, but lost to William I of England. He died when he received a crush on the neck.

We hope you liked this article on Viking rituals and that you have left with your mouth open. Tell us, which has impacted you the most? Is there any that we have left? Remember that you can leave the comments you want, we will be happy to read you!

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