10 Examples of Dialogues between Two People (Corrected)

A Dialogue between two people it is an exchange of verbal or written information. It is a form of communication that arises naturally in everyday life.

In literature it is even considered as a genre in itself. This idea is based on the fact that many works of Greek philosophy were written in the form of dialogue.

10 Examples of Dialogues between Two People (Corrected)

For example, Plato He used the figure of his teacher Socrates as a character in his dialogues, and through this he exposed his theories and philosophical ideas.


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    • 1.1 Formal dialogue
    • 1.2 Friendly dialogue
    • 1.3 Courteous dialogue
    • 1.4 Dialogue between friends
    • 1.5 Dialogue between acquaintances
    • 1.6 Dialogue between friends
    • 1.7 Everyday dialogue
    • 1.8 Formal dialogue
    • 1.9 Semi-formal dialogue
    • 1.10 Dialogue between strangers
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Examples of dialogue between two people

The dialogues are forms of communication, and as such are defined by the communicative context. That is, the way of speaking, the tone of voice, the gestures, all these elements of a conversation are affected by the site where the interlocutors are and to whom they are directed.

Formal dialogue

-Baider: Good afternoon, young lady, what can I do for you?

-Customer: Good afternoon, can you tell me you have the regular burger?

- Mamarero: Of course, it has 200gr of meat, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato slices and sauces.

-Customer: Excellent I want one, accompanied by a soda.

-Baider: Very good. Will you want some dessert with the food?

-Client: I still do not know. I'll tell you when you bring the hamburger.

-Baider: Agreed. In a moment I will bring your order.

-Client: Thank you very much.

Friendly dialogue

- Alberto: Hello Marta, how have you been?

- Marta: Very good! How are you?

- Alberto: Everything's fine. I had not seen you for a long time.

- Marta: It's true, I was traveling, I met several countries in Asia this past year.

- Alberto: That sounds very interesting! Did you bring back memories?

- Marta: Yes, I brought a keychain from every country I visited.

Courteous dialogue

- Librarian: Good morning, young man.

- User: Good morning. I need help to find a book.

- Librarian: What topic?

- User: Car, I want to fix my car.

- Librarian: For that you need a mechanics book.

- User: No, it is not a problem of mechanics, but of upholstery.

- Librarian: I'll check if we have something about automotive upholstery.

Dialogue between friends

- Pedro: Hi, Eduardo, do you know what time the match starts today?

- Eduardo: Hello! It starts at half past five.

- Pedro: Then I will leave an hour early to arrive on time.

- Eduardo: Okay, we'll see each other there.

Dialogue between acquaintances

- Mother of Ana: Hello?

- Juan: Hi, I'm Juan, how did it go?

- Mother of Ana: Hello, Juan, very well, and you?

- Juan: Very good. Is Ana home? Does not answer your phone

- Mother of Ana: He went to the market and left his phone here. When I get back I'll tell him to call you.

- Juan: Thank you very much, see you later.

- Julia's mother: No problem, you're fine.

Dialogue between friends

- Felipe: Hi Pedro!

- Pedro: Hi Felipe! how are you? What's strange to see you here?

- Felipe: A week ago I started working near here. I'm on my way home.

- Pedro: You're away from your house. where are you working?

- Felipe: In a clinic a couple of blocks from here.

- Pedro: Well, I also work around here, so now we'll see each other more often. Let's go have a drink and catch up.

- Felipe: Excellent idea, one block away there is a bar with good prices.

- Pedro: Okay, let's go and keep talking.

Everyday dialogue

- Pedro: Would you like to join me today?

- María: Why? Where we go?

- Pedro: To your favorite place, the shopping center.

- María: That sounds very good! Are we going to buy my birthday gift in advance?

- Pedro: Not precisely.

- María: my Christmas gift?

- Pedro: I think I better go alone.

Formal dialogue

- Student: Teacher, I want to talk to you.

- Teacher: Tell me, what do you need?

- Student: I'm having trouble understanding the algorithms, which explained the last class of mathematics.

- Teacher: That's probably because you get distracted in class. Sit down, we'll go over together because you have to prepare for the exam.

- Student: Thank you very much, teacher.

Semi-formal dialogue

- Ana: Good morning.

- Butcher: Good morning. How can I help?

- Ana: I need two kilos of meat, please.

- Butcher: Here you have them. Anything else?

- Ana: No. How much do I owe you?

- Butcher: 45 pesos.

- Ana: Take.

- Butcher: Thank you very much. Happy afternoon.

Dialogue between strangers

- Sorry.

- Yes tell me.

- Can you tell me how to get to the subway station?

- Yeah right. Walk in that direction three blocks, then cross to the left and you will be in front of the station.

- Excellent thank you very much!.

- You're welcome. You have a good day.

- Likewise, see you later.


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