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Commercial advisors, real estate agents and publicists are just some of the people who make use of persuasion in their work environments. However, it is important to note that this term can also be used on a day-to-day basis in your personal relationships . When you need a favor, you want to go first in the supermarket row or you just want to convince someone to do something, you are using persuasion techniques.

Persuasion refers to power of conviction that someone can have about the thoughts, attitudes or behavior of another person or a group of people. Making use of persuasion it will be possible to convince your family, friends, partner or completely unknown individuals of what you are discussing, however, achieving it is not as easy as it seems, that is where we provide you with 10 persuasion techniques so that you can use them at the moment you consider necessary.

10 Persuasion Techniques | Depending on the context, they will be very useful for you

1. Explain the reason for your request

To begin the persuasion techniques you must speak clearly in front of the person , or group of people, to which you must convince. Before issuing any comment, it is best to start your presentation for the reason that made you stand in front of them. Something as basic as arriving on time at home or more complicated situations involving, for example, the loss of an airplane flight, are sufficient reasons to persuade someone.

2. Listen, then talk

Persuasion techniques

Considered one of the standards of the good speaker and the good listener , listening before speaking is vital when thinking about the most recommended persuasion techniques. In this case, get involved with the person or group of them, know them and, finally, present your request will be ideal at the time of persuading them.

3. Offer a favor in return

At different times of our lives we have needed favors and we may still have some to ask for. Thus, offering a favor in exchange for your application is one of the most commonly used persuasion techniques . Of course, this point will depend on who you are talking to, since there must be at least some confidence between both parties so that it can be carried out successfully.

4. Grant a gift

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This is one of the persuasion techniques most used in the commercial area. The Business gifts they are highly used with purpose of convincing although, as you might imagine, they do not always work, which is why words tend to have even more power than material objects. However, it's not bad to try!

5. Modify your vocabulary

At the moment of talking with a future client, with your boss or with a completely unknown person whom you wish to persuade, It is important that you take into account the words you use in your vocabulary . Also, do not forget to maintain respect during the conversation, treating the individual by "you" will always be useful for the other person to know that there is a formal distance between them. Avoiding colloquial words will also be useful when applying this technique.

6. Personally converse

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We know that technology plays a fundamental role in our day-to-day life, however, in the field of persuasion It is advisable that you put aside your mobile device and go to the place where the person you want to convince is. Conversing in a personal way will allow you to express yourself much better and will make the other person concentrate only on what you are saying. In addition, this point of persuasion techniques will allow you to visualize the body language of the individual or individuals that you have in front of you, aspect that will help you to understand if your persuasion is or not bearing fruit.

7. Do not lie

The lies they are one of the things that people hate the most, so if you're trying to persuade someone, get away from them! Making use of false arguments will negatively affect the persuasion process And, in addition, it will hurt your credibility. When you expose yourself in front of one or several people, it is best to make every effort to convince them, always under the truth.

At advertising sector , the lies have already left some havoc. Have been shared lies in commercials that cost millions So, if you dedicate yourself to applying persuasion in this field, you'd better take a look at the background that you probably do not want to repeat.

8. Express your experience in the area

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If there is something that helps to convince and, therefore, is vital in persuasion techniques, it is experience. When we talk to experts we feel more confident about their claims, which is why we recommend that you let people know that you should persuade them how much experience do you have in the area in question the topic. Generally this point helps in the labor field, but also the commercial sectors can be benefited by it since, among so many options, you (together with your experience) will be the one who stands out.

When you request the services of a plumber, for example, after making countless calls you may come back to contact the person who told you How many years of experience do you have? in the plumbing and, above all, the knowledge you have acquired over the years in the ruling that is currently present in your home.

9. Indicates the speed of the matter

Time is one of the things that people value the most . If you take too many minutes to expose your subject, you are likely to strain the audience you are trying to persuade, which is why time plays a fundamental role in persuasion techniques. By being concise and touching the points to be treated in a friendly way you will be able to convince them in the shortest possible time.

It is also important to take into account that if what you are asking someone is a favor, as a time to leave the office to see the play of your daughter, you inform the listener (in this case, your boss) How quickly you will solve the matter. Yes, You better keep the time mentioned! You do not want the applied persuasion techniques to be harmed by your unpunctuality.

10. Be kind

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The last of the techniques of persuasion is almost obvious, but we must not forget it. Being kind should be a point that you should maintain when making any kind of personal relationship , including of course the conversations to persuade the interlocutor. If you missed the train on your route, you were late for work, you spilled coffee on your white shirt and on your smartphone He again skipped the "insufficient space" notification, calm! Try to remove these situations from your mind and remember that the other person is not to blame for everything that could have affected the tranquility of your day.

Persuasion is something you can achieve only if you apply the above tips and, of course, experiment more than once until you get the best results. The phrase " Practice makes a master "He was never so right when we mentioned it when talking about persuasion techniques.

Taking into account the keys of persuasion shared today, are you ready to convince your friends, family, partner or more of your thoughts? Start trying today, using the techniques shared in Supercurioso, and comment on your progress in the section below. We trust in your power of conviction!

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