10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy

Some Famous peruvian scientists Are Antonio Brack Egg, Piermaria Oddone, Fabiola León Velarde and Pedro Paulet, among many others.

Peru is home to great figures who represent a point of reference for their commitment to the sciences and the use of these to obtain benefits both for their nation and for the other nations of the world.

Collage with some of the most famous Peruvian scientists

Next, you will discover who are some of these exemplary Peruvian citizens in the field of science. Also, if you are interested, you can see another list with The 50 most famous and important scientists in history .

10 famous scientists from Peru

1- Antonio Brack Egg

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy

Antonio Brack Egg was a Peruvian scientist, environmentalist and conservationist, born in 1940. He was one of the pioneers in nature conservation and created the Ministry of the Environment in Peru. He held the position of minister from 2005 to 2010.

Brack Egg collaborated on several occasions with the FSZ, Frankfurt Zoological Society, an environmental organization in Germany, highlighting the project of the 1970s that aimed to protect vicuñas, a species that was in danger of extinction. This scientist passed away on December 30, 2014, at age 74.

2- Alberto Barton

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 1 Retrieved image from: scienceandtechnopam.blogspot.com.

Alberto Barton was a Peruvian microbiologist who discovered the Bartonella bacilliformis , Bacteria responsible for the Oroya fever. This discovery made him considered as one of the most famous Peruvian scientists.

Alberto Barton studied at the University of San Marcos and in 1900 graduated from the School of Medicine. He received a scholarship to continue his studies on bacteriology in Edinburgh and at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London.

Finished his studies in the United Kingdom, returned to Peru and began to work in the Hospital Guadalupe. At this time, a strange fever attacked the foreigners who worked on the construction of the Oroya-Lima railway system.

These workers were transported to Guadalupe Hospital, giving Barton the opportunity to study the disease. Thus, in 1905, he discovered the Bartonella bacilliformis. This scientist passed away on October 25, 1950.

Fabiola León Velarde

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 2 Image retrieved from: unmsm.edu.pe.

Fabiola León Velarde is a Peruvian physiologist, born on June 18, 1956. She has dedicated her scientific career to the study of adaptation to the high altitudes from a biological and physiological point of view. She is currently the rector of Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru.

4 Pedro Paulet

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 3 Recovered image of Instituto Schiller.

Pedro Paulet was a Peruvian scientist, pioneer of aerospace aviation. He was born on July 2, 1874, in Tiabaya. Paulet was the one who discovered the advantages of using liquid fuels to propel rockets.

Designed, built and tested the first liquid-fueled rocket engine: the spinner. He also designed a prototype spacecraft, the"torpedo plane".

He died in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1945. On July 2, he was officially declared National Aeronautics Day in Peru.

5- Mariano Eduardo de Rivero and Ustariz

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 4

Mariano Eduardo de Rivero and Ustariz was a scientist, geologist specialized in minerals, chemist, archaeologist, politician and Peruvian diplomat. He was born in 1798 and died in 1857.

He was a student and friend of Alexander Von Humboldt , The famous German scientist. I work for Simon Bolivar in the Gran Colombia , Doing an investigation on the available resources in the territory of this nation.

Among his contributions to science are: the discovery of humboldtin (a mineral he named in honor of his mentor Alexander Von Humboldt), which demonstrated the existence of organic minerals, theorizing around guano, Bird droppings , And its possible industrialization to favor the economy of Peru.

6- Gustavo Paz-Pujalt

Gustavo Paz-Pujalt is an inventor and scientist, born on August 9, 1954, in Arequipa, Peru. He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and did his PhD in Physical Chemistry At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

He owns 45 patents in the United States and 59 patents around the world; Many of his inventions have been in the area of ​​photographic material.

7- Carlos Carrillo Parodi

Carlos Carrillo is a microbiologist, professor and founder of the Cayetano Heredia University. He was the coordinator of the global program for the eradication of smallpox in Peru. He is also one of the founders of the Peruvian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (1972).

8- Piermaria Oddone

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 5 Piermaria Oddone (right in the picture) with Atsuto Suzuki (left)

Piermaria Oddone is a Peruvian scientist. In 1961, he moved to the United States to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he graduated in 1965. He later completed a postgraduate degree in Physics at Princeton University.

In 1972, he began working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Here he held the position of director of the Physical (1989-1991) and deputy director (1991-2005). In 2005, he received the Panofsky Award from the American Society of Sciences. That same year, happened to be the director of Fermilab, since it occupied until the year 2013.

9- Barton Zwiebach

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 6 Image retrieved from web.mit.edu.

Barton Zwiebach is a scientific professor of physics, a specialist in string theory and the theory of particle physics. He was born in Lima, Peru.

In 1977, he graduated from the National University of Engineering (Peru) as an electrical engineer. He later studied physics at the California Institute of Technology and did a doctorate in 1983.

His major contributions to science have been in the area of ​​string theory. He participated in the development of the theory of the open cords and later in the one of the closed cords.

In 2002, Zwiebach designed and taught a course at MIT: The String Theory for Graduates. In 2003, he wrote a book that compiled the lessons taught in his course,"A First Course in String Theory,"published by Cambridge University Press. He is currently a professor of physics at MIT.

10- Francisco Ruiz Lozano

10 Famous Peruvian Scientists and Their Legacy 7

Francisco Ruiz Lozano was a Peruvian soldier, astronomer, mathematician and educator. He was born in 1607. He studied with the Jesuits at the University of San Martin, where he discovered his passion for mathematics. Subsequently, he studied Hydrography as a mathematical science.

In 1951, he moved to Mexico, where he studied navigation and took his first steps in the field of astronomy when observing the comet of 1652.

He returned to Peru and held the post of major cosmographer. In 1665, he published T Treaty of Comets, observation and judgment of which was seen in this city of Kings, and generally in all the World, by the aims of the year 1664 and principles of 1665. He died in 1677, in Mexico City.


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